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How to set up OpenVPN on macOS using Tunnelblick

We offer an official Proton VPN for macOS app. If you are running macOS 10.12+, we strongly recommend that use our app, which features:

If you use an earlier version of macOS, or you simply prefer to use Tunnelblick, read on…

Tunnelblick is a free, open-source generic VPN app for macOS that allows you to connect to our network via the OpenVPN protocol.

1. Locate your OpenVPN credentials. (If you don’t know how, here’s our guide on how to find your OpenVPN username and password.) If you already know your OpenVPN credentials, you can skip this step.

Note: This is not your Proton VPN username or password

2. Download Proton VPN configuration files by logging into your Proton VPN dashboard and selecting Downloads in the left navigation bar.

protonvpn dashboard menu

3. Find the OpenVPN configuration files and choose:

  • Platform: macOS
  • Protocol: UDP (recommended) or TCP (only if you experience slow VPN speeds — TCP utilizes port 443)

4. Click the Download button for the server(s) you wish to download.

download openvpn configuration files protonvpn

Install Tunnelblick by going to Download Tunnelblick by clicking Download Latest Stable Release.

protonvpn on mac with tunnel blick

Once you have downloaded Tunnelblick, click on the downloaded file to install the program. (It will be named Tunnelblick and contain information about what version it is. For example: the downloaded file for version 3.7.8 is named Tunnelblick_3.7.8_build_5180.dmg)

Double-click on the Tunnelblick icon (it looks like a tunnel) to begin installation.

Depending on your security settings, you will be asked to confirm your Mac password to proceed with the installation.

tunnel blick installer - setup protonvpn on mac

Click I have configuration files when you see the window below.

tunnelblick config files

Navigate to the menu bar and click the Tunnelblick icon that should be present in the right corner. Then select VPN Details…

tunnelblick vpn details

Drag and drop the configuration files you downloaded from your Proton VPN dashboard into the Configurations section.

The config files use the following naming system:

  • A two-letter abbreviation for the destination country.
  • A number to specify a server in that country. (For example: de-01 is the first server in Germany; ca-04 is the fourth server in Canada.)
  • Files with two country abbreviations are Secure Core servers. (For example: is-us-01 is the Secure Core connection through Iceland to the USA.)

Enter your OpenVPN username and password when prompted. 

Note: This is not your Proton VPN account username or password.

To use our NetShield DNS filtering feature, append the suffix +f1 to your username to block malware, or +f2  to block malware, ads, and trackers (for example 123456789+f2).

Once the configuration is complete, click Connect to connect to Proton VPN.

To add more connections, repeat the steps above with different configuration files for your choice of server or country.

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  1. Ste

    having OSx 10.11.6 i’m forced to use TunnelBlick, but into the step 2.D. (“Download ProtonVPN configuration files”), the download of configuration files is not permitted to Free plan user, so i have to assume that not being an 10.12 or above user i can’t try this service, isn’t it?
    Thanks for your kind attention.

  2. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello. Even if you are free, you can download our FREE configurations from your account page, just find the servers in these countries with FREE tag – US; Japan; Netherlands.

  3. Tomes

    If we are using the ProtonVPN for MacOS (not TunnelBlick), it looks like we need to use ProtonVPN credentials vice OpenVPN credentials for logging in and to connect to SecureCore and other VPN servers. Is that correct? So essentially when the MacOS and iOS versions are finalized and published, we will need to just concern ourselves with our ProtonVPN/Mail account vice the OpenVPN account as well?

  4. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello. If you are using our application and you are asked for the OpenVPN credentials, you should reinstall it as there is a handling issue somewhere on your machine. On apps, credentials should be handled automatically after you have signed in to your account on the software, that will be the same for the iOS application.

  5. RentaHome

    Any plans to support WireGuard?

  6. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello. For now, we currently do not have any plans for WireGuard support. Nonetheless, thank you for the suggestion to do so.

  7. p

    I’ve been using ivpn upon launch. It was on when I installed the vpn + tunnleblick. Is there any benefit to using both at the same time or will this cause a problem? Can I set the proton vpn + tunnleblick to launch on startup? Thanks

  8. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello, We do not personally recommend using two VPN`s (apps) at the same time as it can cause some issues with colliding network settings. We would suggest simply using Secure core servers within our Mac application as that will be the easiest way for you.

  9. Aaron

    how to use it on ios

  10. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello Aaron, here is a guide for our ProtonVPN services with iOS device –

  11. Sam

    Hey I am not sure why there is a free option for this service but I cannot download it?

  12. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello Sam,
    Our Mac beta application is only for paid users, so free users cannot download the application. Sincere apologies about that.

  13. cris

    Hi, on MAcOS it’s possible to switch server ( country ) and have a route all config with the native BETA client ?

  14. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello Cris. Yes, you can switch between the VPN servers within our macOS beta application as in any other our application and you whole mac internet traffic is being routed through the VPN server.

  15. Layla

    I keep receiving this message after connecting. “Tunnelblick could not fetch IP address information before the connection to was made.”

    How do I fix this?

  16. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello Leyla,
    Could you please try the same server with TCP configuration? Also, are you sure you are downloading mac configuration files?
    If none of that worked, please contact our support team about it.

  17. PacketPusher

    Just wanted to post this because it was not found in any documentation anywhere on the site. Due to the setup with PFsense and using strict firewall configurations; egress traffic is filtered (i,e,. outbound traffic), you must open the outbound ports below for Proton App which uses IKEv2:

    IP Protocol Type= UDP,
    UDP Port Number= 500 <- Used by IKEv2

    IP Protocol Type= UDP,
    UDP Port Number= 4500 <- Used by IKEv2

  18. mike g

    Hi, i keep getting “can’t connect to server” when I try to login to the protonvpn account page.
    is this because of maintenance?


  19. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello Mike,
    Thank you for reporting this and we appreciate your concern. We had some issues with the website that are fixed now. Sorry for disturbances.

  20. Ralph

    Why using tunnelblick??? The normal way to integrate VPN i.e. MACOSX 10.11 is to have the VPN server adress, accountname, a password and in addition a secret name (or key). This all can manually set up via your network configuration in “system configurations” on you’re MAC. Apple wil give you the choice to make use over interface VPN via IKEv2, Cisco IPSec, PPTP or LT2P over IPSec. Via IKEv2 (what ProtonVPN is using) you need a serveradress, Externe ID, Lokale ID and by preferences you’re username and password—-> and GO! Would I miss something?

  21. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello Ralph,
    Tunneblick provides OpenVPN client while what macOS internaly provides does not have this portocol. We are currently working on Mac beta application which uses IKEv2 protocol and all paid users can take part in beta testing.
    You can download our macOS application when you log in to your profile on On right side menu you will see Mac Beta tab, there you will be able to download it if you are a paid user.

  22. jason

    tunnelblick is popping up with a error message saying that the config files are using a config that is depreciated.

  23. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello Jason,
    Could you please send us an email with more detailed information using this form :

  24. Jack

    I was wondering, since you don’t store any log or user personal information, does TunnelBlick store any of that? Like my local IP or something else.
    Plus, I checked that of all of DNS queries are sent to the IP’s ISP RouteLabel V.O.F.
    All of DNS servers are managed by protonVPN? Can I choose/control which DNS server to use? Also, are DNS queries stored?
    Thank you

  25. ProtonVPN Team

    Tunneblick is an opensource openvpn client that does not store any of user information. Its just a client to initiate VPN connections.
    If you feel like you have DNS leaks, please contact our support team to investigate that.
    Each VPN server runs DNS server on it too, so DNS request are handled by ProtonVPN and same no log policy is applied.

  26. Paulo


    Would love to use ProtonVPN, but I need a L2TP over IPSec protocol to connect (due to network block with other protocols). Would you provide this protocol?

  27. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello Paulo,
    Sadly we will never provide this protocol availability due to the security flaws that it has, sorry about that.

  28. Leonardo

    Hey, when will you release the application for mac?I tried to use tunnelblick but when i try to connect with the server it connects without ending.

  29. ProtonVPN


    Our Mac VPN application is released in a closed-beta, and only our paid subscribers are eligible to receive an invitation for early access. Regarding the official release date, we are unable to provide a specific date or a time-frame as the application is under active and intense development/optimization.

    Regarding the tunnelblick issue, please open a ticket through the following link so we can help you resolve the issue:

  30. Aurele

    I’m not seeing any free servers in either Canada or the UK. Are there any?

  31. ProtonVPN


    The ProtonVPN free servers are in Netherlands, Japan, and the US. There are no free servers in Canada and UK, and only our paid subscribers have access to servers in these locations. You can find a detailed server list at the following link:

  32. saett

    hey. I love protonvpn. but, what about an native macOS client? I think I heard there is a closed beta for it? I would be very happy if I could join this program to make the software even better. I have some experience in beta testing.

  33. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello, if you have a paid ProtonVPN account, you can e-mail us via and we will send you an invite.

  34. adam

    every time I install config file i get this

    There was a problem:
    VPN config/’ contains characters that are not allowed.

    Characters that are not allowed: ‘#&;:~|?'”~^[]{}$%*’

  35. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello Adam, most likely you are using those special characters in your OpenVPN password – you can check that in If you do, please try to change your password into an alphanumeric one and see if this will solve the issue.

  36. Archi

    Can you provide an updated ETA for the native Mac and iOS clients please?

  37. ProtonVPN Team

    Our macOS app is currently in being tested in closed beta, for iOS we are hoping to have something out in late Spring.

  38. Peter

    How is it going with a native Mac client or integrating ProtonVPN into standard macOS VPN flow? You promised more info by end of 2017, but still nothing new. Thanks!

  39. ProtonVPN

    Hey Peter,

    The native ProtonVPN Mac application is released in closed-beta, and only our paid subscribers can get an invitation for early access by request. We cannot provide a certain date regarding the official release, as the app is under an active development and optimization.

    You can also use our guide for the Mac IKEv2 VPN setup if you’d like to try the IKEv2 protocol:

  40. Brian

    I cannot find a single VPN to work with torrent. I am tried almost every single Plus VPN. It’s impossible to see which VPN is P2P- do you have lists that will work with Torrent. I’m using a Mac

  41. ProtonVPN

    Hey Brian,

    For torrenting, you’ll need to use one of our dedicated P2P servers. We have P2P servers under Netherlands, Sweden, and Singapore. You can find a detailed list of our servers at the following link:

    The P2P servers are marked with two arrows.

  42. nothappy

    I paid 96 euros for this and the mac version is extremely complicated to download

  43. ProtonVPN


    Could you specify in which phase of the setup you are experiencing troubles?

    If you are our paid subscriber, you are eligible to receive an invitation to the ProtonVPN Mac beta application, so if you’d like that please contact us through the following link and confirm your interest:

  44. GAO

    So – where is the native Mac client? I ask because I think your service is great and I have recommended it regularly. The issue is that the less than tech-savvy folks won’t sign up without native OSX and iOS clients as they find the entire OpenVPN/Config files/Install process too complicated and/or too intimidating. I really believe you would capture more paying customers if you offered OSX and iOS native clients

  45. ProtonVPN

    Hey GAO,

    We have released our ProtonVPN Mac application as a closed-beta, and only our paid subscribers can gain access to it by request. The application is still under development, and we are unable to provide a specific date for the official release. The iOS application is still being developed, as we want to ensure that we release the best products on the market.

    We appreciate your kind words, have a great time!

  46. flowoeB

    open vpn and tunnelblick are a bag full of pain! it renders protonvpn completely useless… is there a possibility to connect a fritzbox directly to protonvpn?

  47. ProtonVPN


    You can use the IKEv2 protocol and set-up a Mac device by following the guide below:

  48. Ross Leroy Joyner

    It appears that you still do not have a one step MAC version. I do not want to use TB so have chosen to wait for your MAC version. Can you tell us when it will be ready? I thought is was the by the end of the year (2017)

  49. ProtonVPN


    Our native ProtonVPN Mac client is released in a closed-beta version, but it’s under an active development. Our paid subscribers can get an invitation and access the application by request. Regarding the official release, we are unable to provide any certain date at this time.

  50. Fher Soso

    It is now 2018 and many of us still waiting on the native iOS/OS Proton VPN client.

  51. ProtonVPN


    The native ProtonVPN iOS client is still under development, and we are unable to state a certain date or a time-frame regarding the release. The ProtonVPN Mac application, however, is released in a closed-beta which only our paid subscribers can access by request, but it’s under an active development.

  52. Pavlo

    I can not download any configuration files as states in #2 above… Whenever I hover the mouse over an item on the downloads page I see a “Plan Upgrade Required” message. I am on the free plan, am I eligible using this software?

  53. ProtonVPN

    yes you are, Free config files for the US, NL and JP are located in the “server config” section

  54. VPN user

    When exactly is ProtonVPN going to have a native Mac client?

  55. ProtonVPN

    Before the end of this year.

  56. Rolf

    We have now the beginning of a new year, so I ask the question again: When exactly is ProtonVPN going to have a native Mac client?

  57. ProtonVPN


    The native ProtonVPN Mac application is released in a closed-beta version, and it’s under an active development. However, our paid subscribers can get an invitation for the early beta access by request.

  58. Barney

    Well, we’ve passed the end of 2017, so I’m wondering when the native Mac client for ProtonVPN will be ready?

  59. ProtonVPN


    The ProtonVPN Mac client is released in a closed-beta version, but it’s only accessible to our paid subscribers by request. The application is still, however, under an active development and it’s constantly improved. Regarding the official release, we cannot specify a certain date.

  60. burns

    So by end of this year you meant 2017 right… well sorry to tell you… When can we really expect it because i love the idea you have here with this free VPN compared to others but having to install and do so much myself isn’t up my skill tree.

  61. ProtonVPN


    Our ProtonVPN Mac application is released in closed-beta at this time. Only our paid subscribers can get an invitation for early access, and the app itself is still under an active development. We cannot specify a date regarding the official release.

  62. Andy

    Any update on release or beta use of Proton VPN for Mac OSX & IOS users? I’d like to change my VPN and like many others would prefer a Proton solution. Can you provide a timeline or if no timeline exists, provide users a reason for the delay? I.E. funding, lack of demand, etc. so we have a plan for home network security?
    Thank you

  63. ProtonVPN

    Hey Andy,

    We appreciate your interest. The ProtonVPN Mac application is released as a closed-beta, and only our paid subscribers can get an invitation for early access to the app. We cannot state a certain date regarding the release. If you are a paid subscriber, please contact us through the following link and we will send you the invitation:

    The reason that the Mac VPN application not yet released – is that we want to ensure that the application is fully optimized before we announce it officially.

  64. Trevor Meier

    Any word on the native VPN client for OSX? Tunnelblick is fickle and challenging to set up for non-technical users

  65. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello Trevor, if you have a paid subscription, please contact us via our support form for a closed beta invite.

  66. T

    It gives me a prompt of installing configuration for all users or for only me, but I don’t know what this is referring to.

  67. seb

    how to use proton vpn with an apple tv?

  68. PSTR

    You should use Open WRT router to hide your Apple TV

  69. Jean

    Tested on MacBook Air Pro connected to home wifi and the result is connection speed is just too slow to browse anything.
    Tested on MacBook Air in public Wifi and it does not even pick up enough speed to connect to the internet. Tunnelblick is not responding to connect nor disconnect.
    Please advise any ideal set up for someone based in Japan and wanting to use the France VPN?
    So far speed is an issue and making it useless (paid for Protonvpn Plus plan)
    Thanks in advance

  70. ProtonVPN

    hi, have a look at these suggestions

  71. Faisal

    Hi is there a way to setup the VPN connection native on the mac rather than tunnelbick?

  72. ProtonVPN

    currently there is not yet a way for native support. We’re updating our IKEv2 infrastructure and once that is done, native support should be available as well

  73. Dan

    Hi, In the Plus package it is mentioned the Tor servers. How can I enable / connect to using an OpenVPN under Osx

  74. ProtonVPN

    simply connect to one of the TOR servers (us12, ch5, hk5) using the apropriate configs and your network will automatically be routed through the Tor network.
    For a list of servers, check in the download section at

  75. tinman

    On MacOS X with Tunnelblick, don’t forget to check “Route all IPv4 traffic through the VPN”

  76. Adam Wu

    Can we have a setup for native Mac OSX under System Preference -> Network -> Add VPN? I found that setup to be simpler, except I have to choose from a list of VPN server manually.

  77. Faisal

    I am also looking to utilize the native mac VPN rather than tunnelblick

  78. drk

    I’d like to sign up for Protonmail mail and VPN (pay versions). I work with the Mac platform, from Sierra down to 10.5.8. Can you tell me whether your VPN will work on my older machines (e.g. Mac G5 running OSX 10.5.8 leopard or a Mac G4 running the same OS)? Thanks in advance for your attention.

  79. marc

    just in case you don’t realize it, but the average apple user (me) has been pre-conditioned to ignore any software with that kind of installation process.

  80. evilscientist

    Hey there! SInce I’m using MacOS & the ProtonVPN natice client isn’t yet available to me, I was wondering if there was a way to know in what parts of the US the various VPN servers are located? I’d like to find the closest server to my physical location (in order to reduce lag, etc.).

  81. ProtonVPN

    we’ll be adding more detailed server descriptions in the near future, in the meantime, some users have started compiling a list on our reddit:

  82. Misha

    This is really crazy UX :( We have tons of other VPNs with much easier UX and super friendly apps including iOS. Why do we need this one instead?

  83. ProtonVPN

    you can use a number of clients which handle .ovpn config files. We’ve mentioned tunnelblick because its free and open source

  84. Adrian

    Where is the pretty dashboard ui from the landingpage?!

  85. ProtonVPN

    Currently that client is windows only and the mac client is in development. We’ll have more info in q4 this year.

  86. emilyg

    The Tunnelblick/protonvpn combo was working earlier this evening. Now: Will not accept my password (I’ve tried changing it), and fails to disconnect.

  87. Joe

    Thought I follow all the directions. Trying to login but nothing happens. The “Waiting for password clock just keeps going on and on. Right know it is at 7 minutes and still going… Please advise.

  88. emilyg

    ProtonVPN Free configurations are working great with Tunnelblick on MacOS v 10.12.5. Thank you.


    I am getting the error below. Is it because of my corporate firewall?

    [ADMIN edit: moved logs to pastebin for readability]

  90. Josh

    How do I connect to TOR servers?

  91. ProtonVPN

    simply use one of the config files with the TOR designation. you can also see the servers here:

  92. Mango

    Guys, where I am, they don’t let us access tunnelblick site either!

  93. jj

    Why can’t i use IKEv2 on MacOS? Sierra supports it without any third party apps.

  94. ProtonVPN

    Our servers currently implement OpenVPN as its VPN protocol. We will very likely be adding IKEv2 support in the future

  95. Craig

    Just want to double check… The configs etc. are they changing/have they changed since coming out of beta? I’ve had the original configs since the beta launched months ago and have just upgraded to a paid plus member, so I’m looking to make sure that I’m running the most up to date configs and servers for my tier of package?

  96. ProtonVPN

    Recommend you to download the new files. Some of the configs related to secure core have been added/removed as we reconfigured our network. We’ve also added new nodes since the original beta launch.

  97. FM

    I follow all the instructions and manage to connect, but then no webpages will load and I receive the message “After connecting to ***** DNS does not appear to be working. This may mean your vpn is not configured correctly.”
    I can’t see what I might be doing wrong, please help!

  98. ProtonVPN

    FM, please drop us a line via the support form with some additional details of your setup such as Tunnelblick version and screenshots of your connection settings. We’ll be happy to help you out

  99. James Hooli

    MacOS with Tunnelblick and ProtonVPN’s config files. All connections I’ve tried (Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, UK…) fail on It finds a huge number of servers and lists all of them as belonging to Google as the ISP.

    Have I missed a setting, or is this to be expecte given that it’s beta?

  100. ProtonVPN

    This is not expected. Can you please drop us a line via the support form ( to properly troubleshoot your setup, thanks!

  101. Jonathan

    Tunnelblick settings – I can choose between
    OpenVPN 2.3.16 – OpenSSL v1.0.2k
    OpenVPN 2.3.16 – LibreSSL v2.5.0
    OpenVPN 2.4.2 – OpenSSL v1.0.2k
    OpenVPN 2.4.2 – LibreSSL v2.5.0

    Which option is best for ProtonVPN? Does it make any difference?

  102. ProtonVPN

    we recommend using OpenVPN 2.4.2 with either OpenSSL or LibreSSL (at the moment LibreSSL seems to be newer)

  103. One

    Can you take in consideration using port 443 instead of 1194? In some environments you will not be able to “get out”.

  104. ProtonVPN

    All our servers support TCP via 443. If you need the necessary config files, drop us a line via the support form and we’ll send them over

  105. Proton Beta User

    In going through the advanced settings, it seems there is a box called “route all IPv4 traffic through VPN” that is unchecked by default. Isn’t it dangerous for this to be unchecked? I checked it but didn’t really notice a difference. What is its purpose and why would someone want it unchecked? Usually this sort of box is just used for corporate VPN stuff I think but since most people probably use ProtonVPN for always-on safety, seems like it should be checked.

  106. ProtonVPN

    our servers push this setting per default and hence it should not matter whether this box is checked/unchecked per default. Let us know if you observe any problems/leaks

  107. Steve

    OpenVPN works fine as long as someone is fairly techie. Like others, I easily had this working on my Macs and within iOS using the OpenVPN app.

    That said, a native ProtonVPN app for Mac and iOS is an absolute imperative, otherwise I’ll be setting it for my wife and coaching others how to configure and get connected and I already have far too much to support as it is.

  108. ProtonVPN

    Other platforms are in the works! we’ll post more info towards q3/q4 this year

  109. Richard Hulsebos

    OSX 10.12.4 no problems with Tunnelblick, i was using Vyprvpn but im sticking to Protonvpn nice job!
    Grz NL

  110. Anthony

    After installing the config files in Tunnelblick, in settings the check box “Route all IPv4 traffic through VPN” is deselected by default and “Disable IPv6 (tun only)” is selected by default. Is this correct, it seems to me I should be routing all my IPv4 traffic through the VPN?

  111. ProtonVPN

    Per default, our servers push this setting to the clients, therefore it should not matter whether the client has it selected per default, let us know if you see any issues with this! Happy testing

  112. Seth

    Just loaded OS 10.12.4 with Tunnelblick with no problems!

  113. Shai

    The [CMD]+[Shift}+[R] not working in my Safari browser to change the need from Visionary plan to Plus plan allowing to join the VPN. Already installed all the tools and they work fine, except the password – which I guess I need to wait to go to the Plus Plan.
    Question: Do you have to be on the Plus Plan in advance before attempting to join in the VPN ? Will this change in the future whereby one has to be on the Visionary Plan?

  114. ProtonVPN

    Hi Shai, try using [Opt] + [Cmd] + [E] to clear your cache and then retry the refresh. If this issue persists, please drop us a line via the support form.

  115. Shai

    Hint: you need to have the Visionary account.

  116. Matze

    It works great with mac OS X 10.8.5. .. thanks a lot to ProtonVPN

  117. Ian Bradbury

    Just to say that normally I use Freedome VPN – so I’ll be comparing.

  118. Birch

    TunnelBlick will open, but when I try to drop the ProtonVPN_config file it won’t drop in the TunnelBlick window. I’m not sure how to solve this.

  119. hello

    I get that this a Mac forum not an iOS forum for this VPN service. I’m not really sure I need this, as I researched last night and found the letter JFK wrote right before George HW Bush shot him, then I found docs and photos of Majestic 12 and the Magic group assigned first by Harry Truman then Dwight Eisenhower, concerning the Zeta Reticuli grey aliens and so forth and how to deal with it etc … and I am betting had I had a VPN this would not have found its way to me but I don’t know, maybe I do need one. Then all the maps of all the alien underground tunnels and bases worldwide, etc etc. If I do need this, perhaps a user or the Proton staff might just send me an email with what I need to do and the info needed rather than a zip file and gosh, I will go ahead and join the other beta testers, but my surfing habits are fairly mundane so I don’t know I might bore someone to death. But, if you’d like to send me what I need, my email address is here and legit via ProtonMail and let’s party!

  120. Harold Spencer Jr.

    I have a ProtonMail Plus account. I have Tunnelblick 3.7.0 (build 4790), and I imported the all the US config files. I was able to log in successfully, however I couldn’t resolve anything after (e.g. couldn’t access Google, etc.). Are there any options that I need to set on my client so that it leverages the DNS information propagated by the VPN server?

  121. Michael Walker

    I am having the same problem. Same configuration. I can change the server I connect to but in my web browser, it does not resolve the host names.

  122. WmA

    So … how to tell if we’ve successfully implemented this?

  123. Craig

    Can’t get this to work on OS Sierra 10.12.3 (16D32) with Tunnelblick – It keeps hanging on ‘Waiting for password’. Any suggestions?

    N.B. I’m a Protonmail Plus user.

  124. ProtonVPN

    Hi Craig, please drop us a line via the support form with some more details and we’re happy to help

  125. Seth Oserin

    I’m about to install this on iOS 10.12.4. Anything I should know?


  126. Stephen Wilkinson-Carr

    I keep getting the message: “The username and password were not accepted by the remote VPN server.” no matter which server I try to access.

    I used my ProtonMail username and also tried my main ProtonMail e-mail address, as usernames, with the new password I set up using your instructions.

    No success.

    What am I doing wrong?

  127. ProtonVPN

    Hi Stephen, when conecting using Tunnelblick, you need to user your OpenVPN credentials as described in step 6 above, not your ProtonMail username and login password.

  128. Dave Skinner

    It’s been at least a week since I posted here, requesting assistance to get Proton VPN / Tunnel Blick working with 2-factor authentication. I also posted about Tunnel Blick’s published hash disagreeing with the computed hash, raising concerns that the Tunnel Blick download is corrupt and might contain malware.

    To date, I haven’t received a response to either issue. Also, the last post showing on the site hasn’t changed during this period (“Rob” posted on 12 March 2017 at 5:43 PM). All of this leads me to conclude that ProtonVPN isn’t staffed and therefore is unprepared to conduct a beta trial.

    I would prefer to leave Tunnel Blick installed and possibly wait a bit longer, but the probability of the download containing malware seems non-trivial. So I’m going to uninstall it and subscribe to another VPN service.

    Hope you get ProtonVPN working someday … it’s a great idea.

  129. ProtonVPN

    Hi Dave, re changing openvpn pw: going by your description, the second box should be where you input your current protonmail login password to authorize the credential change, not a repeat of your ovpn pw.
    The most surefire way to reach our support is dropping us a line via the support form at Happy testing.

  130. Scott

    I’m curious if openvpn from Homebrew works for OSX?

  131. J

    I had problems in the beginning but the connection is working now. I was stuck some weeks ago because the open VPN config in protonmail asked me to change my password and I had no clue what the old password is supposed to be because I never had one. Today it occurred to me that the open password maybe my mail password and indeed that was the case.
    So everything’s in the green now :-)

  132. Chris

    Works great for me just imported the .opvn configuration files downloaded from the Protonsite into the Openvpn app file sharing function with my iPhone hooked up to iTunes and then the login credientials supplied by Protonmail. I think it’s awesome that you guys are offering this on top of already great email. Protonchat soon ? lol. Also would be awesome to have a zero knowledge storage solution as well. Will be a paying customer for the VPN as well once this comes out.

  133. wompwomp

    Any help with the ‘Waiting for password’ issue would be appreciated. I’ve tried pretty much everything on here with no success.

  134. Patrick

    If you copied your login from ProtonMail and look closely after pasting it in, you might notice that it also copied in a new line that you can’t initially see that says “CHANGE OPENVPN LOGIN”, which is the text on the button directly below the login. After deleting that and the new line, it worked for me!

  135. Jame Baq

    Cannot connect to vpn, I get this;
    The username and password were not accepted by the remote VPN server.

  136. Jame Baq


  137. ProtonVPN

    Hi Jame, glad its working for you, it would be very helpful for other users if you could document what solve the issue for you. Happy testing.

  138. Steve

    Jame, I have the same problem that you are describing, How did you solve the problem with the VPN?

  139. Patrick

    I think he made a simple pasting mistake when pasting in his OpenVPN login. If you copied your login from ProtonMail, if you look closely, you might notice that it also copied in a new line that you can’t initially see that says “CHANGE OPENVPN LOGIN”, which is the text on the button directly below the login. After deleting that and the new line, it worked!

  140. importance of education

    Hmm is anyone else experiencing problems with the images on this blog loading? I’m trying to figure out if its a problem on my end or if it’s the blog. Any responses would be greatly appreciated.

  141. Michael

    A fantastic addition to our online security arsenal that I have been looking for, for some time. I tried a few other providers but they were very flakey, especially on iOS so I have high hopes for this.

  142. sillystring

    Works great on my macbook air with macos sierra. Thanks!

  143. Mo

    same like kmgeorge …. waiting for password forever … what could that be … password and user is correct

  144. Rich

    Does your connection say “waiting for password” all the time?

  145. David Howard

    This is Macbook Pro 13″ retina. MacOS Sierra 10.12.3. Safari 10.0.3. Chrome 56.2924.98.

    Installed ProtonVPN + Tunnelblick. Connected to UK, received UK IP address. BBC iPlayer did not play video, even after all recommended steps.
    Connected to all four Australian servers. Received Australian IP addresses. ABC iview ( – every time – refused to recognise that I was in Australia. Thus no video playable. SBS on Demand ( did not tell me I was not in Australia, but likewise would play no videos.

    I had no such problems with my previous VPNs, neither with Astrill nor with ExpressVPN. Since I do receive the desired IP address abroad, I assume that the problem is with Tunnelblick. I only hope that when the ProtonVPN native support becomes available for MacOS and iOS, that no similar problem will arise. Meanwhile, should/must I try to approach Tunnelblick for a solution?


  146. David Howard

    Last comment posted (mine apparently) on March 16. Reply “Your comment is awaiting moderation” posted March 16.
    Now March 24.

  147. Dave Skinner

    Step 1 – Install Tunnel Blick. I downloaded per the instructions, then for safety, checked the hashes. They DIDN’T match the hashes documented in . So I erased that download and instead downloaded using the “Stable Tunnelblick 3.7.0 (build 4790, OS X 10.7.5+, Intel-64 only) released 2017-01-30” link, then computed the hashes, which matched. Probably a nit, but given the state of the world today (which increasingly necessitates a VPN), it might be a good idea to reference a download whose computed hashes match the author’s documented hashes.

  148. Dave Skinner

    I have 2FA enabled for my ProtonMail (Plus) account. The instructions work OK up to step 6 where I go to ProtonMail Settings > VPN to set the OpenVPN password. I enter the new OpenVPN password I’ve created, another dialog displays requesting the password (again) plus the two-factor passcode. I generate a 2FA passcode using Google Authenticator, exactly like I do when I login to ProtonMail. A reddish-colored box pops up saying “Incorrect login credentials”. Multiple attempts, all failed. Refreshed the web page (using Apple Safari), same results. I’m not going to disable 2FA, not sure what to do. Any ideas?

  149. Ed

    can someone walk me through setting this up on ios (iPhone 6S)?

  150. JJ

    Got it working on my iPhone 7 Plus with OpenVPN, emailed the file. Can’t wait to be released so I can purchase it. I am using Viscosity, but I want to use a different one and I am looking at IVPN as well.

  151. JJ

    Using a MacBook Pro and Viscosity got it all working.

    – Downloaded the files
    – Opened Viscosity and imported one of the files
    – Setup my OpenVPN credentials in ProtonMail (had to refresh in order to see the OpenVPN information)
    – In Viscosity selected the new option for ProtonVPN
    – Entered my new (OpenVPN) credentials setup and voila!

  152. rmdh

    Works well on iOS 10.11.6

    Great job ProtonTeam !

  153. Andy Malloch

    Another great client for macOS is Shimo it’s not free, but does come with the subscription.

    Being able to setup triggers works great for me.

  154. Sean

    I’ll give this a try using open-vpn on dd-wrt and will report back. Presently I’ve been using IPVanish with a custom script that pings all servers and selects the fastest ping result to connect to every 6 hours. I’m pretty excited to try your service. I’d gladly switch over if the speeds are up to par and you guys are serious about not retaining any logs. Looking forward to supporting your development and the Proton brand. Quick request, in the development of your client software make sure you implement a dead switch to ensure no leaks in the case that a VPN connection is dropped.

  155. Tyler Kelly

    While not a problem, I thought the following information might be useful in resolving what might be a possible bug in your system.

    I have been using ProtonVPN successfully, both in Windows 10 and on a Mac. I also have an account with Express VPN, which I have used in the past. While ProtonVPN seems to work fine, I have noticed the following difference when I have the VPN on and visit the Weather Underground site to check the weather here in San Francisco.

    What is strange is that, when Express VPN is on and I go to Weather Underground, if I have chosen, say, Switzerland for my VPN server, it displays the temperature in Centigrade. In other words, it seems to know my computer’s IP address is in Europe. This, however, does not work with Proton VPN–it always displays the temperature in Farenheit, regardless of which VPN server location I choose.

    As I said, this little detail may not be a big deal, but I thought you would want to know. Let me know if you have an explanation.

  156. David

    It’s working on my MacBook Air with Sierra 10.12.3. I’ve used Tunnel Blick in the past and I noticed that it has been refined a bit lately. Nice. Looking forward to the native Proton Mail VPN client for Mac and Linux, though.

  157. Rob

    The Tunnel Blick app doesn’t even open on my MacPro tower. We are dead in the water even before we started.

  158. Wally

    I got it loaded and it seems to work on my Mac OS X 10.11.6. It would be handy if you would identify the various servers by their approximate location. Sometimes I like to choose my exit node based on location.

  159. joe

    Agreed. There are 12 POP’s for the United States and we have no idea where we are connecting to. It’s a big country and hoping 2,500 miles away is going to slow anybody down.

  160. joe

    In case you were still wondering.
    Profile 1-4 is VA, 5-8 is SJC, CA, 9-11 is PHX, AZ.

  161. Vault7

    You can also create your own dynamic connection ovpn file so that you can connect to “random” locations of your choosing.

    The key to getting it to work is to include “udp” at the end of the “remote” line.

    An example – I pulled the IPs from the US server selection and moved remote-random before the remote choices. Not sure if that really matters, but it makes my brain feel better and it works.

    dev tun
    proto udp
    remote 1194 udp
    remote 1194 udp
    remote 1194 udp
    remote 1194 udp
    remote 1194 udp
    remote 1194 udp
    resolv-retry 15
    cipher AES-256-CBC
    auth SHA512
    verb 3

    So every time you disconnect/reconnect you can connect on a new location.

    Also be sure check “Route all IPv4 traffic through the VPN”

  162. ProtonVPN

    Hi Vault7, we’ll be releasing country level configuration files in the near future. Happy testing.

  163. SJ

    All too easy to set up with Viscosity. So far, works as well as any other VPN service I’ve tried (Witopia, AirVPN). Next step is attempting to set up on a BBY Passport. ;-)

  164. Anastasia

    The instructions above say that when asked for your password go to protonmail settings VPN tab and set it.
    I received an email to test this new feature as a “ProtonMail Plus Supporter”, yet under my protonmail settings VPN tab, I am prompted that the beta is only available for Visionary accounts. I tried to log out and in again, but it seems to stay the same, so I cannot test this or follow the instructions.

  165. ProtonVPN

    Hi Anastasia, please try to force refresh your ProtonMail page, either through your browser setting or using OS specific hotkeys (Win: [Ctrl] + [F5]; Mac: [Cmd] + [Shift] + [R]). This should update your inbox to the latest release, where we updated the access privilege for Plus users.

  166. homegrow

    Any config changes needed to get this to work via Viscosity? Imported the .ovpn files and as of now I just get an endless connection attempt; no timout and no obvious error or disconnect …

  167. Jay

    i think its a fantastic idea i was using other tools and frankly i trust
    you guys far more if you now offering this then im moving it to you.

    im glad to see you branching out outside of email and making the
    service better and more secure for your community to go online.

    Great idea keep up the innovative work :)

  168. SamKnox

    No dnsleak
    No ipleak
    Yes secure

    iOS connected with openvpn client
    Well Done

  169. furphyscuffle

    From the email:

    “Starting today, we’re happy to invite ProtonMail Plus users to test the premium version of ProtonVPN.”

    Clicking on the VPN section, of my ProtonMail Account:

    “ProtonVPN beta is currently available for Visioniary users. If you’re interested in participating in the ProtonVPN beta, consider upgrading to a Visionary plan.”


  170. ProtonVPN

    Hi furphyscuffle, please try to hard refresh your ProtonMail inbox, either via browser settings or trying a hotkey (Win: [Ctrl] + [F5], Mac: [Cmd] + [Shift] + [R]). This should update your inbox to the latest release where we updated the privileges of Plus users.

  171. furphyscuffle

    Thanks a lot, that did the trick.

  172. HSausa

    It says in the vpn section only visionary users are allowed but my email said plus users can use this

  173. ProtonVPN

    Hi HSausa, please try to hard refresh your ProtonMail inbox. Todo so, either go through your browser settings menu or hitting [Ctrl]+[F5] on Win, or [Cmd]+[Shift]+[R] on Mac. This should update to the latest release with the right privileges.

  174. Flo

    Why there is no TCP ? :/

  175. ProtonVPN

    Hi Flo, please get in touch with support and we’ll be happy to help out.

  176. CellAntro

    It’s now telling us we need a visionary plan, not the plus as mentioned in the email from you all.

  177. ProtonVPN

    Hi Cell Antro, please try to hard refresh your ProtonMail inbox via your browser settings or by hitting [Cmd]+[Shift]+[R]

  178. kmgeorge

    I followed the instructions, however I keep getting a “Waiting for password” message, even though I’ve typed my login and password from ProtonMail. Any suggestions?

  179. ProtonVPN

    Please drop us a line via the contact form at and we’ll be happy to help

  180. yogesh

    similar problem. In case they have suggested some solution (or you have figured out by yourself) please share.

  181. HesitantiPhoneOwner

    Seems worth mentioning that I got it working for iOS as well using OpenVPN!

  182. HesitantiPhoneOwner

    I had to e-mail myself the config file via Protonmail

  183. Alex

    You can use AirDrop or iTunes file sharing too. :)

  184. Flora

    Hi, can you explain how you did this? Would like to do the same! Thanks!

  185. Georgewhois

    Can you be more specific ? What did you do exactly to get it work on ios?

  186. David

    Flora, Georgewhois, et al.

    Here’s what worked for me on iOS (something similar should work for Android as well, I suspect):

    1. Install OpenVPN via the app store (the client is called OpenVPN Connect from OpenVPN Technologies).

    2. Download the ProtonVPN *.ovpn config files here:

    3. Unpack those files and email at least one *.ovpn file to yourself at your ProtonMail address. (The files have a prefix with country codes; choose your country or best applicable.)

    4. View that email message and tap on the *.ovpn file(s) to download to your phone.

    5. Tap the sharing icon at bottom left to see options. Choose “Copy to OpenVPN.”

    6. OpenVPN will open and let you know “New profiles are available…”. Click the green dot with a “+” in it to save the new profile.

    7. Log in with your OpenVPN login credentials (found under the VPN tab within your ProtonMail account). Since the login and password are likely to be pretty long, it’s a good idea to use the “Save” option so you don’t have to type them in again.

    Tip: The OpenVPN interface for iOS is a little odd. To start the VPN next time, toggle the unlabeled switch just below the line that says “Disconnected.” You’ll immediately connect to ProtonVPN.

    Hope this helps. If I forgot anything or was unclear, someone should correct me. Cheers!


  187. Anders

    Thank you for the very clear description. Got VPN up and running on iOS in no time.


  188. Just A Simple Country Techie

    I got it to work on iOS following:
    (0) Installed OpenVPN from the Apple App Store
    (1) Tapped on the link to download the Zip-file with the .opvn files
    (2) When prompted to pick an app to open the file with I used GoodReader
    (3) In GoodReader I chose to store the Zip-file on Dropbox
    (4) In GoodReader I tapped on the Zip-file and answered ‘Yes’ to un-zip the file
    (5) In GoodReader I navigated into the folder with the un-zipped .opvn files and tapped on one of them to open it. Then I tapped on ‘More…’ and that displayed a list of apps including OpenVPN …woohoo!!
    (6) I used OpenVPN to open the .opvn file and it imported the file into OpenVPN and then OpenVPN showed me that it was ready to be imported.
    (7) Then I used a browser to login to ProtonMail and followed the instructions to go to Settings > VPN and set the OpenVPN password
    (8) Then I used the user ID and password I just setup in ProtonMail and I plugged those into the OpenVPN app.
    (9) Then tap to switch on the connection in OpenVPN and Shazam! It worked. I could tell because on the top line on my iPad I saw [vpn] to the right of my carrier’s name.


  189. travis

    I keep getting authentication failed

  190. Chris

    I’d love more details on getting this to work on iDevices as well. Can you link to which OpenVPN client you used?

  191. ProtonVPN

    Hi, if this issue persists, please drop us a line via the contact form at

  192. Torin

    Very cool. I got this working with Viscosity.

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