How to require users and admins use 2FA

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Proton VPN for Business

You can also send out a reminder that prompts administrators and users to set up 2FA.  This email goes out only to users who have verified their email address. Users can verify their email address by signing in to, then going to AccountRecoveryRecovery email address Verify now.

How to verify your recovery email address

To require 2FA:

1. Log in at with your Proton Account username and password.

2. Click on Authentication security in the menu on the left. You can see how many of your organization members (administrators and users) already use 2FA.

3. To send out an email reminder that prompts people to set up 2FA, click Send email reminder.

You will then be shown a list of everyone who will receive an email reminder. Proton VPN automatically removes the emails of anyone who has already enabled 2FA. To continue, click Send reminder. The email reminder contains instructions on how to set up 2FA.

To require 2FA be used for administrator and/or user accounts, click the toggle switch next to Require 2FA for administrators and/or Require 2FA for users. This will prevent administrators and users from accessing their account until they’ve set up 2FA. We recommend sending out an email reminder before enforcing this 2FA requirement.

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