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How to protect yourself from dating app data breaches

February 14th, 2019 in Privacy & Security

Dating apps are now as much a part of modern courtship as going to the movies or buying flowers. But dating apps, like Tinder, Grindr, or Bumble, present significant privacy risks. This Valentine’s Day, take some time to secure your data to avoid falling victim to a Tinder scammer. Online dating is an info security […]

Russian government bans Telegram encrypted messaging app

April 18th, 2018 in Privacy & Security
With Telegram banned in Russia, the government has declared war on the right to security and privacy. Fortunately, there...

We have updated our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy to prepare for GDPR

April 16th, 2018 in Privacy & Security
On May 25, the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will take effect. The GDPR is a new privacy ...

The ProtonVPN Linux command-line tool is now available!

March 20th, 2018 in Articles & News
Earlier this year we started working on a tool to simplify Linux VPN usage in a command-line environment. And now we’r...
ProtonVPN-Mac Beta (blog and social media)-2

The ProtonVPN macOS Beta app is here!

March 6th, 2018 in Articles & News
We’re happy to announce that we’ve released the much-anticipated ProtonVPN macOS application into beta! As the numbe...

Be the first to try out new features on ProtonVPN Android. Join our Android Beta Program!

February 1st, 2018 in Articles & News
We have recently released the ProtonVPN Android application, but we plan to add many new features to make the applicatio...

ProtonVPN Android – a free and unlimited Android VPN app

January 16th, 2018 in Articles & News
ProtonVPN for Android is the world’s only Android VPN app that is completely free and doesn’t have bandwidth...

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