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ProtonVPN Transparency Report & Warrant Canary

Posted on October 31st, 2018 by in Privacy & Security.

This page is updated whenever there is a notable new legal request. It was last updated on February 2nd, 2019.

To be counted here as a legal request for information, the request must come through official channels foreign or domestic (either a court order, directly from a government entity, or from legal/security departments of corporations). The only legally binding requests are ones from the Swiss courts that we are legally obligated to comply with. Under Swiss data protection regulations, we cannot legally comply with foreign requests that are not supported by a Swiss court order.

Under Swiss law, ProtonVPN is not obligated to save connection logs, and we adhere to a strict no-logs VPN policy. Therefore, we are unable to comply with requests for user connection logs, even if they are legally binding. Furthermore, under Swiss law, a Warrant Canary is not meaningful, because under Swiss law, the target of a surveillance or data request must always be eventually notified, so they have the opportunity to contest the data request.

A listing of notable legal requests is provided below:

January 2019 – A data request from a foreign country was approved by the Swiss court system. However, as we do not have any customer IP information, we could not provide the requested information and this was explained to the requesting party.

We are the scientists, engineers, and developers who build ProtonMail, the world's largest encrypted email service. We're now building ProtonVPN also to ensure that everybody can have access to free and secure internet.

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  1. CraigLow

    Your facts is extremely prominent.

  2. BettyBoop

    I *heart* you, ProtonVPN! Please keep this up and keep feeding news on any belligerence from authoritarian regimes. Please help keep internet freedom going. Booboopeedoop boop!

  3. Clas

    I have been trying Proton VPN for several days and must say i am impressed. I am an old guy who is just tired of the info scamming that has been going on way too long. I have tried a couple other vpn’s and Proton is the classiest so far. plenty quick enough, starts automatically as i have it set up and both me and my wife on her pc have found it almost like a stealth program…you know its there but dont even think about it but know you can rest easy re: you “stuff” thanks for a nice set up and i will soon be a subscriber. Clas

  4. john

    hey what is going on as of recent? how are you guys protecting/cooperating with LE such as the FBI/CIA/INTERPOL? can you elaborate extensively please

  5. ProtonVPN Admin

    Hello! ProtonVPN operates under Swiss law, and therefore we only work with Swiss law enforcement agencies, and only if a court has approved a criminal case. You can find more details on our transparency report:

  6. Frosby

    Proton VPNs Still Work With Netflix?

  7. ProtonVPN Admin

    Hello! Yes, you can watch US Netflix when connected to any ProtonVPN Plus server located in the US. Please read the following article: If you are experiencing any issues, please contact us here:

  8. Beerislooov

    Czemu tutaj pokazuje sie wegierskie forum?

    Why is the Hungarian forum shown here?

  9. ProtonVPN Admin

    Hello! Could you please elaborate on your question? We would be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding ProtonVPN and our service.

  10. woodiskingser

    Problem mit Javascript. Nachricht zu den Einstellungen. Hilfe!

    My english is poor :).

  11. ProtonVPN Admin

    Hello! Since we cannot troubleshoot your issues and help you here, could you please report them to our support team so that hey can further dig in? Please drop us an email to or fill in the following form: Thank you!

  12. wiederholenbiddedanke

    This is seriously the best VPN Programm i’ve ever used. I only tryed the free version and now i want no other programm anymore. (Good old; xD) Now i want to get a’ upgrade but i need an easy anonym payment methode… It would be nice if someone could help me, with my problems in the worldwideweb or how this has to get written… ‘^^,
    ~wiederholenbiddedanke 👅
    (A by Articel 13/17 triggered german -.- ) 😂

  13. ProtonVPN Admin

    Hello! Thank you for your support. In addition to credit card and PayPal, we also accept Bitcoin payments. Learn more about anonymous VPN payments here:

  14. Jeremejev

    Hi Proton!
    I am thinking about your vpn service but have some questions. say “costumer”. What does it mean exactly? Person who paid to ProtonVpn services? Or “costumer” contains a person who just tried 14 days free trial?
    2. If i use only free trial and it was expired and 2 months later can i use 14 days free again? If i can’ t how can you determine that i used proton service earlier? You notifie Mac Address or what?
    Good work guys!

  15. ProtonVPN Admin

    Hello! Our customers are all of our users, regardless of their subscription plan (paid or free). Also, note that after signing up to ProtonVPN, every user has an ability to try out a 7-day Plus plan and check all the extensive features provided for paid subscribers. After the 7-day trial period, the user can either decide to upgrade for a paid plan or continue using free ProtonVPN services for an unlimited period of time.

  16. Harry

    Hello. My question is the following: If you don`t have any log files, how can you determine what number of computers I am using with your VPN. This is not completely conclusive for me. You should not really know how many devices I use. Or am I making a mistake now?

  17. ProtonVPN Admin

    Hello! We can see in real time how many connections you have. Whenever you try to make a connection, we check how many connections you have and if you are over the limit, we disallow making another connection. This process does not require logs.

  18. Jarsi

    Hi .. I want to retrieve my money I do not want to subscribe .. Thank you

  19. ProtonVPN Admin

    Hello! Please submit a ticket in the following link: and our support team will help you with the refund.

  20. Intel Guy

    Shouldn’t you have canaries on this page in case you’re compelled by the courts to do something without being allowed to inform us? It’s as simple as “We have not served any warrents/orders ect”. This should be standard practice if you expect the trust of customers.

  21. ProtonVPN Admin

    Hello! Warrant canaries are not necessary in Switzerland because Swiss law requires that the target of a warrant be notified.

  22. Zimu

    The best secure vpn you can not find better than Protonvpn on the market.

  23. ProtonVPN Admin

    Hi! Thank you for your support, it’s much appreciated!

  24. Curious

    All servers are under maintenance in Australia ?

  25. Richie

    Hello! We are currently solving the issue, the servers should get back in service soon – we will definitely let you know. Sorry for inconveniences!

  26. Theler

    hello. i am from poland. i uwielbiam was!

  27. Richie

    Hey, thanks for the support, we love you too!

  28. Pat Grainger

    I currently have a different VPN provider configured on my Tomato-based router (Netgear R7000). So I am glad to see that the same setup is doable with ProtonVPN, as I am doing some VPN-provider shopping.
    One problem I used to encounter occasionally was having my outgoing e-mails blocked by intended recipients. Should this be a problem using ProtonVPN?
    Thank you.

  29. Richie

    Hey Pat! Since our VPN provides shared and static IP addresses, it means that the same issue could be encountered as with your previous VPN providers. This is because any other user, connected to the same VPN server and abusing email systems, like sending a bunch of junk to many recipients could cause the IP to be gray-listed. If that user does these sort of actions, that has impact on you too, who is using the same VPN server, since you got the same IP address.

  30. Rabbie

    Please make it known to me and on your website if ProtonVPN is open source coded or not, thank- you and cheers!

  31. Richie

    Hello! At the moment our app is not open-source – we are still doing constant code improves and add new features to it. It might become open-source sometime in the future – follow us on social media to find out all the news!

  32. Vladimir

    What about DNS protection? Will we be using your DNS servers, or will my ISP be able to track my DNS requests?

  33. Richie

    Hi! ProtonVPN protect your DNS queries by routing your DNS queries through the encrypted tunnel and not relying on third party DNS providers, we ensure that your browsing activity cannot be exposed by leaks from DNS queries.

  34. olly

    For what time period span does this Transparency Report apply? Could your webpage be changed to reflect the dates?

  35. Richie

    Hey Olly! Transparency Report is updated once a quarter, and so is updated the date on this webpage.

  36. Soonempaf

    hello all. thanks for approved.

  37. dima

    “All servers are under maintenance.” Russia. Near from Moscow.

  38. Richie

    Hello! Sorry for inconveniences! It was a temporary server issue that has now been resolved. The issue is understood and should not happen again. No data is breached or lost.

  39. qerberoz

    My current VPN provider can’t be successfully connected from within Russia.
    What about ProtonVPN?

  40. Richie

    Hello! In most cases ProtonVPN works without any trouble for users in Russia, but we recommend you to try our service out yourself, check for leaks, do a speed test and see if it will suit your needs!

  41. Toast

    What happens if someone downloads something illegal?

  42. Richie

    Hello! We do not support any illegal activities while using our service which are covered in our Terms of Service and we reserve a right to suspend any account that violates them. However, we do not log or monitor any of our users’ activity while using the service, but if we would receive any evidence or proof out of those means that a certain account violated the ToS, we will suspend or terminate it without further notice.

  43. user

    is there at least one server within the free plan that supports p2p traffic?
    if yes, wich one?

  44. Augustinas

    P2P is not allowed on free servers in order to keep them as fast as possible for all users.

  45. Pooyan

    I know you never log users or RECORD, But my question is, if the court needs users traffic what kind of information you give them.

  46. Augustinas

    We do not log or track any of our users’ traffic – the only thing we can provide is the login timestamp which does not contain any identifiable information like your IP address and we only keep it in order to protect accounts from brute forcing attempts as a security measure.

  47. Question

    Et vous n’avez pas de log même si votre serveur vpn est situé à l’extérieur de la Suisse (comme en France) ?
    And you don’t have a log even if your vpn server is located outside Switzerland (like in France) ?

  48. Augustinas

    All of our servers are configured the same way so it does not really matter to which country you are connecting to.

  49. Duke

    jAlso, on the bitcoin payments… It is a marvelous Idea, as since many VPN providers who like to tout the anonymity prowess of using their services have been alllowing for payments in crypto for some time… and give than protonmail is alreay available over onion, bitcoin payments make sense..besides, as scientists, and other architects of the future, I would imagine that cryptocurrency payment was long since a plan as it is the currency of the virtual world whether for privacy/anonymity, or simply the system security of containing as much of the entire proton technologies exprience being contained withing the cyber realm, and thus potentially more streamlined and representative of true free speech, thought, and information exchange.

    However, I do feel like in the coming years, Proton should work on integrating more crypto. For example, litecoin, built to be a faster, and more everyday conveinient version of the bitcoin blcokchain, or it seems etherum is quite popular atm… or even this new mobile one, electroneum that just came out, designed to be all mobile. Should it gain footing, integrating that for payments when accessing/managing your proton products through android/ios mobile well as any other mobile technologies the proton team will develop in the future. .. and with that I am half a sleep. so I’m done commenting for the day… thanks folks.

  50. Duke

    Wow, I got a little turned around reading this thread.
    Let me begin by saying that I have been user of Proton Technologies for, I’d have to guess a year and half now. Wow. It feels so much longer. i dabbled with early free accounts, but after forgetting at least one if not both of my login passwords on and small, new, largely experimental account on this obscure email provider claiming ultimate privacy for the average joe! You see, it was election season, I and am a career Operative working on the federal plane in 16 for the damned dems or at least with partners etc.I know my office was compromised specifically, and later that year, yahoo gave me the oh so prompt notification that they were once again reaching out to a new wave of clients who, yes had been compromized… 3 years prior…y’know, in the attack that we already knew about during the last election cycle 2 years prior.. Good Job Yahoo…
    So needless to say, even without deep research on the laws of the jusidiction of the proton servers, the integrated encryption, user choice of logging level (for me to check for unauthorized access via potential kelyogging attack etc. I had made the move to purchase my account before the end of thethe 2016 cycle…. my chromebook was driving me insane with privacy and surveilence concerns and at least protonmail could keep my most private communications safe, at the very least of the two passwords and the virtually irreversible encryption of resing data in my own mailbox should an emergency password resent be required for acceess to the account… I myself have already permanently scrabled several important professional comms as an early, paranoid user… which is to say…

    To the person who said that the U.S. and U.K will “make and example” out of Protonmail, and/or switzerland due to the overarching greed of their data lust and especially the U.S.’s tendency toward tempertantrums… but the admin has it right. While I don’t know ever letter of the law for either let alone both countries, I know enough to know, that the U.S./U.K. are not going to “make and example” of a country like switzerland, famously neutral in famously massive geopolitical confilcts, a country outside of the E.U. but geographically very central, as in potential collateral damage to the surrounding allies of the U>S in Europe, even if attacks are only fiscal and economic…. and, beyond that. Just because the U.S. MUST KNOW ALL! they cannot play above the law with switzerland without possibly escalating it to an international incident over what? The security of information, which, ironically, the political power structure of the U.S. should actually have respect to the Swiss for, considering their own failings…. it’s just… no. Make an example of switzerland over email/vpn servers…. nah. the fallback would make them look stupid. You sanction countries with human rights violations, threats of “actually” manufacturing/.possessing/testing WMD’s, ect. and to make and “example” of the Proton People, who fall underswiss jusrisdiction, would either be a failed effort at being tough and a success at looking foolish (like trump everyday) but also, should whatever “dipolmatic” means were used, if that did not (which likely would not, produce satisfactory results for them, they would be forced to either break international law, treaties, alliances, etc. to either launch convert operations to attempt to take their information by force, physically, or through illegal spying, of a foreign nation, on not just the data they probably saught, but on the remaining, lawabiding, everyday citizens of said foreign nation, whcih could in and of it self be considered, by anyone from the other side of the pond as an act of terrorism or combat, as the cyber world is a legitmate military battleground too… Thus essentially , from the U.S. media’s spin, protecting our freedom from a dangerous (maybe terrorist) state who does nothing but protect crimiinals and terrorists and enemies of “freedom” of the established world….

    And the admin’s mention of the physical security of storing these valuable peices of equipment are being stored in massive bunkers (former military or ice age survival i can only imaginge) which would then mean that should the US, UK and other surveillence-hungry, megolamaniacal, trigger happy, blood-thirsty, hawkish military fan boys would need to launch and assault, overt or covert to try to get their way. Either way, an invasion of and attack on a foreign nation, not over WMD’s (which U.S. would lie freely about anyway) or even as a preemptive strive on a dangerous fundamentalist ground bend on destroying the western world,but also chose to maintain that unique, individual autonomy by not uniting, socioeconomically, with the rest of the E.U…
    despite being entirely surrounded by E.U.nations. Essentially an act of war on a country famous for never declaring war on anyone… yeah… it woudl be an international incident that would backfire. You can mess with the USDOJ if, say you are the High Court of a foreign nation, like one who has maintained a strong, unwavering, and enduring, source of sovereignty even without going to war, or generally lifiting a Fist or a Gun in hostilitity or aggression despite having trainded armed forces… No no…

    Even when the USDOJ, wants to go after the creative finacial practices of the swiss, they typically have to wait until the offending Swiss National is, well, not in switzerland. So really… if its logs, records and servers they want, as long as those stay in bunkers in countries where USLaw does not apply because “surprise” it’s not the US cuz the US isn’t the world!!! no matter how hard the US/K want to co-opt things at home, anything governed by the laws and jurisdiction of a nation that recognzies other countries but the U.S. exist and can think for themselves, the US has to play someonelse’s game for once, or, as I said risk a political or military itnterantional incident, an act of war or terrorism.

  51. Will

    I’m sure you have some idea, so I won’t say “you have no idea,” but ProtonMail and now this VPN are really appreciated. I’ve used them to not only protect personal communications, but also intellectual property as well as to circumvent censorship. It’s great to connect to your VPN before remoting a work computer when in certain countries. Anyone reading this and considering buying a sub should do so if you can. It’s both compensating worthy of compensation and also a charity for those users who genuinely cannot afford it financially or afford being caught subscribing for possible legal implications.

  52. Edison

    Are your servers protected from meltdown and spectre?

  53. Irina M

    Yes, we take all precautions to prevent exposure to threats such as Meltdown or Spectre. We have periodic and impromptu security checks of all our software and hardware. and we secure them as soon as patches from producers are available.

  54. F

    How come you guys accept Bitcoin as “anonymous” payment system when by design it is not anonymous at all. You should be using privacy based coins specifically ones that are quantum computer resistant.

  55. fleeflea

    You could use (open-source/anonymous to use) to convert your more privacy-oriented cryptocurrency (for example: Monero) into BTC as a method to send payment, effectively paying Proton with BTC.
    Blockchain is a transparent, open-ledger which can be used to trace transactions, but it as you mentioned, it is not actually anonymous but pseudonynomous. It focuses on relying on the Bitcoin Core protocol to confirm/verify transactions by the genuinity of each transaction’s identification rather than the ultimate identification of the individuals involved as banks currently do.
    So, based on one’s particular personal privacy concerns, how one chooses to allow their personal identity to be revealed in the first place, or obscured, is always up to the individual.
    I’m not suggesting I think you are oblivious to any of this, your comment simply prompted me to respond with my own 2 cents, for what it may be worth, with the intent to help spread a little relevant information to those who may not have yet been introduced to knowledge of such matters.
    It is recommended for those who are new to cryptocurrency to look into different conversion tools such as, Changelly, Swithchoin, etc., along with reputable blockchain obfusication resources (tumblers/mixers/exchanges). And, of course, understand how blockchain works, what altcoins exist & what unique characteristics they possess, & the like.
    Cheers. 🙂

  56. Milles

    Quick question: I’ve been stalked online and later on in real life by a group of people since I was a teen.
    So I was forced to use a vpn and move city to escape these perverts, frequently. I am now using your vpn and so far I have been able to maintain my escape from these creeps, however, if I use your vpn for more than a few weeks I get recurring disconnects due to failed authentication, usually if I look at the connection log, I can see that it sometimes gets stuck on looking up dns server OR failed to authenticate. This has me worried once again.
    Did they somehow inject a new certificate into my OpenVPN app? Don’t think that’s possible but…science used to be magic…so just because you haven’t seen it done doesn’t mean it can’t be done.
    Also I read about a week ago this:
    “I tried their Speed High plan first and was seeing about 100Mbps I upgraded to the Speed Highest plan and saw an increase in speed despite connecting to the exact same server and port. Which means they are doing traffic shaping and queuing which requires logs to function properly. Very upset about this. I had high hopes for them.”
    Care to elabprdate please? This seems to be a legit aqasumption.
    Also regarding the private requests to retain data, receive data etc. I would like to be informed if someone from a private “organisation” is wanting information on me. That is far more dangerous in my view than any government agency asking for my details. The government hasn’t been creeping on me since I was a teen, they haven’t been deliberately trying to cause me pain and drive me to self harm and attempted suicide.
    Any chance for a service where your customer base will be alerted to this?


  57. Augustinas

    Hello Jason, at first allow me to address connectivity issues – we have worked really hard on the service stability, so depending on the client, these issues should not be persistent. If they are, I would recommend to immediately contact our support team, they are always ready to help with any issues whatsoever you are having with the service.

    Regarding certificate – that’s just simply not possible, certificates are checked from the server side and if they wouldn’t match, you would never get connected to the server in the first place.

    Regarding speeds – we do not throttle or cap speeds for our users regardless of the plan they are using, including free users. Each of our servers are configured the same way – the only difference is server load, that’s why free users sometimes might experience slower speeds than they would with a less-loaded server from any of the paid plans.

    If you have any further questions or concerns, feel free to write us via!

  58. Stan

    I recently purchased your Visionary package and want to know if my investment is solid given reviews by Restore Privacy.
    1. Restore Privacy a legitimate resource for independent reviews?
    2. Is Resource Privacy’s assessment of ProtoVPN written by Sven Taylor accurate as of the date of the article, September 6, 2017? He asserts while there are good features, the software performs like it’s still in beta.
    3. What improvements have been made since the Restore Privacy September 6 Benchmark?
    4. Will ProtonVPN offer more hands-on support to newcomers to the VPN world to maximize use of your services. After all, most individuals who secure these services have security concerns and are interested in the getting the most bang for the buck.

  59. Augustinas

    Hello Stan, we don’t consider this particular article very accurate since it does provide a lot of misinformation and untrue facts. However, we are in contact with them and they are willing to work with us in order to correct the parts where the article provides false or outdated information. As of now, the article is quite outdated.

  60. rkxmlp

    So you say that you keep no logs. But when it comes to child porn, hacking or any kind of illegal activities, which actions do you take?

  61. Irina M

    We do not have any information regarding the activities of our users. If we receive a Swiss court order, we will disable the account. Details are in our Terms & Conditions:

  62. Edwina Snowedagain

    This is as it should be! Child porn/exploitation should be combated, but not at the cost of privacy for everyone!!!

  63. Mir

    Any status on the OSX native client?

  64. Irina M

    It’s being tested in Beta at the moment. We hope by Q1 of 2018 to publicly launch it. If you wish to join the BETA program, please send us an email at and request an invite.

  65. Alan

    Quick question, but first let me say that I love ProtonMail and ProtonVPN. I really appreciate being able to test drive the ProtonVPN Plus for a week. To the question, I’m likely going to purchase the ProtonVPN Plus subscription, but I have one question regarding the protocols. I check the IP/DNS/Anonymity specs on various sites, and on a site like Whoer dot net, it doens’t even recognize OpenVPN. With other VPNs it does recognize IPSec, OpenVPN, etc. So, is ProtonVPN able to disguise the anonymizer? (fantastic!) Or is it some problem with my client/computer? Everything else seems tip top. Thanks.

  66. ProtonVPN Admin

    We use OpenVPN, so it should detect the OpenVPN. We don’t use IPSec for security reasons.

  67. Seth

    It works just fine, Alan, but that’s a good question for those unsure how to check. The MTU and MSS values are reduced (indicating OpenVPN is working well). The normal MTU value is 1500. When using ProtonVPN it is reduced to 1360 or 1365. Exactly what you would expect. Whoer and similar sites sometimes don’t dock points for OpenVPN because it’s the best when compared to L2TP, IPsec, etc.

  68. Helmut

    Hi. How does your service (the securitiy you promise) comply with the new NDG, especially Art. 43 Abs. 3, which obligates providers to remove any kind of encryption on request? Are there any backdoors in your code or how are you going to deal with such requests in the future?

  69. ProtonVPN Admin

    You can read our analysis about the NDG Swiss law here:

    Many points for email are also relevant for VPN.

  70. js

    I love Proton mail. Thank you very much. i am also looking forward to your VPN. Thanks for all you do!

  71. notso

    How to pay BTC for your VPN service ?

  72. nick

    How often can we expect this page to be updated? I see it has been two months.

  73. Pete

    ISP providers are responsible for monitoring traffic on their network, either under US, EU or other legislation. Who provides proton with internet connectivity? A large tier 1 or 2 operator like Deutsche Telekom ? How does privacy work then ? Maybe Swisscom has agreements with larger providers, but can larger providers throttle or disconnect Proton ? How does it work ?

  74. ProtonVPN Admin

    any outgoing traffic is encrypted, so ISP’s will only see a connection to a ProtonVPN server but not know the final destination. If you’re looking for additional protection against advanced threats (correlation attacks or similar) we can suggest looking into the Secure Core feature.

  75. Nico_

    Hi guys,
    Where do you stand with the MacOS VPN ?
    Using Tunnel Blick is ok, but an actual App would make my day 🙂

  76. ProtonVPN Admin

    MacOS app is in internal testing, we plan to start closed beta in the coming months, stay tuned!

  77. omg proton…

    Is your server park running on physically harddisks or ramdisks? thank’s for reply

  78. ProtonVPN Admin

    We run with physical hard disks, but there is no security issue because we do not keep logs and we use disk encryption.

  79. Benjamin

    Bonjour étant client chez protonvpn je voudrais savoir si votre vpn protège t’il réellement des organisme comme la nsa? Merci cordialement

  80. ProtonVPN Admin

    You can read more about the VPN threat model here:

  81. Mark Kleiman

    Can you give us an update on status of iOS support, please?

  82. ProtonVPN Admin

    We have started developing the app and are aiming for release before the end of this year.

  83. help

    i cant install proton vpn windows client 🙁
    w7 x64 (without SP1)

  84. ProtonVPN Admin

    Can you please try to download the latest version (Currently 1.0.5) from and check if that works. If it doesn’t work, please submit a support request to us here:

  85. Not Edward Snowden

    Do you process your payment transactions through payment channels other than VISA & Mastercard & PayPal (all of which which US-based organizations and subject to US laws)? Remember that WikiLeaks had much of their funding model disrupted because the US demanded that organizations like these not process payments to Wikileaks.

    Similarly, don’t expect that Swiss banks, or any other bank that has any business unit in the US, will help you out in that instance as they will be subject to punitive sanctions by the US should the US government decide to make an example of you for some reason.

  86. ProtonVPN Admin

    We also accept Bitcoin as an alternative payment method.

  87. jobs

    do you also accept cash, or post-bill payments?

  88. ProtonVPN Admin

    Yes, you can send cash directly to our offices, or issue a direct bank-wire-transfer. If you are interested in paying with these methods, please contact our support team so they can provide adequate details. Feel free to send us an email to or open a ticket in the following link:

  89. José Sepúlveda Torresano

    El día 5/7/2017 envié un correo electrónico con esta petición sin haber recibido respuesta , para dar una baja sin haber recibido respuesta , gracias.

  90. PL

    I’ve been a proton mail user and VPN beta user for sometime and have just updated vpn s/w but it won’t allow me to connect to UK servers returning “upgrade required”. I am intending upgrading to 5 x user product but not until IOS, MacOs and Android are available. What is the timescale I should expect for these? Is there anyway in the meantime that I can connect to a UK server which would allow for instance BBC services

  91. ProtonVPN Admin

    We are hoping to get the applications for all platforms ready by the end of this year. Thanks for your patience!

  92. perfect

    Is your server park running on physically harddisks or ramdisks? thank’s for reply

  93. privacy

    Does your VPS saving data physically on a hardisk or is it running on a ramdisk?

  94. abmignot

    is their an interface for linux client ? i installed protonvpn yesterday, it’s works (with openvpn) but i would like to have something like the windows client.

  95. Elliott

    What porta do you use?
    It would be nice if you supported port 993 to by pass secure networks

  96. ProtonVPN : Le service de confidentialité Suisse est ouvert à tous ! | UnderNews

    […] 100% no-logs (via les lois s’appliquant au territoire Suisse). Chose plutôt étonnante, un Transparency Report est disponible et montrera à terme, le nombre de demandes d’accès aux données utilisateurs […]

  97. Heaven

    What about server Outside Swiss ?
    You said no log because swiss do not obligated to store log but what about other country you hosting server ?

  98. ProtonVPN Admin

    As a Swiss company, we can’t be forced to store logs in other countries. If it came to that, we would pull our servers out of those countries.

  99. Heaven

    Okay thanks

  100. Michael Joons

    That’s probably the most retarded comment I’ve read. So since rape is legal in muslim countries, it is legal to rape in e.g. European countries?

  101. Jésus

    Tu te tire une balle dans le pied avec un tel commentaire !!!

  102. Master

    Are you retard! Who said that raping is allowed in Muslim countries?

  103. Jim

    You can’t be serious. ProtonVPN operates OUT OF Switzerland. That means that their company abides by the laws of the country out of which they operate. Islam is not a company, nor is it restricted to one nation. Very flimsy basis for such an ignorant remark.

  104. Andrew

    Not true, you oblige with the rules of the country you operate in. If you have servers in the US, those servers are subject to US laws.

  105. al

    Nothing retarded about the quest for information and asking questions in order to learn. The only thing retarded I can see is YOUR pompous, moronic comment. Mind your own damned business and allow others to ask questions so they can learn something, even if you don’t think you have anything to learn yourself.

  106. Jerry Lerman

    Sysops: It’s ok to remove comments from idiots who are only spreading venom, like the one from Joons. Throwing out the trash is a good to do and everyone appreciates the removal of the stench.

  107. Nandor

    You are my favourite company. Now pretty please make a client-side encrypted social network and kill facebook!

  108. Roger Lloyd

    Is our ISP able to monitor our internet activity?

  109. Michael

    Absolutely they are, and that’s why services like ProtonVPN exist in the first place.

  110. Jim

    If you’re asking if they’re able to monitor your traffic/internet activity while using ProtonVPN, the answer is no.

  111. Safely

    What kind of system do you use, to not log the connection details?

  112. ProtonVPN Admin

    We disable logging on all software, or pipe the logs to /dev/null

  113. max

    If you are so supportive of privacy, why do you not support anonymous methods of payment like bitcoin or giftcards etc.

  114. ProtonVPN Admin

    We do:
    You can also pay for ProtonVPN that way.

  115. max

    could you show me where? I will sign up then, here is where I am directed and do not see the option for the VPN

  116. ProtonVPN Admin

    You have to follow the instructions in the article linked above.

  117. Ben

    Will you latter on have a software client for Linux , thanks for the fist answer .

  118. ProtonVPN Admin

    Eventually yes, although MacOS and Android/iOS will come first.

  119. gheroghe

    you should also use Monero … because this is really an anonymous coin. Is like digital cash. Will you think about it? Thank you.

  120. xmr support?

    Yes, monero would be a good, private option.

  121. Random Guy

    Yes, they definetely should do it. Also bitcoin transaction fees are too high.

  122. ProtonVPN Pj

    Please expedite a Linux native application because Linux is certainly more popular and important than MacOS or iOS. This firm has defected to China, a country that makes no bones that they are enemies of privacyand accordingly their customers and products ought to take a back seat. Good job by the way on the Android app. What a fantastic piece of work this is, I’ve seen no other tablet app that compares to the professionalism you folks demonstrate.

  123. user

    No bitcoin/ crypto currency payment options! => Not truly anonymous.

  124. ProtonVPN Admin
  125. John

    Bitcoin is not really private payment… besides “no one” can figure how to pay with bitcoins, and believe it I try in the past.
    Why not a payment like “paysafecard”? Paysafecard is a little more anonym if the place doesn’t have cameras and the person there as bad memory.

  126. Anonymous

    Paysafe doesnt support vpn provider anymore. Its not anonym. If you use vpn or proxy, your psc gets banned and u have to upload passport iban and so ^^

  127. Ben

    What about windows tricking and recoding all your data will ProtonVPN help with this problem ?

  128. ProtonVPN Admin

    No, that’s a client side issue that VPN doesn’t protect against.

  129. CC

    Also, you say “We do not count unofficial requests such as requests made by private individuals”, but you don’t seem to expressly say you won’t grant them.

  130. ProtonVPN Admin

    We don’t grant them. Swiss court order always required.

  131. CC

    What if you’re legally prohibited from disclosure of a request? How will this warranty canary address that? And what then if the “granted” categories start to fill up with positive numbers over time? At that point shall we conclude that you’re compromised? That said, looking forward to trying your service but would like to see a robust and well considered warrant canary here.

  132. ProtonVPN Admin

    Under Swiss law, there is nothing that forbids us from publishing aggregate statistics like we do here. If we do get a request that is approved by a Swiss judge, we will comply with it, but due to our no logs policy, we are not really able to turn over anything. So our compliance would be stating that we have no information.

  133. S.

    With the UK (and may other countries) rendering their in-country VPN’s unsafe, there will be A LOT of money to be made in secure VPNs. You have been warned! Your US or UK VPN is very vulnerable to government intrusion. Your VPN won’t be able to say “no” to the USDOJ! They could then make “an example” of you, or use you as a revenue source through fines and penalties. It only takes a few minutes to switch to a VPN in a safer country!!

  134. Evan Brown

    ProtonVPN is hosted in Switzerland and cannot be obligated by any nation other than Switzerland to do anything. With US and UK servers, the hosting companies themselves may be compromised which is why enabling Secure Core will put a ProtonVPN run server either in Switzerland, Iceland or Sweden (That’s in a kickass bunker by the way or old military base) in between you and any potentially compromised server. These Secure Core servers, at least in Switzerland are not only protected by the strong laws of their nation, but also reside 1,000 meters underground and under high security.

  135. ProtonVPN Admins

    This is a test comment

  136. sydter

    This is a user reply to a test comment

  137. ProtonVPN Admin


  138. sydter


  139. Organic

    Hello World!

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