Cyprus received the most votes in our annual server poll

Posted on September 22nd, 2020 by in Articles & News.

An illustration of the results of the 2020 ProtonVPN server poll.


We closed our third annual Proton VPN server poll on Friday, September 11, and we want to thank everyone who participated. This was our biggest poll yet, with more than 13,000 votes cast. After the votes were counted, four locations were substantially more popular than all other options. 

According to the poll, adding servers to Cyprus, the Philippines, Thailand, and Puerto Rico should be our top priority. Each of those locations received over 1,000 votes, while Nepal, which came in fifth, was just short of 600 votes. 

We have already begun acting on this data, and we hope to bring new servers online in these locations in the next few months. As always, our foremost priority is our users’ security. We will not add any new VPN servers if we are not confident we can protect our users’ data. 

We will always try to bring new VPN servers online in the order of priority. However, it is more difficult to find servers in some areas, particularly those that do not have strong IT infrastructure. We will announce new servers on our blog and on social media as they become available.

Below are the results from the poll:

The Philippines1,135
Puerto Rico1,055
Dominican Republic399
Trinidad & Tobago305
Côte d’Ivoire182

There were also over 3,000 write-in votes. Out of these results, the Canary Islands were the most popular new location. 

Thank you for voicing your opinion

Thank you again for participating in this poll and helping to shape the future of Proton VPN. As we work to make online freedom and privacy accessible to all, your support and feedback are invaluable.

As we always say, the Proton community is our greatest strength. The help of our volunteer translators has made the Proton VPN website available in 15 new languages, while the support of our paid users has enabled us to make Proton VPN the first VPN service to make all our apps open source. Your support has also allowed us to add over 100 servers in the past two months to improve service for current users and make room for new users. 

Thank you. All of these improvements help Proton VPN bring security, privacy, and freedom to people around the globe.

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Prior to joining Proton, Richie spent several years working on tech solutions in the developing world. He joined the Proton team to advance the rights of online privacy and freedom.


  1. Chris

    Who are you and what do you think you are and do not publish my comment about Cyprus?
    You are supposed to have a job to do but make sure you do it right, unless you are one of the founders of Proton,are you?

  2. Douglas Crawford

    Hi Chris. We just get a lot of comments, and are playing catch-up moderating them. I don;t really understand where you anger comes from, as we will now be adding servers to Cyprus.

  3. Chris

    Indeed,you are ignorant.Cyprus has an estimated population of 1,200,000,is tiny in eyes,but is huge in culture and education,uses regular and advanced internet connection and the majority of Cypriots know very well and use VPN.
    In addition,Cyprus is a Member State of the European Union and it is not a third world country, that’s why you are very susprised.
    I hope that PROTON will soon set up servers in Cyprus, it’s worth it.

  4. Amir

    Dear Richie Koch, when will Cyprus and also Azerbaijan servers will be added?

  5. Mohamed Rashed

    Add VPN KSA Saudi Arabia Plz

  6. Anynoymous

    Why do you think Cyprus was voted? It seems so random

  7. Scott R.

    I am going to make a guess that it will be available somewhere in 2021.

  8. Eva

    Excuse my ignorance, but ¿Cyprus? How many habitants has that tiny country? Is really worth it install server in Cyprus an not in Nigeria, with 150 mor more, millons of persons? Ok, majority of nigerians dont even have a regular Internet connection, but Cyprus? Does every single resident in Cyprus use or, even know, VPNs?
    I’m very susprised :-/

  9. Aaron

    Please make the Philippine server a reality, we really need a solid and secure VPN such as yours here in our country.

  10. Ron

    Many votes from Venezuela could not reach this poll because of the dictatorship surveillance of internet, take this in consideration since the threat to liberty is in red alert, we need protonvpn servers, thanks

  11. Steve

    I am so looking forward to your servers in the Philippines, with the recent surge in local governments here requesting that you leave you information on non-secure servers so the can issue you a QR code it is important that any information is kept private.

  12. Evil Pechenka

    Russia. And don’t start talking about legislation, other VPN services have a server. It is not necessary to comply with the laws of the criminal government.

  13. Amir

    Hi, when Cyprus servers will be in ProtonVPN?

  14. Richie Koch

    We are actively working on setting up servers in Cyprus, but we don’t have a timetable at the moment. Our users’ security is our priority, which means we cannot rush the evaluation of our potential database partners.

  15. Ana

    I agree.. It seems majority of the providers with Philippines server only use virtual servers (out of SIngapore). The others I have tried with physical servers are all so slow. I was so happy I had found one with a physical server and good speeds but then after using them for a short 3 months, they announced they were pulling out of the country :-(. So am now hoping ProtonVPN will be my next pick.

  16. Amir

    Would you please add serves in Georgia and Azerbaijan?

  17. Nick

    Ahh yes cyprus finally!

  18. Allan

    Does it work China?

  19. Richie Koch

    Hi Allan,
    Good question. We are working to provide more consistent access to people behind the Great Firewall, but for the time being the service is irregular. If you contact our Support team at they can help you.

  20. Paul

    Wow! I’m happy for the poll result. I hope Philippines will have a Proton VPN server in the near future. We really need a trusted VPN here on our country to secure our data.

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