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Today, we’re happy to announce the official launch of Proton VPN for Business. Since 2016, Proton has been progressively bringing our privacy and security services to enterprises. Today, over 50,000 organizations around the world trust Proton to secure their business, representing over 10% of Proton’s annual turnover.

Ever since we launched Proton VPN, we’ve received inquiries from businesses. While we haven’t publicized it in the past, we’ve been providing VPN services for business use since 2019. In recent years, the demand for Proton VPN from businesses has increased exponentially,  and today there are thousands of business users, ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies to major governmental and non-governmental organizations. As a result, we’re formally rolling out a Proton VPN for Business offering today. 

What is Proton VPN for Business?

A VPN has long been an essential business security tool, and today, practically all organizations, large and small, use some type of VPN. The shift to remote work and the need for compliance have increased the work of keeping business networks secure. Instead of simply protecting your office network, your team must now figure out how to provide secure access to employees worldwide and segment access to various company resources. No matter how big your organization is, Proton VPN can help give your team fast, easy access to internal resources while keeping attackers and fraudsters out.

While Proton VPN for Business leverages some of the technology in our world-renowned consumer VPN offering, it’s fundamentally a different product with additional capabilities. Proton VPN for Business is designed to support small and large organizations and has the administrative tools required to manage thousands of users and devices across complex businesses.

Protect employees out in the field

Some international organizations have team members in the field, working in countries with hostile internet conditions where resources are routinely blocked and connections actively monitored. In such situations, a VPN becomes an essential personal security tool, enabling secure connectivity to the outside world.

Segment access with private gateways

Proton VPN for Business also provides private gateway capabilities via dedicated servers and IP addresses. Each private gateway is only accessible to specifically authorized members and groups within your organization, making it easy for businesses to limit and segment access. You can limit access to resources based on the gateway, ensuring people can only access the resources they need to do their job. You can choose to have the servers and IP addresses that form your private gateway in any of the over 65 locations that Proton VPN operates in today, providing low latency access from anywhere on the globe.

Private gateways also make it easy to segment and control access to sensitive resources, allowing you to meet the requirements for security certifications such as ISO 27001, SOC2, and more.

No hardware, easy to manage

Unlike existing corporate VPN services, Proton VPN for Business requires no dedicated hardware or installation. We can instantly configure private gateways and other services, and you can rapidly scale your service up or down as needed. Proton VPN for Business is also a fully managed service, so you won’t need in-house experts to manage your corporate VPN. Instead, you benefit from Proton’s highly redundant infrastructure and our experience operating one of the world’s largest VPN services.

More than just a VPN

Proton VPN also provides capabilities that make it more than just a VPN service — it’s an all-around network security tool. For instance, our NetShield Ad-blocker feature blocks malware and helps prevent malicious internet sites from infecting your team’s devices. It can also block ads, trackers, and other categories of unwanted online activity.

Proton VPN applications have built-in protections against man-in-the-middle attacks for operations over hostile networks. Proton VPN apps will proactively warn you if such an attempt is detected and refuse connections to a malicious server.

Proton VPN offers security you can trust – and verify

The VPN you choose for your business will be the front door for your remote, hybrid, and traveling employees. This means you need a VPN whose security you can trust.

 Proton VPN offers several advantages over standard business VPNs:

Open source and publicly audited

Proton was founded by scientists who met at CERN, and we’re guided by the principles of transparency and peer review. As scientists, we don’t accept any claims we can’t verify ourselves, and we wouldn’t expect you to either. That’s why Proton VPN is open source, and our code is open to inspection. Our security claims are more than just claims — they’re facts you can verify for yourself.

We also publish audits conducted by independent security experts for all our services and no-logs policy, giving you access to an independent assessment.

A Swiss-based VPN

Switzerland is home to some of the strongest data privacy laws in the world. As our headquarters is in Geneva, this means your usage of Proton VPN is also subject to these strong legal protections. Switzerland’s foreign policy of neutrality, strong rule of law, and advanced infrastructure means we’ll always be able to provide our service to your organization.

Unparalleled track record in security

As one of the most widely used VPNs in the world, Proton VPN has a long track record of defending against hostile threats. Our high-impact work has been chronicled on the front page of The New York Times, and we also assist high-profile organizations such as Novaya Gazeta (winner of the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize). The UN has also recommended Proton services as a secure way to deliver sensitive information.

Advanced features to help you get your work done

With VPN Accelerator, Stealth protocol, and Alternative Routing, you can be sure that your VPN connection always works fast, no matter where you’re located, and even if the network is hostile.

Get started with Proton VPN for Business

We’re excited to bring a new level of protection and access to businesses of all sizes with our new Proton VPN for Business plans:

  • Proton VPN Essentials — Safely access the internet from anywhere with basic monitoring and organization management.
  • Proton VPN Business — Get all advanced security features, including private gateways with dedicated servers and IPs, easy access segmentation, and more advanced organization management.

As before, we will continue to provide a Proton VPN Enterprise offering, which provides customized solutions to meet the exact needs of your organization. A full comparison, plus the contact details for our enterprise team, can be found on our new Proton VPN for Business pricing page.

In the months and years to come, we look forward to expanding the features and functionality of Proton VPN for Business based on your feedback. To learn more about Proton VPN for Business, you can get in touch with us directly using the form below.

Andy is a founder of Proton, the company behind Proton VPN and Proton Mail. He is a long time advocate of privacy rights and has spoken at TED, SXSW, and the Asian Investigative Journalism Conference about online privacy issues. Previously, Andy was a research scientist at CERN and has a PhD in Particle Physics from Harvard University. You can watch his TED talk online to learn more about our mission.

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