Free VPN for Linux

Get Proton VPN for Linux — a free, open-source VPN with no limits and no privacy-invading ads

  • Unlimited free VPN
  • Private by design
  • Open source and independently audited
  • Easy-to-use app with graphical interface
  • Based in Switzerland with no-logs privacy policy

How to connect to Proton VPN on Linux

    Safe unlimited VPN for Linux

    Proton VPN is a free and unlimited VPN for Linux from the team that created Proton Mail, the world’s most popular encrypted email service.

    Strict no-logs VPN

    Based in Switzerland, Proton VPN has a strict no-logs policy. We keep no record of what you do online, so we have no data to share with third parties.

    Defeat censorship

    Proton VPN lets you bypass firewalls and other government restrictions. Our alternative routing(new window) helps you beat advanced internet blocks.

    Open-source VPN app

    Proton VPN is open source and independently audited. Anyone can check the code for our Linux app on GitHub(new window).

    An open-source Linux VPN you can trust

    • Free forever with no ads
    • No speed or bandwidth limits
    • Swiss-based with a strict no-logs policy
    • Code available on GitHub

    Stay safe online with Proton VPN for Linux


    Intuitive graphical user interface with a one-click Quick Connect button. Easy to install from DEB or RPM packages, built-in package managers, or using a CLI.

    Popular distro support

    The Proton VPN app officially supports Debian, Ubuntu, and Fedora. It should work on many other distributions (especially Debian and Ubuntu-based ones), but we can't guarantee support for these .

    Strong encryption

    Proton VPN for Linux utilizes the strongest OpenVPN encryption settings.

    Kill switch

    Our kill switch blocks your internet connection if your VPN connection is disrupted, keeping your IP address secure.

    DNS leak protection

    Proton VPN routes your DNS queries through the VPN tunnel, so your internet service provider cannot monitor your online activity.

    Strict no-logs policy

    Proton VPN keeps no logs that might compromise your privacy, so we cannot share your browsing history with any third parties.

    Trusted VPN

    Journalists, activists, and ordinary citizens worldwide trust Proton VPN to stay safe and defeat censorship.

    Swiss VPN

    Proton VPN is based in Switzerland, so your data is protected by its strong data privacy laws.


    Get a free, unlimited Linux VPN

    • Strictly no-logs VPN
    • Free forever with no ads or speed limits
    • Easy-to-use Linux app
    • Open source and independently audited

    Get more with Proton VPN Plus

    Proton VPN Plus gives you access to even faster speeds, advanced security features, and exclusive Plus VPN servers.

    Global network

    Choose from over 6,200 servers in over 100 countries

    Worldwide streaming

    Watch your favorite content on popular streaming services anywhere in the world

    10 Gbps servers

    Connect to our high-speed 10 Gbps servers on up to 10 devices at once

    NetShield Ad-blocker

    Stop malware, ads, and trackers from slowing down your browsing

    BitTorrent support

    Use BitTorrent without compromising your privacy

    Secure Core VPN

    Send your traffic through multiple VPN servers to protect against advanced network attacks