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How to watch UEFA Euro 2024

Every four years, the entire continent of Europe turns its eyes to see who will be crowned as the continent’s champion of football (or soccer for the Americans). 

This is the 17th edition of the UEFA European Football Championship, in which 24 national teams are going to see who can take the title from Italy, the defending champions. The main contenders include France(new window), Portugal(new window), and England(new window) — but you can never count out Germany(new window), who will have a home field advantage as the hosts. 

We explain how you can catch every game, every shootout, and every goal.

When does the UEFA tournament start?

The first match of the UEFA tournament between Scotland and Germany kicks off on June 14 at 9 PM CET in Munich. There will be at least two games a day throughout the group stage, with the final games beginning at 9 PM CET on June 26. 

The tournament final will be held in Berlin on July 14 at 9 PM CET. 

See the whole UEFA Euro 2024 schedule(new window)

How to watch UEFA Euro 2024 on TV

The UEFA championship is one of the world’s premier football tournaments, arguably only eclipsed by the World Cup. It will be shown around the world and by nearly every national broadcaster in Europe. 

AustriaORF(new window) and ServusTV(new window)
FranceTF1(new window) and M6(new window)
GermanyARD(new window), RTL(new window), and ZDF(new window)
IndiaSonyLiv(new window)
ItalyRai(new window)
NorwayNRK(new window)
SpainRTVE(new window)
SwitzerlandRTS/SRF/RSI(new window)
UKBBC(new window) and ITV(new window)
USAFox Sports(new window), FuboTV(new window), and Univision (new window)(Spanish-language coverage)

Didn’t see your country? Check this list of official UEFA Euro 2024 broadcasters(new window) to see where you can watch your favorite team. 

How to stream the UEFA tournament online

You can also watch the entire European championship online, even if you’re on a trip. 

We list several streaming services that work with Proton VPN that you can use to watch the local coverage of your home team. This way, no matter where you are, you can keep up with all the discussions back home about your team and its performance.

With a Proton VPN Plus plan, you can access all the streaming platforms we list below and more. You’ll also get access to advanced privacy features, including Secure Core(new window), which lets you connect to multiple VPN servers and add an extra layer of protection to your connection. 

Please note that not all streaming services discussed in the article are licensed to show all UEFA Euro 2024 games. Please check each service’s website for full details on which games they’ll cover.

How to live stream the Euros for FREE in Austria

The UEFA tournament will be split between Austrian broadcasters — ORF, the national broadcaster, and ServusTV, which is run by Red Bull’s media wing. This means you can stream all the games on ServusTV(new window) and the ORF-TV(new window) app. Austrians pay for ORF with TV licenses, but anyone in Austria can use ORF-TV without an account. ServusTV makes content freely available to anyone, but to watch live sports, you must have an Austrian IP address.

How to connect to ORF-TV with Proton VPN

How to connect to ServusTV with Proton VPN

How to live stream the Euros for FREE in France

If you’re in France, you can watch the Euros on TF1(new window), the country’s most popular domestic network, and M6(new window). TF1 offers streaming for free (although you will need to create an account using a French postcode) while M6’s streaming service, M6+/6play, has both free and paid accounts.

How to connect to TF1 with Proton VPN

How to connect to 6play with Proton VPN

How to live stream the Euros for FREE in Germany

In addition to being able to easily attend the tournament, Germans are fortunate enough to have a broad choice of broadcasters. Its two public service television broadcasters, ARD(new window) and ZDF(new window), and RTL (and its streaming platform RTL+(new window)) will all be carrying tournament games.

You don’t need an account to connect to stream ARD or ZDF’s content, but you will need a premium subscription to use RTL+.

How to connect to RTL+ with Proton VPN

Learn how to connect to ZDF with Proton VPN(new window)

How to live stream the Euros in India

While the time difference can make viewing tricky, the Euros are being broadcast in India on SonyLiv(new window). You will need to make an account using an Indian phone number and sign up for a paid plan to access live sports.

Learn how to connect to SonyLiv with Proton VPN

How to live stream the Euros for FREE in Italy

In Italy, the entire Euro tournament will be streamable on RaiPlay(new window). While you need to create an account to access RaiPlay, there is no subscription fee.

Learn how to connect to RaiPlay with Proton VPN

How to live stream the Euros for FREE in Norway

If you’re in Norway, you can use NRK(new window) to stream the entire Euro tournament. NRK is free to use, and you don’t need an account to stream sports. However, if you want to access your viewing history or save favorites, you’ll need to create an account, which requires you to prove you have residence in Norway.

Learn how to connect to NRK with Proton VPN

How to live stream the Euros for FREE in Spain

The Euros will be available in Spain on its state-owned public channel RTVE and its streaming service RTVE Play(new window). While it offers a paid subscription, RTVE Play also makes a large amount of content available with its free plan.

How to live stream the Euros for FREE in Switzerland

Most of the Proton team will be watching the Euros on the Swiss independent public service broadcaster RTS/SRF/RSI(new window) (it has channels in French, German, Italian, and Swiss). The content is available for free without an account as long as you have a Swiss IP address.

How to connect to RTS/SRF/RSI with Proton VPN

How to live stream the Euros in the USA

The beautiful game continues to gain popularity in the USA. More people than ever are tuning in to watch European leagues, which has led to increased interest in the UEFA Euro championship.

People in the US have two options to stream the tournament: Fox Sports and FuboTV. 

If you use YouTubeTV(new window) to access cable channels, you’ll be able to use it to access Fox Sports and the tournament. It gives you access to all of traditional cable, so it’s a pricier alternative, especially if you’re just subscribing to watch the UEFA tournament. Prices start at $72.99 per month ($57.99 with a discount for the first three months).

Learn how to connect to YouTubeTV with Proton VPN

You can also watch the entire UEFA tournament on FuboTV(new window), which also carries Fox Sports. FuboTV has similarly become an alternative cable provider and is an expensive option for those used to streaming platform prices. Prices start at $79.99 per month, but it does offer free trials with some of its plans.

How to connect to FuboTV with Proton VPN

How to live stream the Euros in the UK

UK viewers can catch all the Olympics on the BBC iPlayer(new window) streaming service. BBC is paid for with TV licenses, and you’ll need a valid UK TV licence(new window) to access iPlayer. 

How to connect to BBC iPlayer with Proton VPN

How to listen to UEFA Euro 2024 on radio

Old-school fans can listen to all the tournament’s action on live radio. In the UK, just tune into BBC Radio 5 Live(new window). If you’re in Germany, you can listen to the games on  Deutschlandfunk(new window) and ARD radio stations(new window).

Watch the UEFA Euro 2024 with Proton VPN

Whether you’re rooting for your nation’s team or just tuning in to watch some of the world’s best football, Proton VPN  can help you make sure you don’t miss a single minute. 

You can use Proton VPN to access your local coverage if you’re traveling. All you have to do is connect to a server in your home country and you’ll be able to access the internet as though you’re back home, letting you listen to your favorite announcers as you watch your team. 

Proton VPN also helps you prevent throttling. Some internet service providers ISP throttle your connection when they detect high-bandwidth activities like streaming. Proton VPN hides what you’re doing online, which means your ISP can’t target your connection for throttling.

This European tournament promises to be full of nail-biting, down-to-the-wire action. Choose Proton VPN to make sure you catch it all. 

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