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Allowing sessionStorage

ProtonVPN uses the latest in web technologies to secure your data, and requires sessionStorage. This article will explain what sessionStorage is and address common issues.

What is sessionStorage?

sessionStorage is a new web technology that lets you store website information securely on your device. We use sessionStorage to store your authentication token which is used to decrypt your account information.

I got an error saying I don’t have sessionStorage. How do I get it?

First, see if your browser supports sessionStorage, a list of supported browsers can be found here.

For All Browsers: 

Please ensure Cookies are Enabled.

1. Firefox

  • Type in about:config in the address bar and hit enter.

  • Click on the I’ll be careful, I promise button.

  • To Enable DOM Storage, just scroll down and double click on the entry to change the “value” from false to true

2. Internet Explorer

  • Click on Tools and Internet Options.


  •  Click on the Advanced tab, then scroll down to the Security section under Settings.


  • Check the Enable DOM Storage box and click on OK.


3. Chrome

  • Open Options

  • Select the “Under the Hood” tab and click on “Content settings”


  • Select “Cookies” and set “Block sites from setting any data”

4. Safari

    • Please disable private browsing mode and use regular browsing mode.

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