We’re expanding our VPN network to help during COVID-19 lockdowns

Posted on April 2nd, 2020 by in Service Updates.

Illustration of new VPN servers during COVID-19


The coronavirus pandemic has dramatically changed how society interacts. Travel has ground to a halt, working from home has become the norm, and large parts of the global population are practicing “social distancing” and remaining in their homes. 

However, just because we must remain separated from each other to “flatten the curve” does not mean we are isolated. There have been numerous instances of people around the world finding creative ways to overcome the distance between us and deliver the support and friendship we all need in these stressful times. 

This pandemic has also proved that the Internet is still effective at bringing people together. During this time of widespread lockdowns, we’ve relied on the Internet more than ever. Video chat services and social media are seeing all-time highs in traffic. We know how much of a difference just being able to speak with and see our loved ones can make. 

We also know that sometimes, when you need to relax and decompress, there’s nothing better than watching your favorite show. In fact, so many people have been comforting themselves with Netflix that the streaming service had to reduce its streaming quality to avoid breaking the Internet. 

That is why we are working diligently to continue expanding our network. Since the pandemic began, we have added 53 new servers. 

Here is a list of all the new servers so far

3 Basic plan servers, 5 Plus plan servers 

3 Basic plan servers, 5 Plus plan servers 

3 Basic plan servers, 5 Plus plan servers 

3 Basic plan servers, 5 Plus plan servers 

3 Basic plan servers, 5 Plus plan servers 

1 Free plan server

We have also added new Secure Core capacity in:

  • Austria
  • Bulgaria
  • Denmark
  • Estonia
  • Germany
  • Japan
  • Latvia
  • Moldova
  • Netherlands
  • Romania
  • Slovakia
  • US

See where all our VPN servers are located.

These new servers increase our capacity to reach more people and improve service for our current users. Whether you are going online to video chat with family or stream geo-blocked videos — or access other content — we will be here to provide you with an Internet connection that protects your security, privacy, and freedom. 

Adding new servers is just one of the efforts we are undertaking to support the global community in these extraordinary times. Check back to our blog and follow our social media channels for more updates.

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Prior to joining Proton, Richie spent several years working on tech solutions in the developing world. He joined the Proton team to advance the rights of online privacy and freedom.


  1. Nick

    Recently started using Basic VPN plan & Plus email.
    Looking forward to the Drive feature, good to see you are all about security & privacy.
    Well done team!

  2. Ibrahim

    Hi, any chance for having a Standard server in Bosnia-Herzegovina?
    I appreciate the service and I would be happy to use it more if I could connect to the server inside my country.

  3. HMAN

    Your articles is excellent, i love your services and education they offer to learn and understand about privacy.

  4. dim

    Thank you for the Canada. It was very very helpful

  5. Mitch Narins

    ProtonVPN unusably slow today. Servers around the word showing red or yellow. Even the “fastest” connections yields unacceptably slow renderings. Have reset the app, restarted my Mac, and tried just aboujt everything else. No joy. Please advise when your servers will be back in business.

  6. michele

    Thank you Thank you Thank you
    I need more space for my files , could you look into that ? please
    Again thank you

  7. Newbie

    How do i use the vpn? is it as simple as just download the app and then continue to use google chrome or any other browser.. or is there a special browser that needs to be used to take advantage of the VPN connection? thx.

  8. Roxana Zega


    To install ProtonVPN, please follow these steps. Our support articles should clarify other questions you might have about using ProtonVPN.


  9. Janez

    Is there any reasonable reason that you can’t / won’t / shouldn’t have a server in Slovenia?
    Thank you for your service!
    Have a good day,

  10. Roxana Zega

    Hi Janez,

    We are always installing new servers and there’s no reason why Slovenia shouldn’t be on this list.


  11. Mr

    HI, does secure core encrypt the traffic twice like a multi hop vpn?

  12. Roxana Zega


    Secure Core passes user traffic through multiple servers. When you connect to a server in a high-risk jurisdiction, your traffic will first go through our Secure Core servers. Read more about it here.


  13. VP

    I’ve seen a significant improvement in speeds on the NY and FL Plus servers hosted at M247 (NY16-20, FL 12-16) compared to about a week ago. Keep up the great work and would be great to get more details in another blog post!

  14. Simone

    ProtonDrive is already a project

  15. HaveANiceDayDude

    Hi, I have a question about secure core does it encrypt the vpn traffic twice? like a multi hop vpn does.
    Great work keep it up

  16. Roxana Zega


    Secure Core passes user traffic through multiple servers. When you connect to a server in a high-risk jurisdiction, your traffic will first go through our Secure Core servers. Read more about it here.


  17. McGroarty

    It will be interesting to see how slowly government relinquishes some of the powers they’ve been granted in order to deal with the pandemic. Once the lockdowns are over, we may find that we need ProtonVPN more than ever.

  18. Deep

    Keep up the good work and thanks so much indeed.

  19. Roxana Zega

    Thank you!

  20. Mr Love

    Forget about the premium quality of your services, articles like these is what made me love Proton Tech. You truly educate the public and care about privacy for real. One in a million kind of company. <3
    I honestly hope, as privacy awarness becomes more and more popular, that you one day you will have a cloud storage service aswell. ProtonCloud sounds nice :)

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