Boost VPN speeds by up to 400% with VPN Accelerator

Proton VPN’s unique VPN Accelerator gives you a stable, reliable VPN connection and the best possible VPN speeds

  • Browse the internet up to 400% faster
  • Enjoy a more stable, reliable VPN connection
  • Boost your VPN speed automatically on all devices

Fastest possible VPN connection

Boosting speed everywhere

VPN Accelerator is built into all Proton VPN apps. You'll automatically get the fastest speeds possible wherever you are, no matter what VPN server you connect to. You can expect speeds that are up to 400% faster, especially over less reliable internet connections.

Beating CPU limitations

Proton VPN has re-engineered OpenVPN to properly distribute the CPU load between multiple processes. That greatly reduces the possibility of a single thread becoming overloaded. We apply similar techniques for all VPN protocols that we support.

Reducing latency and network congestion

VPN Accelerator splits the path between the VPN server and the destination into shorter paths. That gives a higher combined performance over the entire path. It also uses an advanced network TCP flow control algorithm called BBR(new window) to reduce latency and bypass congestion on the internet.

Learn more about how VPN Accelerator works

Improving packet forwarding

We use several advanced techniques to increase the efficiency of packet delivery on our networks. These include redesigning the VPN protocols to reduce inefficiencies in their code, modifying the Linux stack on our servers to shorten the normal packet-processing path, and using bare-metal servers.

Secure your internet with a trusted VPN

Truly private VPN

Proton VPN is private by default. We don't ask for any personally identifiable information when you sign up. And we have a strict no-logs policy, so we have no data to share with third parties. You choose who you share your data with.

Open-source VPN

All Proton VPN apps are open source and independently audited. That means anyone can check our apps are secure. See what experts say about our apps in the Proton VPN security audit reports.

VPN for freedom worldwide

Proton VPN was created by the team behind Proton Mail, the world’s largest encrypted email service. We exist only to serve our community. That’s why we’ve donated over half a million dollars to causes that advance freedom on the internet.

A secure and high-speed VPN

Fast streaming

Watch your favorite TV shows and movies on popular streaming sites like Netflix and Hulu without delays, buffering, or network throttling.

High-speed servers

Our high-speed servers support connection speeds up to 10 Gbps, allowing you to stream, browse, and share files fast.

NetShield Ad-blocker

NetShield uses DNS filtering to block ads, malware, and online trackers, leading to faster browsing speeds.

Secure VPN protocols

Our apps use the secure OpenVPN, IKEv2, and WireGuard VPN protocols at their strongest encryption settings.


Proton VPN is the VPN of choice for journalists, activists, and millions worldwide.

Kill switch

Our kill switch protects your IP address by immediately blocking all connections if your VPN connection is disrupted.

Full-disk encryption

All Proton VPN servers are protected by full-disk encryption, ensuring no one can access their encryption keys.

Global server network

We have over 6,200 VPN servers in more than 100 countries, so you can always access geographically restricted content.

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Get a secure, fast VPN

  • No logs of your online activity
  • No speed or bandwidth limits
  • Open source and independently audited
  • Protected by Swiss privacy laws
  • Trusted by journalists and activists worldwide

Get more with Proton VPN Plus

Upgrade to Proton VPN Plus for even faster speeds, advanced security features, and access to our exclusive Plus servers.

Global server network

We have over 6,200 VPN servers in more than 100 countries, so you can always access geographically restricted content.

Worldwide streaming

Watch your favorite TV shows on HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video, or other popular streaming services anywhere in the world.

10 Gbps servers

Connect to our exclusive Plus servers for the fastest VPN speeds.

NetShield Ad-blocker

Keep your device secure by blocking malware, ads, and trackers before they can even be loaded.

BitTorrent support

Use BitTorrent to quickly and easily share files without compromising your privacy.

Secure Core VPN

Send your traffic through multiple VPN servers to protect against advanced network attacks.

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