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What is a kill switch?

Important note: As we have reported, Apple’s macOS and iOS operating systems don’t close all existing connections when you connect to a VPN, specifically certain DNS queries from Apple services. But if you use Proton VPN while connected to public WiFi, your sensitive traffic is still safe. We are aware of this issue, […]


Streaming guide for new Proton VPN users

Proton VPN, can keep you secure and private when watching or listening to your favorite streaming services. How to access streaming platforms FAQ: Proton VPN streaming Q: Which plan lets me use streaming services with Proton VPN?  A: We only guarantee streaming if you have a VPN Plus, Proton Unlimited, […]


How to install a VPN on Fedora

In this article, we describe how to use the Proton VPN for Linux app on your Fedora system. Our app officially supports the latest stable Fedora version. To install the app: 1. Download the package. Enter: wget 2. Install the Proton VPN repository containing the new app. Run: sudo […]


What is Smart Routing?

Smart Routing is a technology that allows us to offer VPN servers in countries we might not otherwise be able to due the sensitive nature of those locations. Instead of running servers physically inside those countries, we use servers that are, in reality, located elsewhere. These Smart Routing-enabled servers behave […]


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