8 common types of cyberattacks and how to prevent them

July 28th, 2023 in Privacy basics

Hackers are always looking for ways to break through the security systems that defend your devices and data from criminals. From web browsers to operating systems to chat apps, any piece of software is a potential target. It’s a constant game of cat and mouse, with developers releasing patches whenever security researchers discover a new […]

What is I2P and how does it work?

June 30th, 2023 in Privacy basics

The Invisible Internet Project (I2P) is an open-source, decentralized anonymizing network built on similar principles to Tor. Unlike Tor, which was primarily designed to allow anonymous browsing of the regular internet (but can also be used as a dark web), I2P is primarily designed to browse the dark web (but can also be used to […]

What is a VPN?

June 26th, 2023 in Privacy basics

An almost daily drumbeat of data breaches and online privacy violations has fueled public interest in VPN services such as Proton VPN. This article explains what VPNs are, what they do, and whether you need one. Its sister article, How does a VPN work?, provides a more detailed and technical overview of how a VPN […]

What is F-Droid and should you use it?

June 23rd, 2023 in Privacy basics

F-Droid is an app store for Android that features only free and open-source software (FOSS). This makes it a welcome alternative to the privacy-invading Google Play Store. In this article, we look at what F-Droid is, why you might want to use it, and how to use it. We also examine some concerns about F-Droid.  […]

What are cookies and how are they used?

June 15th, 2023 in Privacy basics

Internet cookies, often called website cookies, computer cookies, or just cookies, are small text files that websites store on your computer or device when you visit them. These files contain data that websites use to remember and track information about your browsing activity. In this article, we look at what cookies are and how they […]

What is geoblocking, and how does it work?

May 19th, 2023 in Privacy basics

Geoblocking is the practice of restricting or blocking internet content based on your geographic location. This usually means restricting content based on which country you are in, and is most commonly associated with media streaming services such as Netflix. In this article, we discuss why streaming services geoblock content and how they do it.  Why […]

How to share a VPN connection from Windows or Linux

May 12th, 2023 in Privacy basics

Not all internet-capable devices can run VPN apps or have VPN functionality built in. This includes game consoles, including Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch, as well as many smart TV sets.  The easiest way to secure such devices using a VPN is to connect them to the internet via a VPN router. Learn more about […]

What is DNS?

May 5th, 2023 in Privacy basics

In this article, we discuss DNS — what it is, how it works, and how it impacts online privacy and censorship. All devices that connect directly to the internet are identified by a numerical label known as an IP address. To help make things easier for us humans, this address can also be identified using […]

What is a VPN tunnel and how does it work?

April 26th, 2023 in Privacy basics

Privacy advocates often refer to an “encrypted tunnel” or “VPN tunnel” that protects your data when you use a VPN. But what exactly is a VPN tunnel? The term “tunnel” is a metaphor. Apart from the fiber optic cables tying the internet together, your data isn’t really traveling through a tunnel. But VPNs do protect […]

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