Stream cricket matches from anywhere with privacy and security

No matter where you are in the world, you can stream every cricket match online with Proton VPN, including the ICC World Cup.

  • High-speed connection with no buffering, slowdowns, or throttling
  • Watch matches from anywhere on multiple streaming platforms
  • Keep your online activity private and secure

How to stream cricket using Proton VPN

    Plan your ICC Cricket World Cup live stream

    The International Cricket Council (ICC) World Cup 2023 is one of the biggest sporting events of the year, with 10 of the best men’s teams competing for the four-year crown.

    • The World Cup Qualifier tournaments are scheduled for June 18 through July 9 in Zimbabwe.
    • The opening match of the 2023 ICC World Cup will be in October 2023. The top four teams will advance to the semifinals. Semifinal dates have not been set.
    • The two winners of the semifinals will advance to the final match, scheduled for Nov. 26, 2023.

    Where to watch cricket online

    Here are our recommended cricket streaming platforms for 2023 and how to access them.

    How to stream online

    The many benefits of streaming cricket with a VPN

    A virtual private network (VPN) is a service that allows you to hide your real location from websites while encrypting your internet traffic. There are many benefits of using a VPN generally, but a VPN is particularly useful for streaming cricket online.

    Access blocked content

    Many websites block access to their content for people in other countries. That means if you’re traveling, you can use a VPN to access the content you would normally get at home.

    Avoid bandwidth throttling

    Streaming a cricket match uses a lot of bandwidth. If the network gets busy, your ISP may reduce the amount of data you use. By encrypting your web activity, it’s harder for your ISP to restrict your bandwidth.

    Stay private on public WiFi

    If you plan to stream cricket on public WiFi, you may want to protect your activity from network administrators. When you connect to a VPN, network administrators can’t see what websites you visit.

    Why use Proton VPN to stream cricket?

    Proton VPN has provided our community with fast and reliable access to thousands of sporting events. We believe everyone should have access to privacy online, no matter what.

    High-speed server network

    Proton VPN Plus servers are lightning fast, offering at least 10 Gbps on several servers around the world. Additionally, our VPN Accelerator can boost your VPN connection speeds by up to 400%.

    Servers in countries where cricket is streaming

    As noted above, the 2023 ICC World Cup will be streaming online around the world. No matter where you happen to be, you can use Proton VPN to access the streaming services you normally use. Simply log in to your account, and watch cricket online.

    Unlimited bandwidth

    Even if your ISP imposes bandwidth limits, you can avoid them with Proton VPN. We don’t have any artificial speed restrictions on your internet connection, and you get unlimited bandwidth on every Proton VPN plan.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    *Proton VPN is a VPN service not intended to be used as a means of copyright circumvention. Please read the Proton VPN Terms of Service and the Terms of Use on your chosen streaming platform for more details.