Easily connect to Tor through your VPN

Easily access the anonymous Tor network with a single click to bypass censorship and protect your privacy.

  • Access hidden services and onion sites
  • Use your regular browser to access the Tor network
  • Protect your personal data while browsing

One-click access to the Tor network

With Proton VPN, you don’t necessarily need a Tor browser to access hidden services. Use your regular browser to connect to the Tor network using your Proton VPN Plus account.

Proton VPN Tor servers

Our server network includes nodes that reroute your internet traffic through the Tor network. Proton VPN has Tor servers in several countries. The servers that connect to the Tor network include “TOR” in their label.

Access hidden services

Connecting to one of our Tor servers enables you to access hidden services and onion sites. For example, you can connect to Proton’s onion site at https://protonmailrmez3lotccipshtkleegetolb73fuirgj7r4o4vfu7ozyd.onion(new window) for extra privacy.

Tor for every device

You can use your Proton VPN app to connect to the Tor network on virtually any device without needing to download any other apps. Simply connect to one of our Tor servers with a single tap.

A safe and private VPN for everyone

Private sign-up

The best way for us to protect your personal data is to hold as little of it as possible. We don’t ask you for any identifying information when you sign up to Proton VPN — just an email address.

Secure Core VPN

Our VPN service has the unique ability to defend against network-based attacks by routing your traffic through multiple servers in our Secure Core network. This protects your traffic from being monitored at the exit server.

Strong VPN protocols

We only use OpenVPN, IKEv2, and WireGuard VPN protocols, which are known to be secure. (We do not use the less secure PPTP and L2TP protocols.) By using Proton VPN, you can be sure that your VPN tunnel is protected by the most reliable protocols.

Get a full-featured, secure VPN

No-logs VPN

We do not save any activity logs, and we cannot be forced to perform targeted logging, so you can be sure your browsing history will stay private.

Open source

We believe in transparency and peer review and have made all of our apps open source — so anyone can examine our code.

DNS leak protection

You can protect your DNS queries by routing them through an encrypted tunnel, and we never rely on third-party DNS providers.

VPN Accelerator

VPN Accelerator is a unique set of technologies that work on all our VPN protocols and can increase speeds by over 400%.

NetShield Ad-blocker

Proton VPN’s NetShield Ad-blocker prevents online trackers and other malware from infecting your device.

Worldwide streaming

You can use Proton VPN to access your favorite TV shows on streaming platforms like Netflix or Hulu no matter where you are.

High-speed servers

To ensure you receive optimal performance from Proton VPN, we only use high-speed servers, with connections up to 10 Gbps.

Easy to use

Proton VPN’s advanced security features come in easy-to-use apps for virtually every device, with convenient features like our one-click Quick Connect button.

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Get a VPN for Tor

  • Advanced encryption
  • Bypass censorship
  • Private sign-up
  • Strict no-logs policy
  • Based in Switzerland

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