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VPN Servers and Country Code

Use the following guide to help you pick the right VPN servers from ProtonVPN’s configuration files when installing it on Mac, Linux, iOS or Android.

Standard VPN Servers

When you download the ProtonVPN configuration files, you will notice the following format for the servers:

Refer to the table at the bottom to identify the country code (XX) for the country you would like to connect to.

NOTE: All of the US servers have their state code in the hostname , for example:

XX – being the state code, for example IL – Illinois , or NJ – New Jersey.

Secure Core servers

You will also notice that the the configuration files have names in the following sequence

These refer to Secure Core connections which reroutes your connection via Secure Core server in YY to the final exit node in country XX for increased security and anonymity.


Code Country
AU Australia
CA Canada
CH Switzerland
DE Germany
ES Spain
FR France
HK Hong Kong
IS Iceland
JP Japan
NL Netherlands
SE Sweden
SG Singapore
UK United Kingdom (Great Britain)
US United States of America






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  1. dave

    do you have any plans to add a server in ireland at some point in the future?

  2. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello Dave. Yes, we do have plans for Ireland and they will be added in September 🙂

  3. kids mesh

    please please please Philippines server

  4. ROB

    Poland serwer please 🙂

  5. Jerry

    New Zealand based VPN servers please?

  6. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello Jerry, thank you for your request, we will forward that to our system administrators to consider adding servers in New Zealand.

  7. rimm

    Привет. Хочу прописать правило в фаервол, чтоб при падении ВПН весь трафик от пк отрубался. Для этого необходимо прописать в правиле исключение по IP от ВПН.
    В конфигурации для Open VPN не нашел эти цифры. Можете подсказать как мне быть ?

  8. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello. When you open the configuration files, the line where it says “remote” for example. That IP address is the one that you are probably seeking for.

  9. Henrik

    Denmark ???

  10. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello Henrik.
    DK. 🙂

  11. Anil

    Since India is not in the current list, Can I use Singapore server and connect to VPN? Do you see any problem in that?

  12. ProtonVPN

    Hello, you are able to use all of the countries and servers according to your plan. You can find a detailed server-list at the following link:

    We will expand our server coverage, and we will consider implementing servers in India. We appreciate your interest!

  13. Hannu

    Any plans of adding Finland to the list of VPN servers?

  14. ProtonVPN

    Hello, we will expand our server-coverage across the globe very soon, but we cannot provide a specific answer regarding Finland. We are still considering the locations and gathering feedback from our users.

  15. Swedewithfinnishwife

    I would like to second that with finnish servers.

    Would really appreciate more countries in general!

    However, as of right now, great work you guys!

  16. Iulian Neagu

    A server for Romania would also be helpful for me. any time schedule for the request system?

  17. Marco

    Please provide a Server in Italy

  18. Auni.ameera

    Does Israel server available ?

  19. Fabio

    Any possibility to add VPN Servers in Italy?

  20. Max

    Can I connect using windows vpn? Do you provide IP/url addresses? Thanks.

  21. ProtonVPN

    the integrated windows vpn client does not work as it does not support OpenVPN

  22. Max

    Thank you for your response. The next question will then be – do you provide an API to your Windows VPN application? I want to be able to connect/disconnect programmatically to different VPN Servers. Thank you in advance.

  23. ProtonVPN

    currently, we do not provide this. However down the line we will eventually open source the windows app which then may include this possibility

  24. Bobby P

    Has this been tested in China? I enjoy protonmail, but as an American in China I know not all VPNs have the same efficacy operating around the Great Firewall.

  25. joe

    For free vpn , only these these in delaware are available. Delaware Delaware Delaware

  26. Chris Travers

    Ill be signing up for the vpn but wanna make sure i understand the setup for my linksys , , i get I get for xx its U.S but what do i use for YY and xxxxxxxx

  27. Keith

    So to use the secure core server the address would resemble:…

  28. neato

    What is the location of the SG servers?

  29. ProtonVPN

    udpated. SG = Singapore

  30. Harsha

    Any plans of adding India to the list of VPN servers?

  31. ProtonVPN

    we’ll be growing our server network as we go. we hope to add a request system for new features /servers as we go.

  32. Asterisk

    Any updates on VPN servers in India?

  33. ProtonVPN

    Hello, we will consider India as one of the destinations for the future, but we are unable to provide a specific answer regarding if/when the implementation would happen.

  34. Mark

    While waiting for @ProtonVPN to publish the list, one thing you can do is use GeoIP to do a lookup. Each config file has a server IP in it, so just google for ‘ip geolocate’ and use one of the GeoLocation services to type in the IP until you find one near you. I’m in US on West Coast and it looks like a number of the US IPs are located in Virgina, but I finally found one in San Jose and my latency is much better now.

  35. joe

    which one was that? I’m also US west coast

  36. ElvoKibet


  37. Keith Koetter

    How can I find out what server is closest to me..? Canada has 4 servers (ca-01/02/03/04)… are they all in one city..? Canada is geographically a very big country… if all servers are in Toronto, folks like me who live in Vancouver have a lot of latency when connecting to the VPN.

  38. ProtonVPN

    we’ll be adding more granularity to the server description in the near future

  39. Wolfy

    thanks, that would be helpful!

  40. Caroline Sigouin

    Adding a server in Québec would be great. I think that some websites use IP location to set their language, and since Québec is mostly French, it would save me from setting the language manually each time. Moreover, some products/services are only or not available in Québec, so a proper province IP location would help sites displaying the proper offers. Thanks!

  41. Julio

    Ditto. I’m on the West Coast of this very large country! Server location map/description would be helpful. Thanks!

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