Stay secure online with a Swiss-based VPN service

Connect to Proton VPN to get access to your favorite streaming services, bypass censorship, and stay secure while browsing the internet with a Swiss IP address.

  • Defeat censorship and circumvent regional blocks
  • High-speed servers for fast connections
  • Created by a group of former CERN scientists

Why use Proton VPN in Switzerland?

The internet should be free and accessible to everyone. By using Proton VPN, you can unblock the internet by connecting to our fast, reliable, and secure servers in Switzerland.

Get a Swiss IP address

Browse the internet as though you are in Switzerland no matter where you are by connecting to one of our secure Swiss VPN servers.

Stay safe online

Hide your online activity from trackers, including any files you share or download using BitTorrent, with our secure, encrypted VPN tunnel.

Stream from anywhere

Watch Swiss TV shows and movies on popular streaming sites like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video without interruptions, buffering, or network throttling.

Bypass censorship

Our alternative routing feature makes Proton VPN resistant to censorship attempts, allowing you to bypass local internet blocks and access censored content.

Use on any device

Use Proton VPN’s native apps on your phone, tablet, laptop, and TV, to stay private everywhere, on every device.

Keep your browsing private

We follow a strict no-logs policy, which means we do not record any information about your online activity or other identifying metadata.

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Get a Swiss IP address in seconds

Proton VPN’s global network of high-speed 10 Gbps servers guarantees a safe, private, and fast connection to the internet. We have eight servers in Switzerland, making it easy to watch unlimited entertainment, defeat government censorship, and stay secure. Proton VPN gives you access to over 6,200 servers in over 100 countries.

Connect to Swiss VPN servers in three easy steps

    More reasons to connect to Proton VPN servers in Switzerland

    High-speed streaming

    Use Proton VPN to access Swiss content with unlimited bandwidth. Our high-speed servers are engineered for stability so you can watch Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney+ in HD without buffering.

    A trustworthy and transparent VPN

    Proton VPN was created by scientists who met at CERN, the birthplace of the World Wide Web. We are experts in privacy and security, and we built Proton Mail, the world’s largest encrypted email provider. Our mission is to make the internet a more secure and private place.

    Open source and independently audited

    As former CERN scientists(new window), transparency and peer review are core values to our team. As a result, we’ve made all our apps open source so that anyone can view our code. This lets us leverage the entire IT security community to find and resolve potential vulnerabilities faster. We also have independent security professionals conduct regular audits on our apps and publish the results on our website.

    Comprehensive VPN security

    Proton VPN offers advanced security features to prevent online attackers from being able to monitor your online activity. Using our Secure Core feature, you can route your traffic through hardened VPN servers in countries with strong data protection laws before connecting to a second VPN server. This protects your online activity from advanced network attacks.

    Privacy-first VPN protection

    Proton VPN is private by design. We implement a strict no-logs policy, meaning we do not log any information about your online activity or other metadata, so we have no data to share with anyone. You are able to choose whether you share your data and who you keep it private from.

    What others say about Proton VPN

    "It places an enormous emphasis on security and user privacy, and has an excellent client that's very easy to use."
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    "Proton VPN's base speeds sent it blazing past most of our roster of tested services"
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    "Regardless of which plan you choose, you’re backed by an impressive security and privacy"
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