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A transparent VPN for Sweden that you can trust

Proton VPN offers multiple, secure 10 Gbps servers in Sweden. Get an IP address in Sweden to bypass content restrictions, safeguard your online privacy, and escape government surveillance.

  • Created by scientists who met at CERN
  • Remove geo-restrictions and stream securely
  • Keep your data private

Fast VPN servers in Sweden

Connect to our high-speed VPN servers via our easy-to-use apps to unblock the internet and start browsing with a Swedish IP address. Protecting your privacy online doesn’t mean sacrificing your internet speeds.

VPN Accelerator

Increase your VPN speeds by over 400% with our VPN accelerator.

Stream from Sweden

Access geo-restricted content from all the most popular streaming platforms.

Trusted security

Our open-source, independently audited VPN apps are trusted by millions.

Browse privately

Prevent intrusive websites and advertisers from tracking you around the internet.

Bypass censorship

Hide your IP to defeat government censorship and bypass firewalls.

Stay safe online

Protect your browsing activity from being intercepted when connected to public WiFi.

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Get a Swedish IP address in seconds

Proton VPN’s global network of high-speed 10 Gbps servers guarantees a safe, private, and fast connection to the internet. We have 34 servers in Sweden, making it easy to watch unlimited entertainment, defeat government censorship, and stay secure. Proton VPN gives you access to over 1,300 servers in over 60 countries.

Connect to VPN servers in Sweden in three easy steps

  • Step 1

    Sign up for Proton VPN with our 30-day money-back guarantee.

  • Step 2

    Download the Proton VPN app on your device. We support all major platforms.

  • Step 3

    Connect to a Swedish server to surf the internet with ease, privacy, and security.

More reasons to connect to Proton VPN servers in Sweden

High-speed streaming

Use Proton VPN to access Swedish content with unlimited bandwidth. Our high-speed servers are engineered for stability so you can watch Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney+ in HD without buffering.

Bypass censorship and access blocked content

Use Proton VPN to connect a VPN server in another country to bypass local internet blocks and censorship. With over 1,300 servers in over 60 countries, our global network of servers ensures you can access blocked content no matter where you are.

Open source and independently audited

We believe in transparency, so all our apps are 100% open source, meaning that anyone can review our code. We have also commissioned independent security professionals to audit our apps so you can see an expert’s evaluation, which you can find on our website.

Fast VPN connections and our unique VPN Accelerator

Proton VPN uses a combination of advanced VPN technologies to provide exceptional speed performance. We offer a network of 10 Gbps servers and use the lightweight WireGuard VPN protocol to ensure high-speed VPN connections, and our VPN Accelerator can improve our connection speeds by over 400%.

A trustworthy and transparent VPN

Proton VPN was created by the same team that developed Proton Mail, the world’s largest encrypted email service. We have a long track record of providing encrypted services that let people choose who can access their information. We are transparent about who is on our team, where we are headquartered, and how our apps work.

What others say about Proton VPN


"It places an enormous emphasis on security and user privacy, and has an excellent client that's very easy to use."

Read PCMag review


"Proton VPN's base speeds sent it blazing past most of our roster of tested services"

Read CNET review


"Regardless of which plan you choose, you’re backed by an impressive security and privacy"

Read CNN review


"It places an enormous emphasis on security and user privacy, and has an excellent client that's very easy to use."


"Proton VPN's base speeds sent it blazing past most of our roster of tested services"


"Regardless of which plan you choose, you’re backed by an impressive security and privacy"

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change my IP location to Sweden?

With Proton VPN, you can change your IP address to make it look as though you are accessing the internet from Sweden by connecting to any server located there.

To select the fastest server in Sweden for your location, open the Proton VPN app and double-tap the marker in Sweden on the map in the VPN interface. If you prefer, you can also select a specific server to connect to from the list of servers in the sidebar.

How can I watch Swedish Netflix and Disney+?

To watch Swedish Netflix, you need to connect to one of the Proton VPN high-speed streaming servers in Sweden. These servers are only available if you have a Proton VPN Plus plan. To sign up for Proton VPN, click here, or upgrade your existing Free account by logging into your dashboard.

Once you have a Proton VPN Plus account, you need to make sure you have the correct Proton VPN app installed on your device. You can then connect to any of the Proton VPN Plus streaming servers in Sweden.

While connected to one of our Swedish servers, you can log in to your Netflix account and start streaming Swedish movies and series as if you were in Sweden.

Are VPNs legal in Sweden?

It is completely legal to use a VPN in Sweden, so long as you are not using a VPN to conduct any illegal activity online. VPNs are used regularly in Sweden to bypass geo-restrictions and access international content on streaming platforms in particular.

Can I connect to a VPN server in Sweden for free?

We do not operate free servers in Sweden, so to connect to a VPN server in Sweden, you need to upgrade to a paid plan. If you prefer, you can instead connect to our free servers in the United States, Netherlands, or Japan using our Free plan.