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How to change server if you’re on the Proton VPN Free plan

Proton VPN provides a 100% free VPN service with no logs and no data limits so that those who need it most can bypass censorship and access the internet privately.

If you’re on our Free plan, we’ll first connect you to the fastest free server for your location. Our free servers are located in the Netherlands, Japan, Romania, Poland, and the United States.

The default server will give you the best experience using Proton VPN, but should you wish, you can connect to another server. However, there are important limits on doing this:

  • We will randomly choose your next server.
  • There’s a cooldown period after each server change. You cannot change servers again until the cooldown period countdown ends. This cooldown period starts at 90 seconds and may increase if you change servers multiple times in a single day.

To connect to any of our over 4500 high-speed (up to 10 Gbps) servers in over 90 countries, please consider upgrading to a paid Proton VPN plan. Our Plus plan servers support viewing on a wide selection of popular streaming services, and any paid Proton VPN plan will allow you to connect to our special P2P (torrent) and Secure Core servers. 

How to change servers

If you wish to change the server you’ve been connected to, go to the Home (Android) or Countries tab (Windows, macOS, and iOS/iPadOS) → Change server.

How to change free server on Android

When you change servers, you’ll see a countdown timer. You can’t change servers again until the countdown is completed. 

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