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Posted on September 21st, 2018 by in Service Updates.


As more and more people have begun protecting their online privacy, we have had to add 24 new servers in France, Canada, Singapore and the US. This increase coincides with the addition of new exit nodes to our Secure Core network. These new servers and nodes mean our users should see reduced latency. They also increase the capacity of Secure Core and our overall VPN infrastructure to handle the growing traffic.

As part of our effort to optimize our service, we have also continued running constant performance tests and listening to community feedback. We have come to the conclusion that to improve our users’ online experience we need to replace 24 of our servers in the US with a new and better provider. These new servers will be strategically spaced around the US to further reduce latency.

This means that, in total, there are 48 new or improved servers coming online!

For Plus and Visionary users:


FR#9 Paris | P2P allowed
FR#10 Paris | P2P allowed
FR#11 Paris | P2P allowed
FR#12 Paris | P2P allowed


CA#9 Toronto | P2P allowed
CA#10 Toronto | P2P allowed
CA#11 Toronto | P2P allowed
CA#12 Toronto | P2P allowed

United States

US-NY#1 New York City | P2P allowed
US-NY#2 New York City | P2P allowed
US-NY#3 New York City | P2P allowed
US-NY#4 New York City | P2P allowed

US-WA#1 Seattle | P2P allowed
US-WA#2 Seattle | P2P allowed
US-WA#3 Seattle | P2P allowed
US-WA#4 Seattle | P2P allowed
US-WA#5 Seattle | P2P allowed
US-WA#6 Seattle | P2P allowed
US-WA#7 Seattle | P2P allowed
US-WA#8 Seattle | P2P allowed

US-IL#9 Chicago | P2P allowed
US-IL#10 Chicago | P2P allowed
US-IL#11 Chicago | P2P allowed
US-IL#12 Chicago | P2P allowed

US-CA#9 Los Angeles | P2P allowed
US-CA#10 Los Angeles | P2P allowed
US-CA#11 Los Angeles | P2P allowed
US-CA#12 Los Angeles | P2P allowed

US-CO#9 Denver | P2P allowed
US-CO#10 Denver | P2P allowed
US-CO#11 Denver | P2P allowed
US-CO#12 Denver | P2P allowed
US-CO#13 Denver | P2P allowed
US-CO#14 Denver | P2P allowed
US-CO#15 Denver | P2P allowed
US-CO#16 Denver | P2P allowed


SG#10 Singapore | P2P allowed
SG#11 Singapore | P2P allowed
SG#12 Singapore | P2P allowed

For Basic Users:

United States

US-IL#105 Chicago
US-IL#106 Chicago
US-IL#107 Chicago
US-IL#108 Chicago

US-CA#113 Los Angeles
US-CA#114 Los Angeles
US-CA#115 Los Angeles
US-CA#116 Los Angeles


SG#9 Singapore | P2P allowed

New Secure Core exit nodes

Switzerland – US
Iceland – US
Sweden – France
Iceland – Canada
Switzerland – Canada

Retired Servers
US-IL #105-108
US-CA #109-112
US-IL #1-4
US-CA #5-8
US-CO #1-8

These servers will begin appearing as options in your Proton VPN starting today.

Anyone that has created a profile using one of the retired servers will see that that profile has been deleted.

We hope all our users enjoy the new servers. For everyone considering taking the first step to securing their online activity, join us! There is plenty of room.

Best Regards,
The Proton VPN Team

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Prior to joining Proton, Richie spent several years working on tech solutions in the developing world. He joined the Proton team to advance the rights of online privacy and freedom.


  1. Floyd Swanson

    Has the implementation of p2p servers occurred in Canada and the US yet, and if not, when? I ask because I use p2p and I am located in N.A. This is the only reason I have not yet subscribed.
    Thank you,

  2. Richie

    Hello! You can do P2P traffic on most of the Canada and US servers already. Of course, for the best P2P traffic experience, we recommend to look for the servers that have the two-arrow icon next to them. This icon indicates that this server has been optimized for P2P file sharing.

  3. Will

    The constant improvements are always welcomed.
    I’m looking forward to the iOS App if it’s possible with Apples restrictions and policies.

  4. Richie

    Hey Will! The iOS app is coming out very soon! Follow us on social media to find out all the news first!

  5. Erotavlas

    Please, consider to add the support to wireguard protocol

  6. Richie

    Hello! Wireguard is still an unfinished project and currently it is not suitable for mass use. However, our team is following the project and will consider its implementation when it will have a more suitable application for multiple users.

  7. Russian

    We need some servers in russia, ukrain and moldova. Thanks a lot.

  8. Richie

    Hello! We will consider adding servers there in the future, thank you for suggestion!

  9. Johnni

    Please add secure core Iceland > Finland or Iceland > Switzerland or Iceland > Sweden
    Secure core server to secure core server.
    Also can you guys add a VPN killswitch like IVPN?
    Also OBFSProxy support for all servers would be awesome.

  10. Augustinas

    We are steadily increasing the number of available exit nodes for Secure Core servers, you should see more available options in our native apps. All of our applications (soon including Android) does have a network killswitch. Regarding OBFSProxy – all of our apps excluding Windows use IKEv2 protocol, which unfortunately does not have such functionality, so we are still exploring our options in this field.

  11. Joseph

    Hey I have been using your ProtonVPN for about 3 days now and I want say that it is awesome. Keep up the great work Proton Team! Where else do you guys plan on adding more servers if any?

  12. Richie

    Hey Joseph! We are very grateful for your support and kind words – it means a lot to us!
    We lately add servers our new servers to the TOP countries selected by our users in our last community poll:

  13. Kate

    you should add wireguard, i know it is quite an effort but your service is rather expensive one and with rising doubts over openvpn complexity and backdoors such as alternative technology becomes necessity. Residential ip addresses would be also nice.

  14. Richie

    Hello! Wireguard is still an unfinished project and currently it is not suitable for mass use. However, our team is following the project and will consider its implementation when it will have a more suitable application for multiple users.

  15. Charlie

    I’m curious how the ‘Fastest’ profile works. If I am in New York City, should I expect the ‘fastest’ profile to select a server in New York City (and not, say, Virginia)? If it doesn’t, should I consider manually selecting one of the New York City servers?
    Also, it’s great that your servers are grouped by country but in the U.S. you have servers named by city/state but not grouped that way. It’d be cool if I could make a profile specifying “california” or “los angeles” and have the profile pick ‘random’ or ‘fastest’ from that set, but the UI doesn’t seem to offer a way to do that.

  16. Richie

    Hey Charlie! The “Fastest” profile establish the fastest and most stable VPN connection depending on your location, distance to nearest server and server load.

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