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Posted on November 9th, 2022 by in Proton News.


Today, we are excited to announce two new server locations for Proton VPN — Croatia and Malta. This marks an important achievement for Proton VPN, as it means we now offer servers in every country in the European Union (EU)

So wherever you are in the EU, you can connect to a server in your country. This will usually provide you with the best possible browsing speeds and also allow you to access local services as if you were back home. 

And if you have an active subscription to supported streaming services such as DAZN,, Mediaset Infinity, RAI, Canal+, 6Play, Zattoo, and more, you will be able to securely access them while connected to Proton VPN. 

Proton VPN offers over 1,800 servers in 64 countries, including every country in the EU.

Map of Prootn VPN Plus servers in the EU

If you are on our Proton VPN Free plan, you can connect to servers in the Netherlands. To access the full range of our EU servers, upgrade to a Proton VPN Plus plan.

Introducing Smart Routing technology in Europe

Malta is our first EU location to use Smart Routing, a technology that allows us to offer VPN servers in countries we otherwise might not be able to service. 

When you connect to one of our VPN servers in Malta, you’re really connecting to a server physically located in Marseilles, France. Despite the server not being located in Malta, this allows us to provide the best performance for the largest number of users interested in accessing services based in Malta.

Proton is here for you

At Proton, our mission is to build a better internet where privacy is the default. By making our Proton VPN servers available in every EU country, we’re expanding the convenience and usefulness of our service to an ever-larger audience. 

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