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How to unsubscribe from Apple’s TestFlight notification emails (ProtonVPN)

If you’re using TestFlight to help us beta test Proton VPN on iOS, you can control how the app contacts you about updates.

To switch off push or email notifications:

1. Open the TestFlight app.

2. Tap Proton VPN (not the OPEN button), or whichever app you’re testing.

3. Tap NotificationsPush, Email.

Shows button to switch on and off push and email notifications in TestFlight for Proton VPN.

4. Toggle the Push Notifications and/or Email Notifications switches on or off.

If you’d like to stop beta testing altogether, scroll down to the bottom and tap Stop Testing.

Shows button to stop using TestFlight to beta test Proton VPN.

That will remove you from our beta testers list, and you’ll no longer receive any new builds or notifications.

You can always sign up again if you want to receive beta builds of Proton apps in the future.

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