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The Proton VPN app for iOS has been eagerly awaited by our community almost since the day we launched. With the release of our iOS app (available as a free download at the App Store), Proton VPN protection is now available on all the most popular operating systems (Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, and iOS). This represents a major milestone in our journey towards helping our users take back their online privacy and freedom.

Proton VPN came into being when we began speaking with Proton Mail users with special security requirements. Back in September 2016, we were invited to the Second Asia Investigative Journalism Conference, and there we had an opportunity to see how Proton Mail was being used out in the field, and what other tools would benefit our community.

From those observations we saw how VPNs are necessary to keep online activity private and how they allow journalists to bypass censorship blocks to reach important online resources. However, the VPN industry in general is shadowy and rife with unethical business practices. As former CERN scientists, we decided to build Proton VPN to meet our own exacting standards of transparency and security. The fact that one million people use Proton VPN today to protect their privacy indicates that this was the right approach.

We’re happy to see that our focus on transparency and security is starting to be more widely recognized. Recently, Mozilla, a longtime advocate for user privacy and strong cybersecurity practices themselves, conducted a thorough evaluation of our no logs policy, our infrastructure, and the cryptography we use to encrypt user traffic. This makes us perhaps the only VPN provider that has had its claims verified by a trusted third party. As a result of this evaluation, Mozilla recently partnered with us to bring VPN protection to Firefox users.

We want to make sure that anyone who wants (or needs) better protection for their personal data can have it. This is why we are committed to making Proton VPN available on all platforms, and also continuing to provide a free version of Proton VPN.

Free services these days are rightfully regarded with a bit of suspicion. After all, Google and Facebook, which are “free,” are actually charging you by compromising your privacy to advertisers. But Proton VPN is different. We are the only free VPN with no bandwidth limits, data caps, or privacy invading ads. We do not install malware on your device or sell your data to third parties (we have a strict no-logs policy). Instead our free VPN service is supported by paid plans, which come with advanced security features and higher speeds.

To be worthy of your trust, we are committed to operating with a high level of transparency. We want you to know who we are. Whether it is inviting users to develop products with us, publishing an honest VPN threat model, having a transparency report, or educating the public on privacy issues, we are committed to putting the safety of our community first.

The Proton VPN iOS app helps us achieve this goal by making the online security and privacy of Proton VPN available with a single tap on iOS devices. Our VPN app for iOS supports all of our advanced security features, such as Secure Core, Always-on, and Tor over VPN. It also uses the newer IKEv2 protocol which provides for higher speeds and stability, even in adverse mobile network conditions. And our Swiss jurisdiction means that your data is protected by some of the world’s strongest privacy regulations.

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As much as we would love for it to be the case, privacy and security unfortunately are not free. Therefore, we are dependent on members of our community upgrading to paid accounts in order to sustain the service. If you appreciate the security and privacy that Proton VPN provides, and have the means to do so, please consider upgrading to a paid account.

Our new iOS app also features in-app purchases so you can upgrade to a paid plan directly from within the app. Note, due to Apple’s 30% fees, you can better support Proton VPN if you upgrade from our website. Because we do not have to pay Apple’s fees on web transactions, we are able to pass these savings on to you in the form of a lower price (for example, Proton VPN Basic costs $48 on our website as opposed to $59.99 via Apple’s in-app purchases). You can sign up for a Free plan for iOS here.

Proton VPN for iOS is now available for those of you who are ready to take back your digital privacy, visit blocked sites, and keep your personal data safe, even on public WiFi. If you have any comments or feedback on our iOS VPN app, please let us know via the usual channels. Thank you for your support!

Best Regards,
The Proton VPN Team

PS: The Beta program is not closing! For those of you that would like to continue testing new versions of our app before they are available to the general public, the TestFlight app will continue to notify you of new releases.

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Proton was founded by scientists who met at CERN and had the idea that an internet where privacy is the default is essential to preserving freedom. Our team of developers, engineers, and designers from all over the world is working to provide you with secure ways to be in control of your online data.

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