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ProtonVPN Transparency Report & Warrant Canary

Posted on June 18th, 2017 by in Articles & News, Press, Privacy, Releases, Security.

This warrant canary is updated whenever a new legally binding request is received, or about to be received if we have advanced warning. It was last updated on December 22nd, 2017.

ProtonVPN AG has received a total of:

User Data Access Requests

0 requests to access user data
0 requests were granted
0 requests were denied
0 legally binding requests

User Data Retention Requests

0 requests to retain user data
0 requests were granted
0 requests were denied
0 legally binding request

To be counted here as a request for information, the request must come through official channels foreign or domestic (either a court order, directly from a government entity, or from legal/security departments of corporations). We do not count unofficial requests such as requests made by private individuals. Legally binding requests are ones from the Swiss courts that we are legally obligated to comply with. Under Swiss data protection regulations, we cannot legally comply with foreign requests that are not supported by a Swiss court order.

Under Swiss law, ProtonVPN is not obligated to save connection logs, and we adhere to a strict no-logs VPN policy. Therefore, we are unable to comply with requests for user connection logs, even if they are legally binding.

We are the scientists, engineers, and developers who build ProtonMail, the world's largest encrypted email service. We're now building ProtonVPN also to ensure that everybody can have access to free and secure internet.

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  1. F

    How come you guys accept Bitcoin as “anonymous” payment system when by design it is not anonymous at all. You should be using privacy based coins specifically ones that are quantum computer resistant.

  2. rkxmlp

    So you say that you keep no logs. But when it comes to child porn, hacking or any kind of illegal activities, which actions do you take?

  3. Irina M

    We do not have any information regarding the activities of our users. If we receive a Swiss court order, we will disable the account. Details are in our Terms & Conditions:

  4. Mir

    Any status on the OSX native client?

  5. Irina M

    It’s being tested in Beta at the moment. We hope by Q1 of 2018 to publicly launch it. If you wish to join the BETA program, please send us an email at and request an invite.

  6. Alan

    Quick question, but first let me say that I love ProtonMail and ProtonVPN. I really appreciate being able to test drive the ProtonVPN Plus for a week. To the question, I’m likely going to purchase the ProtonVPN Plus subscription, but I have one question regarding the protocols. I check the IP/DNS/Anonymity specs on various sites, and on a site like Whoer dot net, it doens’t even recognize OpenVPN. With other VPNs it does recognize IPSec, OpenVPN, etc. So, is ProtonVPN able to disguise the anonymizer? (fantastic!) Or is it some problem with my client/computer? Everything else seems tip top. Thanks.

  7. ProtonVPN Admin

    We use OpenVPN, so it should detect the OpenVPN. We don’t use IPSec for security reasons.

  8. Seth

    It works just fine, Alan, but that’s a good question for those unsure how to check. The MTU and MSS values are reduced (indicating OpenVPN is working well). The normal MTU value is 1500. When using ProtonVPN it is reduced to 1360 or 1365. Exactly what you would expect. Whoer and similar sites sometimes don’t dock points for OpenVPN because it’s the best when compared to L2TP, IPsec, etc.

  9. Helmut

    Hi. How does your service (the securitiy you promise) comply with the new NDG, especially Art. 43 Abs. 3, which obligates providers to remove any kind of encryption on request? Are there any backdoors in your code or how are you going to deal with such requests in the future?

  10. ProtonVPN Admin

    You can read our analysis about the NDG Swiss law here:

    Many points for email are also relevant for VPN.

  11. js

    I love Proton mail. Thank you very much. i am also looking forward to your VPN. Thanks for all you do!

  12. notso

    How to pay BTC for your VPN service ?

  13. nick

    How often can we expect this page to be updated? I see it has been two months.

  14. Pete

    ISP providers are responsible for monitoring traffic on their network, either under US, EU or other legislation. Who provides proton with internet connectivity? A large tier 1 or 2 operator like Deutsche Telekom ? How does privacy work then ? Maybe Swisscom has agreements with larger providers, but can larger providers throttle or disconnect Proton ? How does it work ?

  15. ProtonVPN Admin

    any outgoing traffic is encrypted, so ISP’s will only see a connection to a ProtonVPN server but not know the final destination. If you’re looking for additional protection against advanced threats (correlation attacks or similar) we can suggest looking into the Secure Core feature.

  16. Nico_

    Hi guys,
    Where do you stand with the MacOS VPN ?
    Using Tunnel Blick is ok, but an actual App would make my day 🙂

  17. ProtonVPN Admin

    MacOS app is in internal testing, we plan to start closed beta in the coming months, stay tuned!

  18. omg proton…

    Is your server park running on physically harddisks or ramdisks? thank’s for reply

  19. ProtonVPN Admin

    We run with physical hard disks, but there is no security issue because we do not keep logs and we use disk encryption.

  20. Benjamin

    Bonjour étant client chez protonvpn je voudrais savoir si votre vpn protège t’il réellement des organisme comme la nsa? Merci cordialement

  21. ProtonVPN Admin

    You can read more about the VPN threat model here:

  22. Mark Kleiman

    Can you give us an update on status of iOS support, please?

  23. ProtonVPN Admin

    We have started developing the app and are aiming for release before the end of this year.

  24. help

    i cant install proton vpn windows client 🙁
    w7 x64 (without SP1)

  25. ProtonVPN Admin

    Can you please try to download the latest version (Currently 1.0.5) from and check if that works. If it doesn’t work, please submit a support request to us here:

  26. Not Edward Snowden

    Do you process your payment transactions through payment channels other than VISA & Mastercard & PayPal (all of which which US-based organizations and subject to US laws)? Remember that WikiLeaks had much of their funding model disrupted because the US demanded that organizations like these not process payments to Wikileaks.

    Similarly, don’t expect that Swiss banks, or any other bank that has any business unit in the US, will help you out in that instance as they will be subject to punitive sanctions by the US should the US government decide to make an example of you for some reason.

  27. ProtonVPN Admin

    We also accept Bitcoin as an alternative payment method.

  28. José Sepúlveda Torresano

    El día 5/7/2017 envié un correo electrónico con esta petición sin haber recibido respuesta , para dar una baja sin haber recibido respuesta , gracias.

  29. PL

    I’ve been a proton mail user and VPN beta user for sometime and have just updated vpn s/w but it won’t allow me to connect to UK servers returning “upgrade required”. I am intending upgrading to 5 x user product but not until IOS, MacOs and Android are available. What is the timescale I should expect for these? Is there anyway in the meantime that I can connect to a UK server which would allow for instance BBC services

  30. ProtonVPN Admin

    We are hoping to get the applications for all platforms ready by the end of this year. Thanks for your patience!

  31. perfect

    Is your server park running on physically harddisks or ramdisks? thank’s for reply

  32. privacy

    Does your VPS saving data physically on a hardisk or is it running on a ramdisk?

  33. abmignot

    is their an interface for linux client ? i installed protonvpn yesterday, it’s works (with openvpn) but i would like to have something like the windows client.

  34. Elliott

    What porta do you use?
    It would be nice if you supported port 993 to by pass secure networks

  35. ProtonVPN : Le service de confidentialité Suisse est ouvert à tous ! | UnderNews

    […] 100% no-logs (via les lois s’appliquant au territoire Suisse). Chose plutôt étonnante, un Transparency Report est disponible et montrera à terme, le nombre de demandes d’accès aux données utilisateurs […]

  36. Heaven

    What about server Outside Swiss ?
    You said no log because swiss do not obligated to store log but what about other country you hosting server ?

  37. ProtonVPN Admin

    As a Swiss company, we can’t be forced to store logs in other countries. If it came to that, we would pull our servers out of those countries.

  38. Heaven

    Okay thanks

  39. Michael Joons

    That’s probably the most retarded comment I’ve read. So since rape is legal in muslim countries, it is legal to rape in e.g. European countries?

  40. Jésus

    Tu te tire une balle dans le pied avec un tel commentaire !!!

  41. Master

    Are you retard! Who said that raping is allowed in Muslim countries?

  42. Jim

    You can’t be serious. ProtonVPN operates OUT OF Switzerland. That means that their company abides by the laws of the country out of which they operate. Islam is not a company, nor is it restricted to one nation. Very flimsy basis for such an ignorant remark.

  43. Andrew

    Not true, you oblige with the rules of the country you operate in. If you have servers in the US, those servers are subject to US laws.

  44. al

    Nothing retarded about the quest for information and asking questions in order to learn. The only thing retarded I can see is YOUR pompous, moronic comment. Mind your own damned business and allow others to ask questions so they can learn something, even if you don’t think you have anything to learn yourself.

  45. Jerry Lerman

    Sysops: It’s ok to remove comments from idiots who are only spreading venom, like the one from Joons. Throwing out the trash is a good to do and everyone appreciates the removal of the stench.

  46. Nandor

    You are my favourite company. Now pretty please make a client-side encrypted social network and kill facebook!

  47. Roger Lloyd

    Is our ISP able to monitor our internet activity?

  48. Michael

    Absolutely they are, and that’s why services like ProtonVPN exist in the first place.

  49. Jim

    If you’re asking if they’re able to monitor your traffic/internet activity while using ProtonVPN, the answer is no.

  50. Safely

    What kind of system do you use, to not log the connection details?

  51. ProtonVPN Admin

    We disable logging on all software, or pipe the logs to /dev/null

  52. max

    If you are so supportive of privacy, why do you not support anonymous methods of payment like bitcoin or giftcards etc.

  53. ProtonVPN Admin

    We do:
    You can also pay for ProtonVPN that way.

  54. max

    could you show me where? I will sign up then, here is where I am directed and do not see the option for the VPN

  55. ProtonVPN Admin

    You have to follow the instructions in the article linked above.

  56. Ben

    Will you latter on have a software client for Linux , thanks for the fist answer .

  57. ProtonVPN Admin

    Eventually yes, although MacOS and Android/iOS will come first.

  58. gheroghe

    you should also use Monero … because this is really an anonymous coin. Is like digital cash. Will you think about it? Thank you.

  59. xmr support?

    Yes, monero would be a good, private option.

  60. Random Guy

    Yes, they definetely should do it. Also bitcoin transaction fees are too high.

  61. user

    No bitcoin/ crypto currency payment options! => Not truly anonymous.

  62. ProtonVPN Admin
  63. John

    Bitcoin is not really private payment… besides “no one” can figure how to pay with bitcoins, and believe it I try in the past.
    Why not a payment like “paysafecard”? Paysafecard is a little more anonym if the place doesn’t have cameras and the person there as bad memory.

  64. Anonymous

    Paysafe doesnt support vpn provider anymore. Its not anonym. If you use vpn or proxy, your psc gets banned and u have to upload passport iban and so ^^

  65. Ben

    What about windows tricking and recoding all your data will ProtonVPN help with this problem ?

  66. ProtonVPN Admin

    No, that’s a client side issue that VPN doesn’t protect against.

  67. CC

    Also, you say “We do not count unofficial requests such as requests made by private individuals”, but you don’t seem to expressly say you won’t grant them.

  68. ProtonVPN Admin

    We don’t grant them. Swiss court order always required.

  69. CC

    What if you’re legally prohibited from disclosure of a request? How will this warranty canary address that? And what then if the “granted” categories start to fill up with positive numbers over time? At that point shall we conclude that you’re compromised? That said, looking forward to trying your service but would like to see a robust and well considered warrant canary here.

  70. ProtonVPN Admin

    Under Swiss law, there is nothing that forbids us from publishing aggregate statistics like we do here. If we do get a request that is approved by a Swiss judge, we will comply with it, but due to our no logs policy, we are not really able to turn over anything. So our compliance would be stating that we have no information.

  71. S.

    With the UK (and may other countries) rendering their in-country VPN’s unsafe, there will be A LOT of money to be made in secure VPNs. You have been warned! Your US or UK VPN is very vulnerable to government intrusion. Your VPN won’t be able to say “no” to the USDOJ! They could then make “an example” of you, or use you as a revenue source through fines and penalties. It only takes a few minutes to switch to a VPN in a safer country!!

  72. Evan Brown

    ProtonVPN is hosted in Switzerland and cannot be obligated by any nation other than Switzerland to do anything. With US and UK servers, the hosting companies themselves may be compromised which is why enabling Secure Core will put a ProtonVPN run server either in Switzerland, Iceland or Sweden (That’s in a kickass bunker by the way or old military base) in between you and any potentially compromised server. These Secure Core servers, at least in Switzerland are not only protected by the strong laws of their nation, but also reside 1,000 meters underground and under high security.

  73. ProtonVPN Admins

    This is a test comment

  74. sydter

    This is a user reply to a test comment

  75. ProtonVPN Admin


  76. sydter


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