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Support Center / Troubleshooting / How do I disconnect the VPN connection?

How do I disconnect the VPN connection?

You can disconnect your VPN connection by following these steps:


Option 1

  • Open the ProtonVPN app
  • Press Disconnect in the currently running connection


Option 2

  • Navigate towards the ProtonVPN icon in the systems tray section.
  • Right click the icon and press Disconnect



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  1. gerald gunia

    is vpn always on ? Or do i have to engage every time in access the Internet?

  2. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello Gerald, Whenever you connect to the VPN server, it will stay on as long as the server is up and there no issues on your network, if you will get disconnected, you will get a notification about it. So to answer your question, no, you don’t have to re-initiate the vpn every time you wish to surf the internet.

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