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Dedicated IP addresses for business users

Proton VPN offers dedicated IP addresses for businesses. These are static IPs (meaning they don’t change) that your business can use exclusively for as long as you rent them from us.

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What is a dedicated IP address?

When using Proton VPN, your public-facing IP address (the IP address the rest of the world sees) is the IP address of the VPN server you’ve connected to. 

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Using our VPN connection profiles feature, you can routinely connect to a specific server and therefore have some confidence that your public-facing IP address will remain consistent. However, for a variety of reasons, we routinely retire servers and spin up new ones, so we can’t guarantee that a particular server (or a particular IP address) will always be available.

Additionally, many (possibly thousands) of other Proton VPN users also connect to our public VPN servers, meaning you’re sharing your IP address with all of them. 

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A dedicated IP address is an IP address that is usable only by your organization. This means:

  1. The IP address will always be available to your business
  2. You don’t share it with anyone else

You can lease as many dedicated IP addresses from Proton VPN as you like. 

When using a dedicated IP address, it belongs to your company and your company alone. This makes it less private than using a regular Proton VPN server that gives everyone that connects to it the same IP address. 

However, you can switch between your dedicated IP address(es) and our more private regular server IP address as much as you like. 

Benefits of a dedicated IP

There are a number of benefits for businesses to have one or more dedicated IP addresses:

Secure remote access to your business servers

With a dedicated IP address, you can ensure that only authorized staff can access your company servers and resources. Anyone trying to access your servers must be connected to a special Proton VPN server dedicated solely to your business and available only to your organization members.

This is particularly useful if your company employs remote workers, as it allows them to securely access company resources while working from home. 

Emails are less likely to be sent to the spam folder

Because many people use our shared IPs addresses, there’s always the possibility that one of those users will abuse our system to send spam emails. 

When such abuse is detected by email services like Gmail, they often simply blocklist the IP address the spam emails were sent from so that they get sent directly to their users’ spam folders. 

Alternatively, the email service may employ additional checks to ensure that emails from the shared IP are legitimate before allowing them to find their way into users’ inboxes. This can dramatically slow down the delivery of emails.

With a dedicated IP address, you can be sure none of this will happen. Only email belonging to your company will be sent using your dedicated IP address, so there is little danger of it being flagged as suspicious or spam. This means it will be delivered promptly and directly to your partners’ and customers’ inboxes.

Pain-free access to online services

Shared IP addresses that are subject to abuse gain a bad IP reputation. This can make using online services such as banks, AWS, and Github difficult because they will continually serve up CAPTCHAs or use other means to verify your identity. 

How to use a dedicated IP

With a dedicated IP address from Proton VPN, your staff can connect to it from any of our VPN apps. Simply look for your specially-labeled server in the server list, and Connect to it. 

How to request a dedicated IP

If you’re interested in obtaining one or more dedicated IP addresses from Proton VPN, please contact our Sales team, and we’ll get back to you to discuss your requirements and how we can help.

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