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ProtonVPN is now available in 6 more languages!

Posted on March 4th, 2020 by in Articles & News.

Illustration of ProtonVPN language support


Together with our community of translators, we’re excited to announce that you can now use ProtonVPN in Dutch, French, Italian, Polish, Spanish, and Portuguese. As part of our mission to make privacy tools accessible to everyone, we’re working to deliver Proton apps to more people in their native language.

You can start using these languages immediately in the latest version of the Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows apps. We’re also closer to releasing language support for the ProtonVPN website, and we’ll post further updates as more languages become available on more apps.

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How to access ProtonVPN in your language

If you are an existing ProtonVPN user:

Update to the latest version of the app to switch to one of these six languages. MacOS and Windows users will get a notification asking them to update, while iOS systems will automatically update ProtonVPN.

If you are using MacOS, you can switch between languages in System Preferences. Select Language & Region, click on Apps and select ProtonVPN and your preferred language. 

On iOS, go to your system Settings and select ProtonVPN. You can then choose your preferred language.

Windows and Android don’t allow you to choose a language in ProtonVPN settings. It will display the app only in the system language. Here’s a guide on how to change your Windows system language. If you are using an Android device, you can change your system language by going to Settings, selecting System, and then navigating to Languages & Input. 

If you are a new user:

ProtonVPN will detect whether your operating system is set to one of the languages on this list. If it is, your app will automatically default to that language. Otherwise, ProtonVPN will be in English. 

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Bringing privacy and Internet freedom to everyone, everywhere 

Our mission is to make the Internet safer for everyone, no matter where you are or what language you speak. 

ProtonVPN breaks down barriers by routing your web traffic through an encrypted tunnel. This helps keep you safe from government and corporate surveillance while liberating censored or blocked information online. 

Making ProtonVPN available to as many people as possible in their native language is an important part of this effort, and we couldn’t have done this without the help of our community of translators. By removing language barriers, the Proton community is making it easier to stay connected.

Language support is especially important in places where Internet freedom is often restricted, such as Iran, Russia, and China. Over the next several months, we are prioritizing translation for these languages and others — and we’re providing alternative ways to download ProtonVPN in the event our website is blocked

In the coming months, we will increase the number of available servers across the globe, giving you faster speeds and better stability in countries with low bandwidth. And our engineers are also working on further security and anti-censorship features. 

Thank you for supporting our mission.

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Roxana is a content specialist. She worked as a journalist for 10 years before joining Proton to promote and support digital privacy rights.

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  1. Aran non ei Catalonha

    Aranese translation too, please.
    Many thanks, and greetings from the small stateless nation Aran.

  2. Egor

    hey! How can I help with the translation to Russian?

  3. Richie Koch

    Hello Egor,
    Thank you for your helpful offer. Please send an email to and be sure to specify that you’d like to help with Russian.

  4. Raimondas

    Lithuanian language please

  5. Richie Koch

    Hello Raimondas,
    We want to make ProtonVPN as accessible as possible, so we will be adding new langauges for the foreseeable future. We are also trying to respond to user demand, so we will take note of your request to add Lithuanian.

  6. Peter Øberg Jensen

    I suppose that the VPN client “talks” English? Is there any VPN servers in Scandinavia?


  7. Richie Koch

    Hello Peter,
    Yes we have VPN servers in Denmark, Norway, and Sweden, as well as Iceland and Finland.
    You can see where all our VPN servers are here:

  8. Ahmet KGL

    Programınızda Türkçe dil desteği olmalı.Daha anlaşılır ve bilinçli kullanılması için!!!!!

  9. Richie Koch

    Hello Ahmet,
    We will definitely consider making our apps available in Turkish.

  10. Nima

    Hi, I would like to offer for Persian language translation, If you are interested please contact me.

  11. Richie Koch

    Hello Nima,
    Thank you for your helpful offer. Please send an email to to join our localization efforts. Be sure to specify that you’d like to help us translate our apps into Farsi.

  12. Tap que no es veia

    I offer myself as a translator for Catalan, if you needed. But please go for Catalan a well.


  13. Richie Koch

    Thank you for your helpful offer. Please send an email to to join our localization efforts. Be sure to specify that you’d like to help us translate our apps into Catalan.

  14. Shayaan Mustafa

    Can I offer the Urdu language to your reputed VPN?

  15. Richie Koch

    Hello Shayaan,
    If you are offering to help us translate our apps into Urdu, thank you very much. Please send an email to to join our localization efforts. Be sure to specify that you’d like to work on Urdu.

  16. JK

    Offer translation to one Central European language.

  17. Roxana Zega

    Hi JK,

    We are working hard on expanding the number of available languages.


  18. Antton Urrutia

    Next language, Basque please.

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