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Support Center / General Information / December 2019 updates to ProtonVPN’s Terms and Conditions

December 2019 updates to ProtonVPN’s Terms and Conditions

In December 2019 we made a minor update to ProtonVPN’s Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy reflecting that the legal party you are contracting with was changed from ProtonVPN AG (Switzerland) to Proton Technologies AG (Switzerland). As Proton Technologies AG was the parent company of ProtonVPN (and the 100% owner of ProtonVPN AG) there was no change to the actual terms and conditions. As the legal successor to ProtonVPN AG, Proton Technologies AG has assumed all of the previous contractual obligations of ProtonVPN AG.

What changed?

ProtonVPN AG was a wholly owned (100%) subsidiary of Proton Technologies AG (“Proton”), the company behind ProtonMail and ProtonVPN. 

When we launched ProtonVPN in 2017, it was legally prudent for it to be designated as a separate entity so the two products could benefit from different treatment under Swiss telecommunications laws and each get the most favorable legal status possible. However, in 2018, the Swiss administrative authority later ruled that Proton Technologies AG and ProtonVPN AG are to be treated as the same entity for the purposes of telecommunications laws. As a result, the continued legal separation no longer provides any advantages, while incurring significant additional administrative costs.

Furthermore, as an organization that serves the public benefit and is promoting economic growth within Switzerland, Proton Technologies AG benefits from a special tax treatment in Geneva, Switzerland, and it was therefore also beneficial for all of Proton to be consolidated under Proton Technologies AG.

Therefore, ProtonVPN AG was merged into Proton Technologies AG at the end of 2019, and as the legal successor, Proton Technologies AG assumed all contractual obligations. There was no change in ownership as ProtonVPN AG was already 100% owned by Proton Technologies AG, which is in turn controlled by Proton employees. There were also no changes to either the Terms and Conditions or the Privacy Policy as all the terms are exactly the same as before. As such, there was no change to how we handle and protect your data. 

As an organization, we value transparency above all, and we believe that this simplified structure also makes it easier for us to be transparent with the community in the future and avoid confusion about the relationship between various Proton services.

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