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Posted on May 30th, 2019 by in Articles & News.

protonvpn servers poll 2019


Our last server poll was such a success that we are holding another! This is your chance to decide where we should place our new VPN servers.

It has been almost a year since we held our last server poll, in which nearly 13,000 of you told us which countries to install Proton VPN servers in. Since then, we have added hundreds of servers in over a dozen countries — and a new native app for iOS! Our rapid expansion over the past year was necessary to keep up with our growing user base, and we have quickly installed servers in all of your top-choice countries. So, once again, we need your help to decide where we should install our next servers and which countries to prioritize.

Vote in the Proton VPN server poll

Just like last time, you have one vote to select the country you think should be our highest priority. We have excluded any countries where we already have a server (to see a complete listing of our servers, click here) or where we feel it would not be possible to provide a secure server (to see the steps we take to protect Proton VPN servers in high-risk countries, click here). The poll will be active for at least two weeks, so you have plenty of time to decide. And please share this poll with your friends. Everyone is eligible to participate.

Select a country:



Once the poll is closed, we will tally the votes and post an update with the results. Then we will begin installing new servers in the countries you chose.

Thank you all for your continued support of Proton VPN. Our paid members allow us to fight for an Internet that is secure, private, and free.

Best Regards,
The Proton VPN Team

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Prior to joining Proton, Richie spent several years working on tech solutions in the developing world. He joined the Proton team to advance the rights of online privacy and freedom.


  1. name

    please add Belarus to the list of countries. we really need it!

  2. Douglas Crawford

    Hi name. Remember that you can always connect to our servers in Estonia, Latvia, or Lithuania (or anywhere else in Europe) for a fast connection from Belarus.

  3. Matthew

    There is no columbia in android

  4. Ben Wolford

    Hi Matthew, we apologize for the inconvenience. We’re aware of this issue and a bug fix is being prepared.

  5. Xames

    Andorra please!

  6. Richie Koch

    Hi Xames,
    The ProtonVPN 2020 server poll just opened up. Andorra isn’t a listed option, but you can select “Other” and write in Andorra. Just follow this link:

  7. Marie

    Philippines please! It would be really good if we can access Protonvpn here :)

  8. Richie Koch

    Hi Marie,
    You’re in luck! The 2020 ProtonVPN server poll just opened up. You can put in a vote for the Philippines by following this link:

  9. Angga

    I wish next server is Indonesia.
    Thank you Proton Technology.

  10. Richie Koch

    Hello Angga,

    Sama-sama. Indonesia is one of the options on the ProtonVPN 2020 server poll. Follow this link to cast your vote:

  11. Adine Vikash

    Plz add the P2P or any normal vpn server on Tamilnadu.Because am in tamilnadu so you not having the server in tamilnadu. For the decreased i connecting to IN#2 but that server is fast but the latency is high.
    So plz add server in india as in tamilnadu

  12. anon

    Add servers to Albania and Kosovo please. Thank you.

  13. Roxana Zega

    Thanks for your suggestion! We will continue expanding our list of servers.

  14. DaSansBoi

    A South-east Asian country please! Singapore would be good, mos S.E. Asian countries are located around Singapore.

  15. Roxana Zega

    Thank you for the suggestion!

  16. Luis Miraballes

    Hi! Please consider an addition server: maybe you could add servers in Uruguay. A great location would be Montevideo. Plus member here. Thanks!

  17. Richie Koch

    Hi Luis,
    Thanks for the suggestion. Our ultimate goal is to have ProtonVPN servers in every country, so we’ll be coming to Uruguay at some point.

  18. gbv

    please add a vpn server in Hungary; that wuold be great

  19. gkrgrec

    hello !
    for my personal use [and maybe for other users too] a server or 2 should be installed in cyprus [south]
    we already have slow internet connections there and when using protonvpn there get connected to israel or greece – so, better we would have something running in cyprus

    thanks in advance

  20. Prostoy

    Yes, it’s sad that it became very difficult to use your Service in Russia.
    Just a Few Facts. The Windows application in the Free version doesn’t work. Probably already. A month of connection to American Servers gives Maximum Connetion something there.
    When using the Router, problems also started already a week or 2 ago, but I understand that this is partly a business for you.
    But you also understand that in addition to All crooks and Cyber ​​Mosheshenikov, your service is used by ordinary Russian people who have access to the Internet using VPN almost an unambiguous chance to write the truth and at least 50% to be sure that they will not be called tomorrow by the police with a made-up charge.

    You yourself Have seen how they ganged up on your Service Using an explicitly prejudiced pretext.
    Translation accuracy is not guaranteed because Google Translator is used.

  21. Miguel Riverúo

    I would love if Argentina could join the proton team of countries!

  22. levej


  23. Gregory Retzlaff

    Wow, what a list of sterling, highly safe and advanced countries. I’m not sure I could walk down the street in many of them and not worry about crime, safety, or health. Sure they would be a good choice to host my secure computer account . . . .

  24. Flavio Biolcati

    una nave libera di navigare fuori dalle acque territoriali libera di trasmettere…..
    forse ultima frontiera…..

  25. Nemo Nobody

    What about Venezuela?

  26. Andrew

    Queensland Australia needs …
    A ProtonVPN Server please.
    Your existing 2 locations are over 1,000 Kilometres from a major Growing Capital city on the east coast. Brisbane.

    Pleeeze 😀

  27. Richie Koch

    Hi Andrew, thanks for writing in. Australia has 20 servers at the moment, but we hear you! We’ll look into adding more soon. You can see where all our servers are here:

  28. xxx

    If you want somewhere secure, don’t come to Thailand.

  29. Bobby

    Would you be so kind to add Isle of Man server, and maybe some more offshore servers, please.

  30. PerthUser

    Would love to use this in Perth. National bandwidth can be horrible trying to get across to the Eastern States just for a VPN.

  31. Jimmy Falcon

    Please, don’t add servers in highly corrupt nations like the whole eastern Europe (Romania, Ukraine, Serbia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Etc.) !! Mafia rules those nations and politicians are just puppets.

    Also, please don’t add servers in countries where secret services control everything like USA, UK, France, Germany, etc.

    Finally, China and Russia must be a no go zone for any honest tech company.

    Well, anyway, there are a few “common sense” countries left in this dystopian age.

    I would stay in Switzerland, best country by all reasons possible.


  32. Richie Koch

    While you have a point that servers in high-risk countries should be treated with caution, users concerned about their security and privacy can use Secure Core. This way you connect to a server in Switzerland, Sweden, or Iceland (countries with “common sense” data protection laws) before you connect to your server in a place like Russia. Using multi-hop VPN servers like this makes it very difficult for anyone at the end to trace your online activity.
    As a further precaution, we have implemented full-disk encryption on all our servers.
    We hope this puts your mind at ease.

  33. Rod

    Is this blog solely for the use of Proton VPN clients, ie is it accessible by the general public

  34. ProtonVPN Admin

    Hello! Our blog website is available to the public. If you are experiencing any difficulties, please contact us in the following link:

  35. x

    Guys i don’t want to stir up things, but we should also look at countries with low government corruption Argentina things like that

  36. MG

    Greece, the poor relation of Europe, they need jobs.

  37. Sam

    More servers in HK and in S.E.Asia please.

  38. David Romanov

    Panama is a pure tax haven, you cannot find a better jurisdiction.

  39. FloridaVPN

    server in Florida would be great. InterNAP has a major exchange in Miami.

  40. rpolasek

    please add a vpn server in Czech Republic

  41. help

    China needs many servers ,because music movie and many TVshow can’t access to in other countries.Many overseas Chinese need to back to their hometown internet to watch their liked show.
    It can attract many customers.

  42. José Reis

    Why Portugal isn’t in the list?
    Best regards.

  43. Offensive Privacy

    Anywhere but the Fourteen Eyes countries:
    Australia, Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdom, United States of America, Denmark, France, Netherlands, Norway, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden.

  44. Robin

    Why not Sweden?

  45. Leo

    Please give a serious considetation to Botswana, the most democratic and stable African country ( research it to confirm ) on the African continent.

    The need for ProtonVPN and other ProtonX services will soon be critical to business in the continent as Africa has just recently ratified the world’s largest trading block. Members are now mulling adoption of the block’s independent trading currency.

  46. j_olsson

    Why not in Russia?, Then one knowes US and EU not take control. But both Romania (original CyberGoast) and Costa Rica (original Nord VPN ) works.. /J

  47. holodeck

    Would it be possible for a US user to be routed thru Iceland? On your preexisting list, I saw something about US via Switzerland.

  48. Jonathan

    Please consider the Philippines, we have a population of over 100 million, and we’ve been known as the social media capital of the world. Thanks very much!

  49. Richie Koch

    You make a compelling argument! We plan on eventually having VPN servers in every country. Vote for the Philippines in our next server poll and we’ll know to make it a priority!

  50. fred

    Anywhere but the five eyes or their offshoots. So Iceland or Romania.

  51. William

    I purchased the Plus plan and I hope you have servers located in San Francisco, CA which other VPN providers offer. Thank you very much.

  52. Miguel

    Have you considered one in Chile?

  53. Vsees

    I am surprised that Iceland is not on there. they have really good privacy laws. Located between Europe and USA also good for speed.

  54. Richie Koch

    Iceland was not on the list because we already have servers there! You can see where all our servers are here:

  55. Andreas

    I voted for Estonia. More the 88% of the country using Internet. They should have much peerings with well good latency times.

  56. ANOka

    I would like ask a VPN server in Hungary.

  57. Sabí Rom Serra

    No oblideu a Catalunya 7.000.000 de persones

  58. Frosty van Rental

    Romania has very fast internet, it’s the third in the world, and has no bans and no censorship laws, as well as a huge culture of file sharing and peer-to-peer. It’s also in central Europe so a few servers there could serve users from many countries.

  59. Bob

    ROMANIA? I am surprised that you do not have servers in Romania (unless I’m mistaken). It is my understanding that the laws in Romania are very protective of individual privacy and cyber security.

  60. Essivi

    What about Ghana? It would have been great but not offered in the list. Great governance and great security laws.

  61. Russell

    Please consider at least one server in Melbourne Australia. I know Australia already has several servers, thank you, but it’s a huge country and Sydney isn’t exactly close to many users. Keep up the good work. Cheers, Russell.

  62. Dan

    Please add Armenia as they are land locked and located between three very powerful countries that do not respect their freedoms. A vpn link would help them maintain contacts with the West that wants their local rights and efforts towards democracy respected. This type of society only happens where communication is free and open to critical thinking. If nothing else the journalists of Armenia need that link to the outside world without undue surveillence censorship! THANKS for reading….

  63. StarGate

    Why isn’t Switzerland being offered? Surely has some of the best privacy laws in the world.

  64. ProtonVPN Admin

    Hi, we already have servers in Switzerland. You can check our full server list here:

  65. Jon Jones

    Uruguay please, the country with the best governance in South America

  66. Dr. JoeCool

    I chose Greece because it’s a “Slick” country & I love their fresh homemade GYROS when I visit ! ;-P

  67. eva

    Greece 🇬🇷… please..

  68. R.

    Servers in Zimbabwe and Ghana would be great.

  69. Astrid

    Please add Colombia to the list

  70. pupusita

    Argentina would be the next ideal choice as someone else had stated temps are great, labor is cheap and Argentinians are astute enough, just put it somewhere away from the progre’s reach.

  71. YASHIM Bayacham

    There is no doubt of Nigeria’s fast growing population. The country is badly in need of a server just to meet up with government regulation and control of the communication companies. We need independence and security online as there are threats to our online capability as ordinary citizens. The country will also serve as a good platform to reach out to other West African countries in the region and boost proton’s popularity which I am a strong advocate of. Call me an unofficial ambassador if you will. But which ever country eventually wins the vote, you guys are doing an awesome job. Thumbs up!

  72. Raiun

    I agree with several others that adding more servers in Switzerland would make me feel the most secure.
    Thanks for asking :)

  73. RC Cola

    I would have chosen Iceland too…

  74. VH

    Serbia! ♥️

  75. nacho

    Argentina has no servers yet. The closest one is in Brazil an bandwidth from ARG to BRS is (and ever was) slow. Here everything bound to USA/CAN is fast, everything bound to Europe is terrible slow -not to mention the far east. The only exception is Chile -the link is fast. Bottom line: we don’t have any means to securely connect outside and the population is vibrant and the net flourishes everywhere with a great presence of financial services to begin with -follow the money they say :)

  76. rich

    I would pick Chile over Argentina, but Chile is not an option….. Argentina it is!

  77. Jim Franks

    Please add more servers in the United States. I found recently that many servers are now unavailable in the US. That means I have to continually search for new reliable servers. I’d like some servers in Ohio too. Thanks for listening.

    Best to you,

  78. Héctor García Navarro

    I voted Mexico, my country, because it is urgent to open a secure e-mail service because of the Black Mail that works in this country.
    Even, the corruption is tough, very tough here.
    Thanks for your support.

  79. Djambul

    Please add a server in Kazakhstan. The government often blocks social media to control the message and to quell protests.
    Thank you!

  80. Bitoshi

    I chose Argentina, because this country is ready for this, it is a new ” from the ground up” revision of this country as soon as this “new” leadership realizes this is a chance of a lifetime to turn the country CRYPTO!. This VPN base would be a great help, and temperature’s are NOT that hot and steamy ( bad for equipment) and labor is astute and cheap. Argentinians are smart hard working people that are ready to help their country recover in a more private and free way.! I am not Argentinian but i see a big chance for Argentina and this new VPN base to re-build the country in a new and modern way.

  81. Jeffery

    please add servers in Macedonia or Albania.

  82. Poland


  83. Nitr

    Please, Add a VPN server on Argentina! We will support it!

  84. Steph Taylor

    Don’t underestimate the intellectual gifts of Mongolia.
    They are an amazing people.

  85. Catalin Neculau

    Please add servers in Romania.

  86. Danjo

    I believe Switzerland has significant privacy laws.

  87. gabox

    I considered ProtonVPN if I had Argentina on the list server. Here in SA in really necessary. Thank you

  88. didier

    la Hongrie n’est pas dans la liste , pourtant c’est plus sécurisant que les usa

  89. Vivek

    I would have chosen Iceland, but its not on the list!

  90. David T

    More servers in Switzerland or any country that’s not a US puppet state…

  91. Peter

    I am looking to change my VPN provider as I am very dissatisfied, but until you will not have a server in Hungary I cannot switch to ProtonVPN…
    As soon as you will have one I am going to change right away.
    Very good work otherwise through the years. Thank you! Keep on!

  92. JJAskiz


    Can you’s please add a ProtonVPN Server in Skopje, Macedonia?
    Thank you.


  93. ProtonVPN Admin

    Hello! Thank you for your suggestion, it will be passed on to our team. For all the news and updates, please follow us on our social media channels.

  94. Jose

    I voted for Argentina. Please, more servers in South America. Thank you for your effort! Regards.

  95. Mark

    Australia Please

  96. Imrah

    I voted for Estonia because I’ve read recently that they’re a small but extraordinarily computer-literate nation. I see someone voted for Perth, Western Australia earlier. That’s where I am right now, in WA. I’ve noticed over the last year how Australia has turned into a censorship nanny-state, with sites like musicpleer and no doubt many others being blocked since last October, unless you use Tor. I would guess that the latest Australia censorship would mean it wise to locate a VPN server anywhere BUT Australia. Australia is not the free country it used to be.

  97. The Southern Rus’

    (Respect to Nikola Tesla.)

  98. Brandon Wagner

    I chose Argentina because I didn’t have an option for South Texas, but while we have a sparse population, they are greatly expanding the Port of Corpus Christi, it’s refineries, and there are plans for a Spaceport to the SW.

  99. Thomas

    Costa Rica is already listed.

  100. G

    Germany is very slow. Here we need new servers.

  101. Nelida

    Portugal, please

  102. Josephine

    Why is there no option for Hungary? Last time Hungary was on the list.

  103. Daniel

    Turkey would be very good country to have a couple of servers in.

  104. Snow

    Hi, please consider adding server in Miami, Florida, would be great to cover Caribbean countries with high level of regimen censorship like Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua.

  105. Natu

    Argentina please!!! 🙃🙏🏻

  106. Roy Carlson

    VPN in Uruguay is my vote, but I do not see it listed. Thanks for your good work.

  107. Keystone Shawn

    Hi, I voted for Costa Rica but my first choice would have been either Hungary or Czech Republic. That said, I’m okay with anywhere but Israel or any of their puppet states like the USA.

  108. Ivan


  109. Baranya Megye

    Personally,I would prefer Hungary to Bulgaria or Romania.Just personal preference.

  110. hasan

    Turkey, because of web bans.

  111. David

    Id suggest Macedonia.

  112. anonymous

    I chose Taiwan because Hong Kong’s relationship with China has started to worry recently. I can’t predict whether Hong Kong will be included in GFW in the future or not.Double VPN is safe but GFW will affect network connectivity and user experience.

  113. anonymous

    I chose Taiwan because the relationship between Hong Kong and China has started to worry recently. I cannot predict whether Hong Kong will be included in the Great Firewall or not in the future .

  114. John


  115. Magali

    hi , have you considered being in New Caledonia ? we have to plug in Australia or New Zealand which is about 2500 3000 km far from us ! thanks

  116. NB

    SE Asia is underrepresented

  117. Martin

    Indonesia please…. there are large number of internet users here. pop 250 million.

  118. Douglas Northrup

    I believe a server in Costa Rica would be a wise decision.

  119. L

    Hey Guys, Aussie servers, and more in South Pacific please inc NZ. I also think the secure core should be available on basic plan too.

  120. Zhivago

    I voted for Mexico. So many poor people and the country needs technological advancements. Also, the government is corrupt with the drug cartels so having secure communications would really help people out.

  121. Philippe

    Could you increase the Switzerland Servers., Because they seem more anonymous capabilities and dont belong to the 132 countries listening to Our communications !
    Best regards
    Philippe 😎

  122. Ross

    Would definitely recommend the United States. Northern Ohio would be a great location.

  123. Allen

    Please add Antarctica?

  124. Christina

    Greece, please!

  125. MHC

    Costa Rica would be nice: it is outside of Europe and its electricity is 100% green

  126. Henk

    Mexico por favor,
    You have none in Latin America, so all our communication still goes by USA.
    What is the same as saying public, even you have encryption and whatever.
    So please, you have Uruguay or Mexico as independent countries out of blocs of the west or the east

  127. Miguel

    Mexico por favor! 🙏

  128. Anonymous

    I think it would be great if you could increase the servers in Australia and Singapore, they always seem to be at 100% capacity.

  129. ProtonVPN Admin

    Hello! Thank you for your suggestion, it will be passed on to our team. Actually, we just replaced eight servers in Australia with 4 new Basic plan servers and 4 new Plus plan servers. These new VPN servers have 3 times the bandwidth as the old ones, meaning more reliable service for our users. You can check our full server list here:

  130. OgoDaveson

    Weldon guys. We really appreciate your positive effort so far. God bless you all, for the freedom you’re giving to mankind.
    But, may I humbly notify you to please put Nigeria into consideration?
    This will really go a long way in helping us here…
    And peradventure I can be of any use/help, pls don’t hesitate to lemme know.
    Thank you.
    Best Regard

  131. ProtonVPN Admin

    Yes, we will definitely consider adding servers in Nigeria in further developments. For all the news and updates, please follow us on our social media channels.

  132. Fred

    Another server in north dakota for indian reservations in dakotas


    I really need a server in Colombia. I am activist there but the server is messing.

  134. Noel R Board

    As I live in Canada, a server here would put us on the map!

  135. William

    What about Canada?

  136. WZ

    Please consider a Proton VPN server in Taiwan. Taiwan deserves attention since it’s a democratic country that follows the rule of law and is threatened by a dominating state with a historical record of human rights atrocities.

  137. stephan

    I vote for Slovakia because it is in the EU with respective legal protection

  138. Yes

    Hong Kong would be nice

  139. Jaime Gracia

    Please consider Croatia.

  140. ProtonVPN Admin

    Hi, Jaime! We will definitely consider adding servers in Croatia in the future. Thank you for your suggestion!

  141. Clinton

    Australia… Or is that live now?
    Waiting for my NotdVPN to expire and then I’ll buy ProtonVPN.

  142. ProtonVPN Admin

    Hello! We do have VPN servers in Austalia. You can check our full server list in the following link:

  143. Indy

    India please!

  144. Nate

    It would be good to get a couple of VPN servers in Perth, Western Australia. This would give better coverage of Australia. The Indigo Fibre Subsea cable that links Sydney, Perth and Singapore at 36Tbps has recently been turned on. Get a piece of that pipe!

  145. martha

    Please consider adding Chile … more stable economy / infrastructure than most countries in South America.

  146. David

    Texas is in great need of servers. There are times when all are overloaded.

  147. George

    I would love some greek servers. VPN server choice in Greece are either bad or not existent. It would definitely fill a void.

  148. Tom

    Please show us some love for Slovakia! :)

  149. Ellen Petzold

    Hello busy staff! I would vote fir China! They deserve secured lines and it’s good for us as participants . Ellen

  150. Woody

    Can you post one in the USA and in Israel? Salut, wm

  151. John

    Servers are needed in the Philippines as the Real Estate market and new property development is booming here

  152. David C.

    Whatever the country, WireGuard and IKEv2, please!

  153. Miguel Salas

    Some more servers in the USA would be appreciated.

  154. Thales

    Hi, BRAZIL definitely is in need of a server.

  155. Romeo


    Please look Bahamas and Jamaica ,)

  156. TJ

    I live in a country where government tightly controls and censors all forms of media and a VPN is the only way to get real news on alternative health and overseas events. I have use three of the best paid VPN providers and have consistently had by far the best results from servers located in Romania.

  157. Ahab

    Serbia seems good option for EU people who want nearby server outside of EU, yer are reservered toward Russia.

  158. Dimitri Dhuyvetter

    Thanks for adding one in South Africa already, another one in Africa would be nice!

  159. Annalisa Gianferrari

    Hi to everybody,
    I would be very happy if you could locate new servers particularly in Vatican State and Cayman Islands.
    Thanks in advance

  160. Carlos Sousa

    Please consider adding a server in Angola.
    Thank You

  161. John

    Hi & Thanks for your products.
    I was many times in Ukraine and recognized despite all political instability but due to the Ukrainians who are in need of a powerful VPN, it will be a great idea to install a VPN in Ukraine.

  162. andrew

    Moldova (abusively separated from Romania brothers) is controlled by Russia that is against privacy and has vast and deep cyber capabilities.
    It should be avoided!

  163. Maurizio

    Hi Guys a server in Hungary would not hurt us we offer your mail services to many Hungarian companies looking for a reliable and secure server.

  164. Jim Johnson

    You guys are amazing. I am glad I can now afford to purchase protonmail and will soon be buying protonVPN once my PIA sub runs out.

  165. Les

    Hi Guys, it would be nice to have a server in Australia. We ara very much neglected with choices in this regard. Cheers. Les

  166. Bela

    How about Hungary? Hungary was on the list last time, how come it isn’t now?

  167. Banana

    Many thanks for conducting this poll again, that is a great way to understand the requests of the whole ProtonVPN community.
    I have appreciated very much the growing number of vpn servers around the world. Keep up the great work. Be encouraged.

  168. Viveesh Krishnan

    Anywhere in Europe where the government value user privacy the most! Switzerland for instance.

  169. boe

    There is a huge market for apps that can connect while in China. Think about it.

  170. Proton user

    Server in eastern Canada, perhaps?

  171. chris

    Hi ProtonVPN Team,
    Since Hungary is no longer a properly democratic country (even though it is an EU member) it might be worth considering. I noticed you have received (EU) Horizon 2020 support, which I think is great.

  172. Plus User

    I’ll second more in the U.S.– specifically, so many of today’s servers, especially NY, NJ, TX it seems, are blacklisted by some sites. Please address the blacklisting issues so I can actually browse all sites while connected!

  173. Bubba

    Please add servers that’ll block advertising sites (which occasionally serve malware), and known malware sites. A user can switch servers if this proves problematic for a particular application/page.

  174. Mark

    Romania please.

  175. Alphonse

    You should add more servers in south america, the only option at the moment is Brazil, maybe you can consider adding some in Argentina, Chile or Peru?

  176. Laci

    A server in Hungary would be nice!

  177. Rick

    Please consider Brazil

  178. Gavrilo

    A good location is Serbia, land of freedom and rebellion!
    Appriciate your work guys, much love for protonmail <3

  179. Kelly Cornaire

    I voted and wanted to add that you a great bunch of devs and a great company. Love your momentum. Please don’t stop improving.

  180. Riley

    Please consider adding more servers in the Northeast of the United States. The one’s there now are usually being maxed out or become maxed out which makes it difficult for those of us who need a fast, but stable connection that doesn’t randomly receive high pings.

  181. Taylor

    Definitely Canada,they are always full and missing cities(Calgary or Edmonton,Montreal,) and South East Asia( Malaysia,Indonesia,Philippine,Thailand,Taiwan)

  182. Mike Darnell

    I think that Iceland with it’s secure privacy legislation would be an obvious choice. I wish you all success regardless of the place you decide to locate your servers.
    Kind regards,
    Mike Darnell

  183. tfr

    Thailand would be really hhelpful for me, thnx!

  184. ICCS

    Hey Good People,
    Phishing, tracking and privacy invasions are killing our liberty in Kenya! Please help us have a server in this region. Thank you.

  185. wlf

    Serbia would be nice!

  186. Marton Nagy

    Hi Guys,
    Hungary would be nice…it’s not a the list though :(

  187. Samia

    Please add servers in UAE

  188. Mume

    Bosnia and Serbia are almost perfect for VPN.

  189. Jayan Kurian Varghese

    Recommend to add more servers in India as most of the times existing servers are over utalised.

  190. Gev

    Maybe Belarus?

  191. Gerardo

    Hi. I really appreciate your good and hard work. Pronton VPN is the best service of its kind that I’ve ever tried. But Mexico already came up in the top 10 of your last poll. Why not just install the mexican servers? Why did you skipped Mexico?

  192. Pavel

    a server in Slovakia would be greatly appreciated.

  193. Shadow Hedgehog

    Hello !… here i voted to select servers on cyprus ! :) … but i would like to know if maybe you could do server based on andorra ?? but also you could do other waiters from canada but on cities of québec and new-brunswick ??
    thank you so much

  194. Shadow

    Hello protonvpn team for you that I did a survey to have new servers on one of the countries that I had you located so (Cyprus) I’m glad that my message you had received on mastodon was read ! at way you listened to you customer who is satisfied with your vpn.
    but i would like to know if you could do some servers that locate in andorra because it is a country that we do not hear much is possible ?? ….. also i would like you to still do servers on canada but to quebec (montreal) and also new brunswick ??

    thank you a team protonvpn given a response very quickly ….


  195. Guney

    I would like a stable, fast and secure VPN I could use in Turkey. For that reason, I’ve voted for Greece which is nearby and is more progressive on freedom & privacy.

  196. Maaike

    Why is Panama not listed as a potential country?

  197. Proton users

    I am very proud of your company that is committed to freedom and protection on the internet, I very often focus on testing security applications that are currently available, always keeping up with cyber security, collecting applications and conducting tests, following user reviews,
    (Even though I am only an application collector and my own application testing, I still study user reviews, although I have not seen the sophisticated equipment that companies have, I continue to study through reviews and articles and then draw conclusions about which company is feasible to trusted).
    Right now I am very proud of what proton technology created, until in the end I always direct the people closest to me to use and invite to continue to help develop both ProtonVPN and Protonmail. May the Almighty God protect and assist the work of all founders and creators of ProtonVPN and ProtonMail.

    My deepest wish is that a VPN server will be built in my beloved country, Indonesia, because according to a survey Indonesia is the second largest country in the world VPN users.

    thank you for the beloved Proton Technology.

  198. Eduardo

    Hi, we need servers in southamerica

  199. Pablo García

    Have you considered to install new servers in the Canary Islands (Spain)?. There are already servers in Spain, but those islands are a little far away from mainland servers in Madrid and several submarine cables connect these islands with Europe, Africa and South America, so it could be a good idea mainly for many countries in the west coast of Africa.

  200. Simon

    We really need a server location in a middle east area like UAE.

  201. zangif

    more servers in Canada, East canada, Montreal city want a servers

  202. Gabe

    Why is Hungary missing from the list?

  203. Gabe

    Why is Hungary missing from the list???

  204. Dariush

    Hi guys,
    one server in Serbia would be nice. Thank you for this poll!


  205. Andrew


    Maybe you could add servers in Moldova.


  206. ProtonVPN Admin

    Hi, Andrew! We will definitely consider adding servers in Moldova, thank you for your suggestion!

  207. Isa

    I want Finland and/or Iceland, not some sellouts like Mexico, Lithuania, or Turkey.

  208. ProtonVPN Admin

    Hello! Actually, we do have VPN servers in Finland and Iceland. You can check our full server list in the following link:

  209. zhengbosi

    Chinese citizens really need a stable vpn, no matter how the Chinese government to block, there are always many things in the world we need to know it

  210. ProtonVPN Admin

    Hello, for China you might need to use an alternative connection method. Please write us an e-mail at or submit a ticket in the following link: for further instructions and our support team will assist you accordingly.

  211. Nasir Ahmad

    We badly need a server in Bangladesh

  212. Joseph Roth

    Also please consider an addition server or two in Virginia USA other than Manassas (Northern Virginia). A great location would be in or near Richmond Virginia.

  213. ProtonVPN Admin

    Hi, Joseph! We will consider adding more servers in Virginia in further development, thank you for your suggestion!

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