Paris Olympics

The 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris begins this July. While you’ve likely already missed your chance to get a ticket and witness the best athletes from around the world in person, there are plenty of ways to enjoy the games from the comfort of your home. 

We explain how you can live stream(new window) every single triple somersault, sprint finish, or perfect dive.

When do the Olympics begin?

The opening ceremony for the 2024 Summer Olympics will be held on July 26 (exact beginning and end times to be announced) and will feature a parade of boats down the Seine River. 

The closing ceremony will be held in the Stade de France on August 11 (exact beginning and end times to be announced).

Full schedule of Olympic events(new window)

Note that the Olympic schedule is subject to change up to the closing ceremony. Also, the viewing schedule may differ from the event schedule, depending on your streaming platform. 

How to watch the Paris 2024 Olympics on TV

The Olympics is one of the world’s biggest televised events, meaning you should be able to find it on a local channel in your country. 

AustraliaChannel 9(new window)
AustriaORF(new window)
FranceFrance Télévisions(new window)
GermanyARD(new window) and ZDF(new window)
IndiaJioCinema(new window)
ItalyRai(new window)
SpainRTVE(new window)
SwitzerlandRTS/SRF/RSI(new window)
UKBBC(new window)
USANBC(new window) and Telemundo(new window) (Spanish-language coverage)

Didn’t see your country? Check this list of official 2024 Olympic broadcasters(new window) to see where you can watch the summer games. 

How to stream the Paris 2024 Olympics online

You can also stream all your favorite Olympic events online, even if you’re traveling away from home. 

While the events you can watch will depend on your country, anyone can stream the Olympics live at window) for free, offering you a front-row seat to the games without needing to leave your home. 

Below, we list several popular streaming services from all over the globe that work with Proton VPN. This way, even if you’re traveling, you can watch the Olympic games with local coverage like you’re back at home.

With a Proton VPN Plus plan, you can access all the streaming platforms we list below and more. You’ll also get access to advanced privacy features, including NetShield Ad-blocker(new window), which blocks ads, trackers, and malware. 

How to live stream the 2024 Olympics for FREE in Australia

You can stream the Olympics in Australia on Channel 9 and its online streaming service, 9Now(new window). This service is free and available to anyone in Australia. 

Learn how to connect to 9Now with Proton VPN(new window)

How to live stream the 2024 Olympics for FREE in Austria

If you’re in Austria, you can watch the Olympics on its national broadcaster’s streaming app, ORF-TV(new window). While ORF is paid for with TV licenses, you don’t need to sign up for an account to use ORF-TV. 

How to connect to ORF-TV with Proton VPN(new window)

How to live stream the 2024 Olympics for FREE in France

You can stream the Olympics in France on France Télévisions’ streaming service, window), for free, but you will need a French postcode to access the app.

Learn how to connect to with Proton VPN(new window)

How to live stream the 2024 Olympics for FREE in Germany

In Germany, the Olympics coverage will be split between its two public service television broadcasters: ARD(new window) and ZDF(new window).

You don’t need an account to connect to stream ZDF’s content.

Learn how to connect to ZDF with Proton VPN(new window)

How to live stream the Paris 2024 Olympics in India

If you’re in India, you can watch the Olympics on JioCinema(new window). The streaming service promises to have up to 18 direct live feeds, letting you choose which event you want to watch at any given time. Unless you have JioCinema as part of your mobile phone contract, you’ll need to get a paid plan.

Learn how to connect to JioCinema with Proton VPN

How to live stream the 2024 Olympics for FREE in Italy

If you’re in Italy, you can catch all the Olympic action on RaiPlay(new window), the national broadcaster’s streaming service. While you need to create an account to access RaiPlay, there is no subscription fee. 

Learn how to connect to RaiPlay with Proton VPN(new window)

How to live stream the 2024 Olympics for FREE in Spain

The entire Olympics will be broadcast in Spain on its state-owned public channel RTVE and its streaming service RTVE Play(new window). Most content on RTVE is available for free.

How to live stream the 2024 Olympics for FREE in Switzerland

The Proton team will be rooting on the Swiss Olympians while watching the games on the Swiss independent public service broadcaster RTS/SRF/RSI(new window) (it has channels in French, German, Italian, and Swiss). If you’re in Switzerland, you can stream the games for free.

How to connect to RTS/SRF/RSI with Proton VPN

How to live stream the Paris 2024 Olympics in the USA

While the Olympics are available on NBC channels on basic cable and local TV, you’ll have to use a paid streaming service if you want to watch online.

NBC’s streaming service, Peacock(new window), will carry all the Olympic action as well as behind-the-scenes looks at events, but you’ll need a paid plan. Subscriptions start at $4.99 per month for an ad-supported plan.

Learn how to connect to Peacock with Proton VPN(new window)

If you use YouTubeTV(new window) to access cable channels, you’ll be able to use it to access NBC and the summer games. It gives you access to all of traditional cable, so it’s a pricier alternative, especially if you’re just subscribing to watch the Olympics. Prices start at $72.99 per month ($57.99 with a discount for the first three months). 

Learn how to connect to YouTubeTV with Proton VPN(new window)

How to live stream the Paris 2024 Olympics in the UK

UK viewers can catch all the Olympics on the BBC iPlayer(new window) streaming service. BBC is paid for with TV licenses, and you’ll need a valid UK TV license(new window) to access iPlayer. 

How to connect to BBC iPlayer with Proton VPN(new window)

How to listen to the Paris 2024 Olympics on radio

For those of you who prefer radio, BBC Radio 5 Live(new window) will air Olympic events in the UK, bringing you closer to the action through your speakers.

US listeners can tune into iHeartRadio(new window) for live coverage and updates.

What’s special about the 2024 Olympics

The Olympics are always a special occasion, when the entire globe collectively turns its eyes on the world’s best athletes, watching them challenge the limits of human achievement.

This Olympics will be particularly special. Here are six reasons why you don’t want to miss the Paris 2024 Olympics:

  1. Paris catches London as the city that has hosted the Olympics the most, each having hosted the event three times. They’ll soon be joined by Los Angeles, which has hosted the event twice, after it hosts the 2028 Olympics.  
  2. The 2024 Olympics begin on July 26, meaning event coverage begins on July 27. This marks the 100th anniversary of the closing ceremony of the last Olympics held in Paris on July 27, 1924.
  3. Unlike previous games, many 2024 Olympic events will take place in iconic urban locations. For instance, beach volleyball matches will be held in front of the Eiffel Tower, and equestrian events will take place at the Palace of Versailles.
  4. Breaking (breakdancing) and kayak cross will make their Olympic debuts in Paris, adding a unique flavor to the traditional sports lineup. 
  5. Surfing, introduced in the previous Olympics, will hold its events 9,000 miles from Paris on the island of Tahiti in French Polynesia.
  6. Paris 2024 aims to be the most sustainable Olympics yet, with existing or temporary structures making up over 95% of venues. Other sustainability plans include powering the athlete’s village with geothermal and solar energy and doubling the amount of plant-based food served at the events.

Watch the Olympics with Proton VPN

Watching the Paris 2024 Olympics is a fantastic opportunity to witness history in the making, enjoy top-tier athletic performances, and experience the vibrant culture of Paris, all from the comfort of your home. The variety of sports, the unique urban settings, and the debut of new events like breaking ensure there’s something for everyone.

You can use Proton VPN to access your local coverage if you’re traveling. All you have to do is connect to a server in your home country and you’ll be able to access the internet as though you’re back home, bypassing geo-restrictions. This will let you watch your favorite Olympic events on your preferred streaming service without any interruptions. 

On top of giving you access to content you subscribe to, Proton VPN also helps you avoid throttling. Some internet service providers throttle your connection when they detect high-bandwidth activities like streaming. A VPN can hide your online activities, preventing this from happening.

All this and more makes Proton VPN the perfect teammate for anyone trying to watch the Olympics this summer. 

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