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How to edit user access to gateways

If you subscribe to a VPN Business plan and have added dedicated VPN servers to your account, you can use them to set up gateways and IP addresses for your organization.

Once you’ve set up these gateways, you can edit their name, who can access them, which servers are assigned to them, and delete them at any time. 

To edit who can access a gateway:

1. Log in at with your Proton Account username and password.

2. Click on Gateways in the menu on the left. Select the gateway you want. Click the vertical three dots (⋮) → Edit users.

3. To add a user, click the empty checkbox next to that user’s name. To remove a user, click the checked checkbox next to that user’s name. Note that your organization’s main administrator must always have access to your organization’s gateways and cannot be unchecked. Once you’re done, click Save.

You’re done. You’ll now see the new list of users who can access that gateway.

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