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        Convenient, secure, and fast.
        Get a VPN that does it all.


        Watch your favorite shows, movies, and sports events buffering-free when traveling away from home. Proton VPN supports many popular streaming services around the world.

        Mask your IP

        Proton VPN hides your real IP address, preventing the easiest and most accurate way for websites to track you online.

        Unblocking content

        Bypass government censorship and other content restrictions. Simply connect to one of our VPN servers located in a country that doesn’t censor the internet.


        Our VPN protocols use proven open source encryption standards such as AES-256 and ChaCha20 at their strongest settings.


        Our network of high-speed VPN servers offers connections up to 10 Gbps.

        Netshield Ad-blocker

        Block ads, trackers, and malicious scripts with NetShield Ad-blocker, our DNS filtering feature that prevents connections to unwanted domains.

        Easy to use

        Simply open our app on any of your devices and tap the Quick Connect button to connect to the best server for your location.

        Up to 10 devices

        Use Proton VPN on up to 10 devices or browsers (via our browser extension) at the same time.

        Swiss privacy

        Switzerland has some of the strongest privacy laws in the world, is outside the EU, and isn't a member of any mass surveillance alliances.

        Why choose Proton VPN?

        Your VPN provider can see all the websites you visit, so it's very important to choose a VPN that's trustworthy and secure. Here’s how we compare to other providers:

        <p>Proton VPN</p><p>Proton VPN</p><p>Express VPN</p><p>Express VPN</p><p>CyberGhost</p><p>CyberGhost</p><p>NordVPN</p><p>NordVPN</p><p>Surfshark</p><p>Surfshark</p>

        Audited, open-source VPN

        Published no-logs audit



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        Proton AG



        Nord Security

        Nord Security

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