How to fix starting issues on Windows

If the Proton VPN app for Windows fails to start, it may be because the Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) repository has become corrupted. This can sometimes happen during a Windows update, and simply re-installing the Proton VPN will not resolve the issue. If the WMI repository has become corrupted, the […]


How to unblock Crunchyroll with Proton VPN

Crunchyroll is an American streaming platform that primarily streams anime and manga content. You can stream Crunchyroll for free without creating an account, although some shows in the Crunchyroll library are only available with a paid account (starting at $7.99 per month). Crunchyroll is not available in all locations, but […]


How to update your system clock on Windows

It is important that your Windows system clock is correct. If it isn’t, an error can occur that will prevent you from connecting to our servers. How to set the correct system time on Windows 10 1. Go to Start → Settings → Time & Language → Date & time. […]


How to manually configure OpenVPN for Proton VPN in Linux

Proton VPN offers both an official Linux app with graphical user interface and an official Linux CLI. We strongly recommend using one of these tools in Linux. Get the official Linux app It is also possible to manually configure OpenVPN for Proton VPN in Linux. In this article, we explain how. You can […]


How to use VPN Accelerator

VPN Accelerator uses a combination of advanced VPN technologies to improve connection stability and, in some cases, increase your connection speed by over 400%.  VPN Accelerator is enabled by default for all users in our Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android apps. It can be enabled or disabled in each app’s […]


How to set up Proton VPN on a Flint (GL-AX1800) router

This guide explains how to set up Proton VPN on a GL.iNet Flint (GL-AX1800) router using the OpenVPN VPN protocol.  Learn more about OpenVPN Before starting, you’ll need: A GL-AX1800 router with firmware version 3.208 (this guide may work with later firmware versions, but these have not been tested) A […]


How to unsubscribe from Apple’s TestFlight notification emails (ProtonVPN)

If you’re using TestFlight to help us beta test Proton VPN on iOS, you can control how the app contacts you about updates. To switch off push or email notifications: 1. Open the TestFlight app. 2. Tap Proton VPN (not the OPEN button), or whichever app you’re testing. 3. Scroll […]


DNS leaks when using a VPN

All Proton VPN apps include DNS leak protection designed to prevent websites and the like that you visit on the internet from identifying your real DNS address. There are some limited circumstances, however, that allow your computer to bypass these protections that can result in third parties being able to […]


How to help test-run the early-access Proton VPN Linux app

You can support Proton by using the early-access versions of our Linux app and Linux CLI. You will gain access to new features before they are released publicly, and you can provide feedback to help us find and address bugs. Please be aware, though, that there may be security and […]


Kill switch behavior on Chromebooks

You can protect your online privacy on a Chromebook using our Android app, which has been optimized for use on Chrome OS. Most of the features available to Android users of this app will also work flawlessly on your Chromebook. However, although Chrome OS allows you to run Android apps, […]


Adblocker (NetShield) and antivirus interactions in Windows

NetShield is a DNS filtering feature that blocks ads, malware, and website trackers. Some antivirus programs for Windows offer features that are incompatible with NetShield, which can result in conflicts that prevent NetShield from working properly. This article aims to document any such issues as they come to our attention […]


How latency, bandwidth, and throughput impact Internet speed

Internet speed or how fast data transfers in a network is calculated using different metrics: latency, bandwidth, and throughput.  This article aims to explain these metrics and how the TCP protocol — the way most data is transmitted over the Internet nowadays — impacts them.  Sending off your data packets […]


Why does Google show my IP address originating in a different country from the one Proton VPN lists?

Some users have reported having Google identify their internet connection as originating in a different country than where our server is located. For example, if you are connected to one of our VPN servers in Malaysia, Google might identify your connection as originating in the United Arab Emirates. This is […]


When my iPhone goes to sleep it stops running Proton VPN

On some devices, when your iPhone or iPad goes to sleep, it causes Proton VPN to stop working. This will typically cause the device to disconnect from your WiFi network. We have identified that the problem lies with iOS and is outside of our control. Thus, unfortunately, we cannot fix […]


Issue with mobile data usage on iOS 14 with Proton VPN

We have been contacted by users reporting that their iPhone is telling them that they are using unexpectedly large amounts of data when using their mobile data plan while connected to Proton VPN. We have found that the cause of this unexpected data use is an accounting issue with iOS […]


Why does F-Droid say Proton VPN “has features I might not like”?

F-Droid is a free open source Android app repository. Before it makes any app available on its site, it builds a version of its own, using the publicly available open source code. All the apps on F-Droid have been built by the F-Droid team. This lets the F-Droid team do […]


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