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Support Center / How to Join iOS Beta Testing

How to Join iOS Beta Testing

The native iOS application for ProtonVPN is now out of beta and below information is outdated. You can get the application from this link!


In this guide we will provide the instructions on how to join our iOS Beta program and participate in making our software better for everyone!

First, please log in to your account on our website here.

On the left side menu, please click on iOS beta tab.

In the given field, please enter your email linked to Apple ID and click Join Now!

Now, lets move to your iPhone. You will have to download TestFlight application in order to install the iOS beta. Here is the link to it.

Wait for further instructions via your Apple ID email address. Once the Beta starts, you should receive your TestFlight invitation email to join the Beta testing.

One you received the email to join beta testing please open email inbox. Find the invitation and click on View in TestFlight, it will open the TestFlight application with ProtonVPN app to be installed. Click on the green Install button and you will have our application on your device. That is it, you are ready to use and test it!

We welcome all your feedback , so feel free to let us know how you feel about the software here!

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  1. Alexandre

    I used wrong (older) apple id , can you help me fix it?

  2. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello Alexandre, please let our customer support know what was the wrong one and which one is the correct one.


    I have not yet received the e-mail to my Apple ID account with the code. Can you please send it to my Proton Mail e-mail (provided in the form)?

  4. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello Jacob, we have added you in to the list, you should receive the invitation in 24h interval.

  5. David Dr. Mbangkollo

    Received the Invit and Code for ProtonVPN iOS Beta ant Subsequent test flight. So far everything works fine

    Questions however:
    Should I run both the (.OVPN) and ProtonVPN iOS Beta simultaneously on my device whenever I am using the mobile phone until such a time when the Beta Testing is ongoing the TestFlight phase is officially complete ? If YES, do we anticipate incompatibility for running both at the same time?

    Or should I just turn off the (.OpenVPN) on my mobile as backup without deleting it yet, but use the ProtonVPN iOS Beta preferentially throughout the TestFlight ?
    Thank you


  6. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello David, We do not recommend running two vpn connection on one device at the same time as that might cause issues that are not solvable. The best thing is just to turn off the openvpn connection, without deleting it and keeping the iOS beta application connected. That way you will have a backup if something goes wrong.

  7. Jeffrey P Lupoff

    I am still awaiting for further instructions TestFlight invitation code) via my Apple ID email address,, so I can launch ProtonVPN Beta app via TestFlight. Please advise.

  8. ProtonVPN Team

    Hello Jeffrey, please be patient as the application will be launched for all of the applicants soon.

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