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Support Center / Download and setup / Proton VPN app for Windows

Proton VPN app for Windows

In this article, we address the installation, usage, and main features of our VPN application for Windows.

Proton VPN for Windows is the best way to stay secure when browsing the internet from your Windows device.

This article covers:

Installing Proton VPN on Windows

1. Download Proton VPN by going to our Proton VPN for Windows page and clicking the Download Proton VPN button.

protonvpn for windows

2. In the pop-up window that appears, click Save File.

protonvpn exe window

3. Once it has downloaded, click on the EXE file to open it, and click Yes when asked if you want the app to make changes to your device.

allow changes protonvpn

4. This will open the Proton VPN installation wizard. Click Next to begin the installation process.

windows setup protonvpn

5. Choose the language you would like to use from the dropdown menu and click Next.

choose language protonvpn

6. Select the installation location for Proton VPN and click Next.

7. On the next window, click Install to begin the installation process.

8. Proton VPN will then be installed to your device.

9. Once the installation is completed, click Finish to exit the setup wizard.

choose download location for protonvpn

10. Once completed, the app will open and you will be able to sign in to your account. If you have not yet created an account, you can click Create Account in the bottom left of the app sign in page (or click here to sign up).

Using Proton VPN on Windows

Sign in to Proton VPN

Open Proton VPN from your taskbar or desktop icon, if you created one. Once you open Proton VPN you will be asked to log in using the credentials you created on signup. If you haven’t created a Proton VPN account, you can do so using the Create Account link in the bottom left of the app, or click here.

protonvpn windows sign in

Quick connect

Once you have signed in, the Windows VPN UI will open on your device. The Windows Proton VPN app allows for quick and easy connection to our VPN servers. 

To immediately connect to a VPN server, click the Quick Connect button, which will ensure you connect to the closest server with the least load, to give you the best performance.

How to Quick Connect

Once you are connected, you will see a lock at the top of the window and the heading Connected, as well as a session traffic graph at the bottom.



Connect to a specific country

To the left of the user interface, you will see two tabs which say Countries and Profiles. By default, Countries will be selected. Beneath this tab is a list of countries where Proton VPN servers are located.

Hows to see a list of countries we run VPN servers in

To connect to the fastest server in the country of your choice, hover over the country and then click Connect.

Select a country

To connect to a specific server in a country, click the arrow next to the country of your choice to expand the list of servers in that country. Connect to the server of your choice by hovering over it and then clicking Connect.

Connect to an individual server

Some of these servers have specialty uses, such as Tor or P2P sharing servers. These types of servers are denoted with unique icons. For example, Tor servers have an onion logo, while servers that support P2P sharing have a two-way arrow icon.

Connect to a speciality server

Proton VPN Windows application menu

To access the Proton VPN menu, click the hamburger button (). Once the menu is opened, you’ll be able to access the following aspects:

  • About — information about the app, including version, the last time the app was updated, and the changelog
  • Account — view the account you’re logged in to, the type of account you have, the Proton VPN plan you have, and manage your account
  • Profiles — view and edit the profiles you have created
  • Settings — change general, connection, or advanced settings
  • Help — opens Proton VPN’s support center 
  • Report a Bug — opens a bug report form
  • Logout — logs you out of your Proton VPN account
  • Exit — closes the Proton VPN app

Proton VPN Settings

The Proton VPN settings menu includes General, Connection, and Advanced tabs.

protonvpn windows settings

In the General tab, you can:

  • Select the language you would like to use Proton VPN in
  • Choose to start Proton VPN minimized to the Systray or Taskbar
  • Turn notifications on or off
  • Turn on Early access to get the latest updates of Proton VPN

In the Connection tab, you can:

  • Enable Auto connect whether Proton VPN automatically connects to a chosen profile on app launch
  • Change Quick connect settings to connect you to either the fastest server or a random server
  • Select which VPN protocol Proton VPN uses
  • Turn on VPN Accelerator and select whether you want it to automatically switch to a faster server and notify you when it does
  • Configure Custom DNS servers

Connection settings windows protonvpn app

In the Advanced tab, you can:

  • Choose your OpenVPN network driver (TAP adapter or TUN adapter)
  • Allow or turn off alternative routing to bypass firewalls or network issues
  • Switch IPv6 leak protection on or off
  • Toggle Hardware acceleration (you may wish to switch this off if you get screen glitches)
  • Turn on Split tunneling and choose which apps are included or excluded from the VPN tunnel

advanced settings protonvpn windows app

Note: In the Advanced tab, there is also an option for DNS leak protection which is permanently switched on.


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  1. Tomtomgo

    Howdy! Just downloaded installed and connected! Still unclear as to how to properly use your service. Do i just connect to chrome as usual or do I access the internet through your services somehow? Thanks!

  2. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello. Its pretty simple. First install the application you have downloaded, then open it and connect to your preferred server (best situation would be to use quick connect button) and then use your computer as you would normaly do, its secured from that point on.

  3. Fred

    Thank you for ProtonVPN and for helping making zero-access encryption mainstream :P
    The ProtonVPN installer gets stuck on “removing applications”. What does it mean?
    Best regards.

  4. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello Fred, if it gets stuck, then its an issue. It scans for the previous version of the app to be removed and installed new one on top. Please contact our customer support team for detailed troubleshooting. https://protonvpn.com/support-form

  5. Jan

    What is the latest version of the program?

  6. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello Jan, 1.6.4 for public version and 1.7.1 for early access as to this date.

  7. Helen

    Hi, just worked out how to use your VPN system, which feels like a win! This might be a silly question, but is it useful to use VPN when at home, or is it just for when I am out and about?

  8. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello Helen, VPN is a good use whenever you feel like you need it. A good practice is to use it always, home, public or work, since all of your data could be collected without your knowladge, even at home, by your ISP.

  9. Kazem


    I did all the instructions but Quick Connect isn’t working. Any recommendation?

  10. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello. We would suggest contacting our customer support team for that as we need the connection logs to see where the issues are. https://protonvpn.com/support-form

  11. william

    How can i connect my Nox Emulator using this proxy and also how do i find the port number

  12. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello William. VPN is not a proxy, and we do not provide proxy services within ProtonVPN.

  13. Alan

    I want to upgrade ProtonVPN to professional but only for one member. Do I have to pay for the other two members on my account?

  14. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello Alan, it depends if the members are under the same account, if so, then the whole account can be upgraded only.

  15. Mark

    Installed, logged into the account, but not connected to any of the servers
    Is there a problem?
    What can I do?

  16. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello Mark, contact our customer support team. https://protonvpn.com/support-form

  17. Tijn

    Hey just a stupid question:
    What does it mean when I am protected?
    Friend of mine told to install VPN, but never explained what it does.

  18. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello. To be short, a VPN channels your internet connection from your ISP to one of our servers, and in between that there is encryption, which hides the information online, on what you are doing on the internet. So whenever you make a secure connection to one of our servers (when our app says that you are protected) you are being routed trough our VPN server and your IP address changes from your ISP one that you have, to the one that our servers have so you are known not to be from your home when you go online and your data is encrypted.

  19. Mack

    I don’t have admin privileges on the pc I want to use. Is there a way to use the VPN on windows 10 without installing the application?

  20. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello Mack, there is no way to be connected when you do not have administrator privileges. Every connection method requires that at some point of setup.

  21. John

    Just downloaded and logged in, everything seems to be working. Only thing is when i go to a website such as https://www.where-am-i.co/, my location hasn’t changed.

  22. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello John, Please do not use any website that uses geo location to track your location as VPN does not secure your from GPS or any other location services.

  23. John

    Understood, thank you for clarifying. I would just like to say that aside from my misunderstanding, I have been enjoying your program. The UI is easy to use, and though I’m using the free upgrade trial, the free version meets my requirements well. If I have the need, I will certainly upgrade in the future.

  24. ProtonVPN Team

    Hey John, we are happy to hear that you are satisfied and we hope that it keeps this way throughout your usage!

  25. jay

    Installed but never connects. says not protected

  26. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello Jay, please contact our customer support team as we need your logs for the troubleshooting. https://protonvpn.com/support-form

  27. wanggaojie

    l love

  28. Tom

    It is not letting me connect to a VPN, in my failed attempts it has not chanced from discontented to connected

  29. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello Tom! Please contact our customer support team for detailed investigation since we need the connection logs. https://protonvpn.com/support-form

  30. dodgeuk

    Hi Guys, connecting but unable to access internet, I’m in Oman

  31. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello. Please contact our customer support team here as we need the logs of your connection https://protonvpn.com/support-form

  32. BobNabber

    I just downloaded the installer for Windows and received this error: “Installer encountered an error: 0x80240037”.
    I tried downloading the installer a 2nd time. I also tried installing as Administrator. The computer is running Windows 7, 64 bit.
    What does this mean and what can I do about it?

  33. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello Bob, we would need a deeper investigation for your current case in which we suggest to contact our customer support team. https://protonvpn.com/support-form

  34. Max

    I have successfully downloaded and installed the ProtonVPN app and can open the app, but once I decide to access a VPN, it refuses to connect. Can anyone help?
    (My apologies if there is clarification needed, I am not the most knowledgeable in this respect.)

  35. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello Max. We will need the connection logs from your pc to see what is failing but most likely its TAP driver or your windows update. Contact the support via this link : https://protonvpn.com/support-form

  36. John

    Once connected, how do I navigate to a website or use google search?

  37. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello John. Once connected, you just simply use your pc as you did before, nothing has changed, only your connection to the internet security.

  38. Wolfy

    Hi Proton team, is there a plan to introduce alternate connection ports as 1194 is sometimes throttled by ISP. Thanks!

  39. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello Wolfy, 1194 is default OpenVPN UDP port. You can use TCP in our application settings or config that is with 443 port in case of throttle. Also, IKEv2 uses 500 and 4500 ports for the connection.

  40. arash from iran

    does proton vpn support pptp/l2pt ?
    i have got new router and im going to set it up on my router but apparently it does not support open vpn to do so …
    what should i do ?

  41. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello Arash, Sadly we do not support it and never will since these are insecure connection protocols which we d not trust.

  42. Sarah

    Hi there, I downloaded this app a couple of weeks ago. Since then I have been unable to “Quick Connect”. When I do click it, it looks like everything’s fine, it comes up that it’s loading and seems to complete, however the top right corner still says “You are not protected!” and the top still says “Disconnected”. Please can you tell me how I can fix this?

  43. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello. Please contact our customer support team since we need the connection logs to see where the software fails. https://protonvpn.com/support-form

  44. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello John. Currently our main goal is to have all of the platforms applications developed and stable and the last one is iOS, after that is out in public release, we will consider adding an extension.

  45. Shabi

    Try to install proton on my computer, which has Windows Vista Home. But I keep getting error message at last stage of installation it says “you don’t have sufficient privilege to finish the installation ” What shall I do to get this override.


  46. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello Shabi. Windows XP and Vista are two operating systems that we do not support and never will due to discontinued support from Microsoft. Please use this – https://protonvpn.com/support/openvpn-windows-setup/

  47. ian

    I’m having the exact same problems as Raven. I’ve filled out the help request form but I don’t know how to access the logs of the software should the support team ask for them.

  48. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello Ian, logs are automatically sent to us while using the bug report in the windows application. If you want to find the logs yourself, you can find them in this folder location – C​:\ProgramData\ProtonVPN\logs

  49. Markis

    ProtonVPN is installed on a remote machine, access is made using RDP, built into Windows. In the previous version 1.3.4 when running ProtonVPN on a dedicated machine, the connection failed. In the new version 1.5.1, the remote connection disappears. Was it a mistake of the previous version or the existing one?

  50. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello Markis, please contact our customer support team and we will sort this out! https://protonvpn.com/support-form

  51. Мазель

    Hi! How to use your app on windowsphone device?

  52. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello. Sadly we do not have an application for windowsphones and will probably never have due to the low numbers audience that it has. Sadly, the one connection method that is always working is L2TP, which we do not support due to the security flaws and IKEv2 is inconstant on different phones that run windows software.

  53. Raven

    I Downloaded the software on windows and followed the instructions on the Help link, but no matter where I connect, it keeps on showing that red “Disconnected” and “You are not protected” warning. What am I doing wrong? I clicked on quick connect, but it stayed the same. So I manually connected to a server, but it keeps on saying I’m not protected whilst showing my IP address.

  54. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello Raven, please contact our customer support team and provide them with a bug report or logs of our connection logs. https://protonvpn.com/support-form

  55. Dan

    I just bought ProtonVPN Plus and tried to install it on Windows 7. I did not get the box above, mine said “searching for installed applications” and hung there. Does this software not work on Windows 7? Is there some other software that it is looking for but cannot find? Why does it hang up there?

  56. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello Dan, Its searching for any previous version of the application to remove and cleanly install it. Its embedded in the code to search for it no matter if you had it before or not. We would recommend checking for all of the latest windows updates, installing them and restarting your pc. After doing so try downloading a fresh copy of installation file and run it again.

  57. Ari

    Are the P2P servers as secure, with regards to my anonymity, as the Secure Core servers? (I’m on the Visionary Plan) Only using the connection for torrent-traffic.

  58. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello. Since the technologies are different, P2P servers are less secure then secure core, since of one VPN tunnel hoop instead of two. We are sure that one VPN tunnel is enough for secure internet connection. :)

  59. Ari

    Thanks ??
    Love all your services!!! (And willing to pay more, for even more services)

  60. Peter

    Good morning. For your information: my knowledge about computers is limited!
    This morning I found out, checking ports on my computer, (using http://www.grc.com, shields up), port 443 is open. When I disconnect ProtonVPN, port 443 is ok/stealth. Connect ProtonVPN again, port 443 is open again. As far as I understand, port 443 is an important security port. I read something on your supportsite about UDP and TCP. The setting is default UDP.
    Do I have to worry about this?

  61. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello Peter,
    This is how it supposed to be. 443(TCP) and 1194 (UDP) are required port for openvpn connection to be established. It has to be opened and when you connect with one protocol, other is not used at all. So its not a security issue and vpn works like this.

  62. Peter

    Thank you for the quick answer!.
    So, in spite the default setting is UDP, still port 443 (TCP) needs to be opened (not used at all, as you said) by the software to let ProtonVPN working well. So ProtonVPN secures port 443 even when using UDP?

  63. ProtonVPN Team

    Hey Peter, That is correct. When you connect to the VPN all of your network traffic is going trough it and is covered so you are secured on the whole device level.

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