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How to prevent IPv6 leaks on your device

With the massively increasing amount of IP addresses required by global network each year, IPv4 can no longer meet the demand. That’s why IPv6 was introduced – to allow more unique TCP/IP identifiers to be created for each user.

While most of the internet users are still using IPv4 protocol, there are ISPs that provide support for IPv6 as well. It is our duty to make sure that users are aware that, for the time being, our servers are compatible with IPv4 internet protocol only. However, ProtonVPN is taking measures to prevent any possible IPv6 leaks.

ProtonVPN applications block all IPv6 traffic by default. To be precise, IPv6 traffic gets rerouted to the VPN server and never leaves it, only IPv4 traffic does in order to ensure that your real IP address is not leaked. Also, by disabling IPv6 traffic on your network, your internet connection performance shouldn’t be affected as most internet services are accessible via IPv4.

You can configure your router to block all IPv6 traffic, however, each router settings differ, but most of them do have an option to turn off the IPv6 completely. This way you wouldn’t have to disable IPv6 on each of your devices, but keep in mind that it is not possible to turn off IPv6 traffic on Android and iOS. In order to disable IPv6 on your router, please check router user manual or consult with an IT specialist.

You can turn off IPv6 traffic directly on Windows, macOS and Linux.

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  1. Chaoslaptop

    This information can’t be true: I am still able to surf the web using IPv6 when using your VPN.
    Hell, in SecureCore mode it also leaks my REAL public IPv6 to websites when using a Torrent! (REALLY not what you’d want)

    If you’re not blocking IPv6, you should notify the user about that when he is opening the program. Tell him to deactivate IPv6 entirely on his device or else his real IP will be leaked when using BitTorrent.

    I’ve seen that the IPv6 IP address disappears on websites ONLY when using SecureCore, but the detection via Torrent is still possible! Also you’re not talking about SecureCore here. So why is it that my device (Windows 10) can establish IPv6 connections while I’m using your VPN?
    IPv6 is enabled, because I got no notification that is could cause such issues.

    Try it yourself using

  2. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello. We are greatly concerned about this as we are not able to reproduce it on our devices. Would you mind forwarding this information and some of the screenshots with evidence to our customer support team?

  3. John

    Often times on peppermint I am receiving the following error:
    Error connecting to VPN.
    [!] This is an error in enabling ipv6 on the machine. Please enable it manually.
    However, I intentionally had to disable ipv6 as my machine was constantly showing DNS leaks. I am using the protonvpn client for linux. Sometimes this can be resolved by disconnecting and then doing protonvpn-cli –init ….sometimes this doesn’t solve it at all. advice?

  4. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello John. Does that happen often, did you spot any re-occurance? Do you test both, TCP and UDP protocols with same result? Please contact our support:

  5. J

    Hi John,
    Did you find a resolution to this issue? I am experiencing the same.



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