An illustration of the ProtonVPN new VPN server poll for 2020.

It’s time for our annual server poll! 

Each year since 2018, we have turned the floor over to our community to decide where we should prioritize our efforts to expand the Proton VPN network.

As a result of the 2019 Proton VPN server poll(new window), we have added new servers around the globe, including Mexico, Taiwan, Costa Rica, Argentina, and Turkey. Today, we have over 1,000 servers in over 50 countries. And we are adding more servers constantly to improve the speed and reliability of Proton VPN in every region.

This year’s poll aims to increase this geographic diversity even more while aligning our efforts with your priorities.

Cast your vote

Everyone gets one vote in the poll. You should select the country you think should be our highest priority. The countries below were selected based on the regions where we get the heaviest usage. We have excluded countries where we already have servers(new window) and countries that may pose a risk to privacy. You’ll have about two weeks to make your selection, and anyone is eligible to participate, so please share this poll with your network.

Please answer this survey only once. The captcha is included to prevent abuse and collects only the letters you enter.

This poll is closed.

Once we close the poll, we’ll add up the votes and announce the winners. Then we’ll start working to acquire and provision the servers you’ve chosen. 

We will always try to bring new VPN servers online in the order of priority. Still, we must also maintain our high security and reliability standards, and some countries are better equipped for this than others. We will announce new servers as they are ready on our blog.

Thank you for your support

We’re grateful for the support of our community. From our volunteer translators, who increase privacy access to people in more languages, to everyone who votes in our server polls, we depend on you to further Proton’s mission to make privacy and security accessible to all.

And because of our paid users, we can continue to provide the only truly free and open source VPN(new window). In the last year, we have made Proton VPN available on F-Droid(new window) and launched support for the OpenVPN protocol(new window) on more platforms. These help to make Proton VPN more private, secure, reliable, and resistant to censorship.

Thank you, and happy voting!

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