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Support Center / General Information / Why did a ProtonVPN server get removed?

Why did a ProtonVPN server get removed?

Occasionally, you may find that the ProtonVPN server you always connect to has been removed. This reflects the fact that, in our continuous effort to expand our network of VPN servers, reduce latency, and improve our service, we need to retire certain servers. There are generally three explanations for this:

  • We have found servers that offer improved service (either better speeds, more reliable connections, or cheaper bandwidth that would allow us to expand our coverage);
  • The current servers’ service has fallen below our standards; or
  • The data center housing our servers is shutting down.

In general, we do not shut down servers until we have prepared replacement servers. If it is a major replacement, we will make an announcement on our social media channels. Follow our Twitter and Facebook feeds to keep up with our latest server installments and upgrades.

You can also always check the complete list of all our servers.

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