Proton VPN temporarily locked my account for security reasons

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Proton VPN implements a security system to protect our users’ accounts. If we detect potentially suspicious behavior that may indicate someone is trying to gain unauthorized access to your account then we may temporarily lock your account in order to protect it.

While your account is locked you will not be able to connect to our servers using our VPN software.

To unlock your account, you will be asked to change your password. You may also receive an email from with the subject line: Proton VPN Security – change your password immediately. If you have a Proton Mail account, you will know this email is from us because it will have an Official badge(new window) when it arrives in your inbox.

To regain full access to your account you must change your password. This ensures an attacker cannot access your account or use our VPN service with your account details.

You should take this action as soon as you receive a notification from Proton VPN, or you risk allowing your attacker to change the password and completely lock you out of your account. If this happens then please contact our Customer Support(new window) team as quickly as possible.

How was my account compromised?

Accounts can be compromised in a number of ways:

  • As a result of a phishing attack(new window). You were probably tricked into visiting a fake website that looks like Proton VPN, and entered your password.
  • You reused your Proton VPN password on other websites or services, and the password exposed during a database breach.
  • Your PC or mobile device has been infected by malware (such as a keylogger)

To unlock your account

To unlock your account, you need to change your password.

  1. Login to your Proton VPN account at
  2. Go to AccountPasswordsChange password and choose a strong password(new window).

Account password change

Do not reuse a password you have ever used before, and do not reuse your Proton VPN password on any other accounts.

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