ProtonVPN has eight servers in Serbia.

Serbia is the 40th country to join the Proton VPN network

We installed new servers in Serbia. You can now browse the Internet with a Serbian IP address, and users in the Balkans have another option to keep their online activity private and secure.  

We installed eight new VPN servers in data centers in Belgrade. They are available to users on one of our paid plans(new window). Each new server we install increases our capacity for new users and improves service for our current users.

RS#1-3 are available on our Basic plan.
RS#4-8 are available on our Plus and Visionary plans.

Why servers in Serbia are useful

Serbia has made moves to strengthen its cybersecurity laws in the wake of increasing online fraud. Between 2016 and 2017, there was a 15 percent increase in online crime in Serbia(new window). Some of the most common types of crime included unauthorized access to computers and credit card fraud. Proton VPN adds a protective layer of encryption to your browsing, making it difficult for attackers to monitor your online activity(new window) and steal sensitive data.

No matter where you are in the world, you can connect to one of our servers in Serbia and be able to browse the Internet with a Serbian IP address in safety.

Proton VPN Plus or Visionary users can add another layer of protection by using our Secure Core feature. With Secure Core(new window), your traffic is first routed through hardened servers that are owned by Proton VPN. Your traffic is then forwarded to an exit server in the country of your choice. By routing your traffic through two VPN servers, you make it even more difficult for attackers to trace your traffic back to your true IP address. 

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Proton VPN is a community-supported VPN service developed by the same team that created Proton Mail, a pioneer in encrypted email(new window). Our mission is to make a private, secure Internet available to everyone. We currently have servers available in 40 countries and counting. To join for free and start protecting your online activity, click the signup button below. Or if you already have an account and want to support our mission with a paid plan, click upgrade.

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Thank you for your support. Keep an eye out for new developments on our social media pages below.

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