Lithuania joins the Proton VPN network with eight new servers

Posted on November 12th, 2019 by in Service Updates.

ProtonVPN has eight new servers in Lithuania.


Lithuania is the 42nd country, and the last member of the Baltic states, to have its own Proton VPN servers. No matter where you are in Baltic region, you can securely and privately browse the Internet with a local IP address. 

We installed eight new VPN servers in a data center in Siauliai. They are available to users on one of our paid plans. Each new server we install increases our capacity for new users and improves service for our current users.

LT#1-3 are available on our Basic plan.
LT#4-8 are available on our Plus and Visionary plans.

Why servers in Lithuania are important

Lithuania takes cybersecurity seriously. Every year, its National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) releases a report on the state of IT security in the country. It covers what attacks were most common and what Lithuanians can do to mitigate their vulnerability. According to their 2018 report, the NCSC investigated 53,183 IT security incidents last year. The report also shows there was an increase in social engineering attacks, which are attacks like phishing and luring users to fake websites.

One of the pieces of advice the NCSC report gives to thwart these attacks is to make sure your Internet session is encrypted. These new Proton VPN servers will allow Lithuanians to send their Internet traffic through an encrypted VPN tunnel while still letting them browse the Internet with a Lithuanian IP address. This encryption will prevent their Internet service provider, the administrator of your local WiFi hotspot, and any other attackers from monitoring your online activity.

To be even more secure, Proton VPN Plus or Visionary users can activate our Secure Core feature. First, Secure Core routes your Internet traffic through a hardened server before sending it on to an exit server in your desired country. These hardened servers are controlled and owned by Proton VPN, making it less likely that an attacker could access them. By routing your traffic through two servers, Secure Core offers you protection from advanced network attacks.

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Our mission is to make online security and privacy accessible to all. Thank you for your support. Keep an eye out for new developments on our social media pages below.

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Prior to joining Proton, Richie spent several years working on tech solutions in the developing world. He joined the Proton team to advance the rights of online privacy and freedom.


  1. IIB

    Works a bit slow than, for example, Latvia.

  2. JB

    PIA VPN has recently posted in their blog that the Brazilian government asked their Brazilian datacenter to keep logs of the VPN and they had to shut down that server.

    The post linked to a recent law in Brazil that forces VPNs to keep logs, but I see that ProtonVPN has servers in Brazil, could you comment on this? Is it true that they can force you to keep logs, I don´t understand why they ask PIA datacenter to log and not to ProtonVPN datacenter.

  3. Richie Koch

    Hi JB,
    As of Nov. 25, 2019, we have not received any requests from Brazilian authorities. However, if we did get a request that violated our values, such as requiring us to keep logs like in your example, we would shut down our VPN servers in that country rather than comply. We discuss it in this article here:
    Thanks for the good question.

  4. Sanityvoid

    With the new servers is the speed also increased?

    ExpressVPN is king of speed and while I like protonVPN I can’t justify the move until speed picks up.

  5. jens

    HELLO ,and thank you for the good news!
    I regularly try and pass on the merits of using Protonmail and its VPN service to
    many people, some later look up Protonmail site , and some don’t.
    Unfortunately for those people that don’t take online security and view Protonmail it is their
    ignorance, and only when experience of a hack or security breach well it is too late.
    In my case just experiencing ‘data mining ’ unwanted ads ,the deceptive conduct of gmail
    I researched for long (time) and detail and found Protonmail. Later I was hacked and went to next
    level on using Protonmail VPN service . Grateful for Protonmail professional ,secure Service.

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