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Why did a Proton VPN server get removed?

Occasionally, you may find that the Proton VPN server you always connect to has been removed.  At Proton VPN, we continuously upgrade our servers to ensure the best performance and stability. These investments are what make Proton VPN consistently the fastest VPN service. This means that we will periodically retire old VPN servers.

From time to time, we also need to remove servers from certain locations if the network at that location is no longer meeting our reliability or performance requirements, or if we find a nearby location that offers much better performance.

To find alternative servers, you can consult our complete list of servers.

How do you notify users about server removal?

If servers are being removed, we generally provide replacement servers at the same location. We also make service announcements on Twitter and Facebook, or on

In some situations, we will also send emails to notify users that the server they are currently using is scheduled to be retired. As Proton VPN is a no-logs VPN service, this is done without logging. To send the emails, we check which users are currently connected to the server being retired and send an email, without logging any IPs or storing any connection data.

Upcoming server retirements

Below, you can find a list of servers that are scheduled to be retired, along with their scheduled retirement date.

None at this time.

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