Secure Core VPN safeguards your data

Proton VPN’s Secure Core network gives your data an additional layer of security and defends you against advanced attacks.

  • Protect yourself from advanced network attacks
  • Remain secure behind two layers of encryption
  • Connect to our most secure VPN servers

How Secure Core defends your data

We installed our Secure Core servers and continue to operate them ourselves to eliminate any chance that they could be tampered with, and all Secure Core VPN servers are located in countries with strong data privacy laws. Proton VPN’s Secure Core routes your traffic through these hardened servers before connecting you to a second VPN server.

With Secure Core, if the other VPN server is somehow compromised, your online traffic and IP address remain safe.

Global server network

Route your traffic through our Secure Core servers in privacy-friendly countries — Switzerland, Iceland, or Sweden — to any of our VPN servers in dozens of countries around the world.

Full-disk encryption

All Proton VPN Secure Core servers have full-disk encryption, which secures all the software and certificates in an exit server. So even if an attacker somehow got physical access to a server, they still would not be able to access its encryption keys.

High-security data centers

Our Secure Core servers are owned and operated by Proton VPN and are stored in high-security data centers that follow strict security protocols. This level of security reduces the risk that anyone could have tampered with or compromised these servers.

A secure and reliable VPN

Always-on VPN

Proton VPN’s always-on VPN feature automatically establishes a connection between your device and the server, ensuring you remain protected at all times.

Kill switch

If your connection to one of our VPN servers is interrupted, the kill switch automatically blocks all connections to your device, so your IP address is never exposed to the network outside the secure VPN tunnel.

DNS and IPv6 leak protection

Proton VPN guards against two common issues: DNS and IPv6 leaks. Your DNS queries are always resolved on our DNS servers, and we convert all IPv6 traffic into a protocol that won’t expose your device’s IP address.

Protect your security and privacy with Proton VPN

Secure VPN protocols

Proton VPN only uses VPN protocols that are known to be secure, like OpenVPN, IKEv2, and WireGuard, to encrypt your data.

No-logs VPN

Proton VPN does not store any of your online activity or keep metadata logs, which means we have nothing to share.

Tor over VPN

Proton VPN is fully compatible with the Tor network. When connected to our VPN, you can route your online traffic securely and access your favorite onion sites.


Journalists, activists, and millions of people worldwide use Proton VPN to bypass government censorship and stay safe.

Audited by independent experts

All of our apps have undergone rigorous audits by independent security experts to ensure the quality of our code. You can find these reports on our website.

NetShield Ad-blocker

The NetShield Ad-blocker prevents ads, trackers, and malware from slowing down your browsing speed.

Use on any device

You can use Proton VPN on multiple devices and platforms, such as Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, Chromebook, Android TV, Linux, and more.

No ads. Ever.

There are no privacy-invading ads or online trackers in our apps or on our website, and there never will be.

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Get Proton VPN and route your traffic through Secure Core

  • High-security data centers
  • Double VPN for extra security
  • Full-disk encryption on all servers
  • Perfect forward secrecy
  • Servers in over 100 countries

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