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Support Center / How to set up Vilfo router with ProtonVPN

How to set up Vilfo router with ProtonVPN

There are two approaches of setting up Vilfo router with ProtonVPN:


During the set up of the Vilfo router your will see a VPN provider section. There you will be able to select the VPN provider you want to configure on to your router. Please select ProtonVPN and if you do not find it in the first page, scroll down till you see our logo.

After you selected it, scroll down and click Continue.

On the next page, please enter your OpenVPN credentials which you can find in your account page and click Continue.

After you enter the credentials, you will be prompted with a message which states the configuration has been successful so please click Continue to dashboard.



If you skipped the VPN configuration on the set up page of the Vilfo router, you can go to your dashboard menu and find VPN Providers tab then click on it.

Now on the available providers list, find ProtonVPN and click on Install button.

After clicking install, you will have to enter your ProtonVPN OpenVPN credentials and click Add, that is username and password which you can find on your dashboard of our page. Note: to use our NetShield DNS filtering feature, append the suffix +f1 to your username to block malware, or +f2  to block malware, ads, and trackers (for example 123456789+f2).

After you added the credentials, you should see a screen like this when the ProtonVPN profile is installed.

That is it, the router is ready to be used with a VPN!

How to connect Vilfo router to the ProtonVPN:

The first step is to go on to the Devices list and find all of your connected devices. Now by that group of devices you will find a ProtonVPN name with a selection space, click on that space and you will be able to select the appropriate server for your current subscription plan. When you have selected the server, click on the Connect button on the right side of it.

This is what it will look like when you have successfully connected to the server.

Vilfo has a lot of great features, including split tunneling for different devices.You can create a new group for the devices that are connected to the router and then split them in to those groups.

You can also run few different VPN tunnels at the same time on different device groups!

There is also an in-built killswitch which you can find on the OpenVPN tab and you can also change the protocol preference there from UDP to TCP.

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