Proton VPN temporarily locked my account for security reasons

Proton VPN implements a security system to protect our users’ accounts. If we detect potentially suspicious behavior that may indicate someone is trying to gain unauthorized access to your account then we may temporarily lock your account in order to protect it. While your account is locked you will not […]


How to prevent Android from killing Proton VPN

Many Android device manufacturers extend the perceived battery life of their devices by aggressively closing apps that run in the background. This can happen with the Proton VPN app, causing your VPN to disconnect from our servers.  To prevent this: 1. Open the Settings app and go to Apps → […]


How to quickly connect to Proton VPN through Systems Tray option?

The Proton VPN icon in the Windows notification area serves as a shortcut to the application. To quickly establish a VPN connection, right click on the Proton VPN icon → Connect. This will connect you to the last server you previously connected to Tip: When Proton VPN is minimized, you […]


Why my status is “unprotected”?

When you open the Proton VPN app, you will sometimes see the warning You are unprotected! or Not connected. macOS Android ios and iPadOS This means that you’re not currently connected to one of our VPN servers and that your Internet traffic is not encrypted.  This article describes the steps […]


How to fix common VPN connection problems

In this article, we look at some common problems you might have connecting to Proton VPN servers and provide tips on how to resolve them. If you are experiencing connection issues, we strongly suggest trying these fixes before you contact our support team.  Of course, if you get stuck, please […]


How do I switch between countries/servers?

To change your server or country selection, please follow these steps: For the native windows client, once you have logged into the Proton VPN application, there are two ways to select a server: Find the country you are looking for in the Country List on the left side and click […]


How do I disconnect from the VPN?

If you wish to disconnect from secure VPN connection, these are the steps required to do so: Option 1 Open the Proton VPN app Press Disconnect in the currently running connection Option 2 Navigate towards the Proton VPN icon in the systems tray section. Right click the icon and press […]


Does Proton VPN have a bandwidth or data limit?

No. All Proton VPN users, even those on our Free plan, have unlimited bandwidth and data. However, it is likely that your connection will be slightly slower when you are connected to one of our VPN servers than it is when you are browsing the Internet without using Proton VPN. […]


Why is Quick Connect not working?

The Quick Connect function connects you to your default profile with one click. If you have not changed it, your default profile will be the “Fastest” profile. The “Fastest” profile will establish the fastest and most stable connection depending on your location, distance to nearest server and server load.   […]


How to change VPN protocols or select Smart Protocol

All our VPN apps use secure VPN protocols: Learn more about VPN protocols You can use OpenVPN and WireGuard in UDP or TCP modes. UDP is faster, but TCP is more reliable and can be effective at defeating certain kinds of censorship (but not as effective as Stealth). WireGuard TCP […]


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