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Posted on October 7th, 2021 by in Service Updates.


We are happy to announce the addition of the Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Egypt, and Nigeria to the Proton VPN network, with Georgia following in the coming weeks. This brings our coverage to 61 countries, making Proton VPN one of the largest VPN networks in the world.

Anyone with a Plus or Visionary plan can now access content that is blocked in the Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Egypt, Nigeria, and Georgia. And anyone can access those locations while connected to our new Smart Routing servers for maximum speed performance, privacy, and uninterrupted access to local online services.

Several of these countries have been highly requested by our community, most notably the Philippines, which was voted second in our poll last year. 

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Our new VPN servers are available to users with a Plus or Visionary plan. If you are new to Proton VPN, select the Sign Up button below. Or if you already have an account and want to upgrade to access premium features, select Upgrade.

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Smart Routing technology keeps you secure, private, and safe

At Proton, our top priority is and has always been the online privacy of our community. Safely operating VPN servers in some countries can be difficult, which is why we are introducing our Smart Routing technology with these new servers.

Smart Routing allows users to gain access to new VPN countries without the risk associated with having servers in more sensitive locations. For all intents and purposes, servers in Smart Routing-enabled countries will behave exactly the same as other servers on the Proton VPN network do. 

The only difference is that the hardware – the actual server – is not physically based in the country displayed as the VPN location. The physical locations of our bare-metal servers for Smart Routing-enabled countries are:

  • Philippines → Singapore
  • Vietnam → Singapore
  • Cambodia → Singapore
  • Nigeria → Madrid
  • Egypt → Bucharest

Our new Georgia servers (which will go live in the coming weeks) do not use Smart Routing and are based in Georgia itself. Additionally, we are using Smart Routing technology to double our server capacity in some countries where we also offer physical servers:

  • Brazil → Miami 
  • South Korea → Singapore
  • Taiwan → Singapore

By connecting to these new servers, you can browse the internet as though you were based in the location displayed, with the added benefit of being protected by Proton VPN security. 

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Building a better internet

Proton is a mission-driven company whose goal is to make online security and privacy accessible to all. Our new server locations and the Smart Routing technology that underpins them further this aim.

Thank you for your support and please keep an eye out for new developments. We have exciting news to share very soon and we cannot wait to tell you all about what’s in store!

Thank you for choosing the new Proton VPN, and don’t forget to share your feedback.

Starting with ProPrivacy and now Proton, Douglas has worked for many years as a technology writer. During this time, he has established himself as a thought leader specializing in online privacy. He has been quoted by the BBC News, national newspapers such as The Independent, The Telegraph, and The Daily Mail, and by international technology publications such as Ars Technica, CNET, and LinuxInsider. Douglas was invited by the EFF to help host a livestream session in support of net neutrality. At Proton, Douglas continues to explore his passion for privacy and all things VPN.

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