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How to keep your data secure on vacation

November 5th, 2018 in How-to

While you may be looking for rest and relaxation, hackers can turn any vacation into a nightmare if you are not careful. Just because you have left work behind does not mean that you can relax on your cybersecurity best practices. Traveling also opens you up to new vulnerabilities. By taking the following simple precautions, […]

What to do if you are the victim of a data breach

September 28th, 2018 in How-to

The latest major corporation in the news for a data breach is British Airlines. The hacker group known as Magecart was able to plant a payment skimmer on the British Airways homepage and steal roughly 380,000 credit card numbers. Corporations control staggering amounts of personal data and when they are breached, their customers are forced […]

How to block online trackers

September 17th, 2018 in How-to

The profiles these organizations create using that information can be surprisingly thorough. Many people do not even know they are being tracked, and those who do seem to accept that constant surveillance is the price you pay to be online. While the data these organizations collect are generally used to sell more targeted ads, having […]

12 mistakes that can get your data hacked – and how to avoid them

August 24th, 2018 in How-to

Along with the unprecedented convenience of the Internet has come the increasing risk of hacks and identity theft. Every day there are new examples of an individual or organization suffering a major cyber-attack, and each attack offers a warning to the rest of us. For instance, after the University of Michigan had three of its […]

Bypass the most common forms of Internet censorship

August 16th, 2018 in How-to

Censorship goes against two of the founding ideals of the Internet: freedom and openness. Yet closed regimes around the world, such as North Korea, China, and Saudi Arabia, have always worked to limit their citizens’ access to information they have deemed inappropriate. This behavior has only accelerated on the Internet. In Freedom House’s most recent […]

How to keep your IP address private and secure

July 27th, 2018 in How-to

Even if you don’t know what an IP address is, you have probably heard the term. That’s because IP addresses are an important aspect of the architecture of the Internet. Without an IP address, other computers wouldn’t be able to communicate with yours, and vice versa. But this short string of numbers can also be […]

How to safely watch the Wimbledon 2018 online

June 29th, 2018 in How-to

Wimbledon is nearly here, and fans are already planning their days off, queueing for tickets and waiting for a chance to watch one of the best annual tournaments on the tennis calendar. Or, if you’re not lucky enough to be there, you can always watch all of the matches safely online from anywhere in the […]

How to watch/live stream the 2018 FIFA World Cup online

May 29th, 2018 in How-to

FIFA World Cup 2018 is almost here. Whether you’re putting your money safely on Brazil or Germany, or you’re a perennially spurned England fan back for another tragedy, live streaming the World Cup online has never been easier with a VPN. When is FIFA World Cup 2018? The first match of FIFA 2018 begins at […]

How to watch the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle online

May 18th, 2018 in How-to

It’s time for another royal wedding, and there’s nothing like a transatlantic love story to captivate the masses. This time, as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle tie the knot, there have never been so many ways to tune in. You can watch the royal wedding online via several network broadcasts in multiple countries no matter […]

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