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Proton is privacy

We believe your online data belongs to you, not tech companies, governments, or hackers. ProtonVPN puts you first.

Image: Yemi Babington-Ashaye,
President, United People Global
Proton user

Security through transparency

Founded by scientists, we believe in research, peer review, and transparency. All our apps are open source and audited so that anyone can use them, improve them, and trust them.

Image: Dr. Jan Veverka, PhD
Database Engineer, ProtonMail
Meet our team
Image: Jan Veverka,
Database Lead, Proton

Defending core values

We put people before profits. Freedom, privacy, and security are deeply held beliefs that we will defend at any cost, including through direct support to activists and journalists.

Image: Nathan Law,
Pro-democracy Hong Kong activist
Proton user

Get the new Proton Drive Beta

A trusted place to store your files safely and encrypted on the cloud.

Trusted and recommended by industry leaders

ProtonVPN is a reliable, rock-solid VPN service that puts security and privacy first.

ProtonVPN has staked its reputation as a privacy-focused company.

I like that ProtonVPN comes from the brains behind the super-secure, encrypted email network ProtonMail.

Why use ProtonVPN?

No logs
No ads

Highest speed

50+ countries
6 continents

5 VPN connections

Access blocked content

P2P filesharing

Secure Core

Open Source

TOR over VPN

Professional support

What our users are saying about us

Prof Marc Tennant
Robert Spigler

The best by far is @ProtonVPN. Incredible team - has a history of challenging governments, educating and public, fighting for privacy online contributing to FOSS. Best tech specs - OpenVPN, AES-256, 2048-bit RSA, and HMAC with SHA256 only.

Prof Marc Tennant

Thank you so much ProtonVPN for supporting #HumanRights and freedom! I'll definitely switch to your VPN!

Prof Marc Tennant

I did standard and extended DNS leak tests on @ProtonVPN and guess what, NO LEAKS! Proton is the real deal and should be trusted by everyone I tested there vpn in many different ways and it always stayed true. Good stuff dev's no longer scared of Starbucks public wifi.

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30-day money-back guarantee

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