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Support Center / Troubleshooting and general information / Why do you need JavaScript, Session Storage, and Cookies?

Why do you need JavaScript, Session Storage, and Cookies?

ProtonVPN does encryption and decryption of your account details in the web browser when you log in to the ProtonVPN dashboard.

In order to do encryption and decryption in your web browser, we need to use JavaScript for the encryption/decryption and SessionStorage for saving your private key(s) locally. ProtonVPN also requires cookies to be enabled so that we can store your current session information and log you into your account.


To enable Javascript in your browser, please follow the instructions here.


To enable sessionStorage in your browser, please follow the instructions here.


To enable cookies in your browser, please follow the instructions here.

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  1. Subversivelemming

    This is the second time I have attempted to sign up for the free ProtonVPN

    Both times the same reason given for not working with my fire fox browser

    error setting authorization cookies…


    I love having your email system but your VON does not appear to work

  2. ProtonVPN Team

    Hey, if you already have a ProtonMail account, you can use it for ProtonVPN as well. Just simply log in to ProtonVPN website with your ProtonMail credentials and in the Dashboard tab you will be able to select a plan you wish to use.

  3. Bob

    I followed all the instructions and it’s still not working

  4. Henrik

    Does not work with Firefox / duckduckgo on my laptop either.

  5. E

    Does not work with Firefox/duckduckgo on android phone.

  6. ProtonVPN

    Our dashboard generally supports the most common browsers, please drop us a line via the support form with detailed errors if this issue persists for you

  7. Sander Voorn

    Report about authentication cookies, but using plain chrome on Android phone

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